“Jack Frost” Seen in Snowbank

The face of Jack Frost in the snow? Photo: Theodora Martens


Water Currents reader Theodora Martens saw our recent posts on the perceived face of a snow monster in a frozen creek and a face in the snow in eastern Canada. So she sent us the above photo and told us:

“I am sharing my picture of a ‘snow monster,’ taken in Eastern Canada. The shape of the snow appears to look uncannily like Jack Frost!”

In case you’re not familiar, here’s a bit about the guy from the aptly named BloodyLexicon.com:

Jack Frost is believed to have come from Germanic folklore, and was very popular with the Anglo-Saxon and Norse during winter. The crystal patterns of frost found early in the morning on the windows were said to be from Jack Frost. He is described as being the persona of cold winter and is elfish. He is also a variant of Father Winter. In a Finnish epic he comes from his father, Blast.

Since a few readers have complained that these kinds of posts aren’t serious enough for Water Currents, we’re posting this on the weekend, usually a time for lighter fare. The overwhelming response has been that readers have enjoyed the occasional fun post. Don’t worry, we’ve still got lots of serious stuff too, about Congressional testimony on drought and Colorado River law.

But it’s nice to cool off and chill out a bit, no?

Here’s a 19th century drawing of Jack Frost:

Jack Frost as a Union General
Jack Frost as a Union General. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


And in a creepy movie:

Jack Frost video cover


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