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Back to Basics: Green Chamber of Commerce Announces Annual Event

I’m excited to be attending the Green Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Event as a special guest this year.  The theme is Back to the Basics, which couldn’t be more timely for me, as I’ve chronicled the green endeavors of the zoo and aquarium industry over the past few years.  These living natural history institutions serve...

I’m excited to be attending the Green Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Event as a special guest this year.  The theme is Back to the Basics, which couldn’t be more timely for me, as I’ve chronicled the green endeavors of the zoo and aquarium industry over the past few years.  These living natural history institutions serve as hubs for preserving biodiversity and just as importantly, they educate 170 million visitors a year about the most pressing environmental issues of our time, which influence the future of the natural world from threatened flora and fauna to mankind.

I’ve highlighted my own work in Alaska at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where the endangered wood bison is being returned to the wild as a potential and sustainable food resource for subsistence hunters.

I’ve shared the story of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, which has been raising consumer awareness about sustainable fisheries since 1999—as one of the first green initiatives developed by a zoo or aquarium in North America. 

I also shared some details about Oregon Zoo’s new animal hospital—built with eco-friendly designs in mind.  The Zoo’s animal health center is a state-of-the-art facility conceptualized with the premise that the future of wildlife depends on the health of the environment.

More recently, I interviewed Shedd Aquarium’s Manager for Conservation Communications, Meg Matthews, regarding Shedd’s facility-wide sustainability program, which was implemented to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company operations.

And soon, I will share Denver Zoo’s green program with you. Denver Zoo is the first among zoos and aquariums to have received certification for complying with the environmental  management system’s standards set forth by the  International Organization for Standardization.





HP Director of Environmental Initiatives, Chris Librie to Keynote at

September 20, 2012 event

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 6, 2012) Please join the Green Chamber of Commerce (GCC), sustainable business professionals, thought leaders and politicians at our 4th annual celebration, the Back to Basics, Black & White Gala: Honoring Our Community’s Commitment To Sustainable Business Leadership.  Held in San Francisco at EEFG, Inc. on September 20, 2012, the Gala showcases our sustainable community through exhibition and awards, highlights our green business policy initiatives and successes over the past year, and provides an opportunity to network with over 100 sustainable business professionals and community leaders. To register, click here:

Guest Speakers

We are excited to have as our keynote speaker, HP Director of Environmental and Health Initiatives, Sustainability and Social Innovation Chris Librie, discussing what he sees as the future for corporate sustainability in addition to why it is vital for businesses of all sizes to demonstrate a commitment to – and collaborate on – sustainability.  There will also be a special address by Green Chamber community partner representative, Group Manager of Product and Policy from General Motors Dave Barthmuss, who is representing the Chevrolet Volt as a proud new member and sponsor of the Green Chamber.

Great Food and Drinks
Join us and be treated to offerings from local green businesses, organic caterers and beer and wine makers.  Among those participating are Green Chamber members, Blue Heron Catering, Savoy Events Catering, Delicious Catering, there will be samplings from Frey Organic Wines and local microbrewery Bison Organic Beers, as well as sweet treats from Wish Upon A Cupcake.

Exclusive VIP Hour

Attend our Exclusive VIP/ Media Hour from 6 – 7pm to connect one-on-one with sustainable business and community leaders such as Susan Frank of The Better World Group, Bill Shireman of Future 500, Jordan Carlton Schaul of National Geographic, keynote speaker Chris Librie of HP and many other guests.

Sustainable Business Award & Raffle

Green Chamber is proud to announce it’s 2nd Annual attendee chosen Green Chamber Sustainable Business Leadership Award. A short list based on nominations by Green Chamber members.  In addition to holding a raffle, which will include exclusive products and services from green businesses, artists, luxury hotels, and much more! For more information, click here:

B2B Gala Sponsors

Thank you to our leading sponsors of the Green Chamber 4th Annual Gala: East Bay MUD, Chevrolet Volt, Green Dentistry, Frey Vineyards, Kahl Web Services Consultants, and Sungevity.  Learn more:

 Tickets & Event Details:

About the Green Chamber of Commerce:

The Green Chamber of Commerce was created to strengthen a growing business movement that supports sustainable business practices, promote the success of its members, and advocate for green public policy. The Green Chamber provides its members with promotional opportunities, discounts, hosted events, a voice in national and local policy, and tools to become more environmentally and socially responsible.


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Author Photo Jordan Carlton Schaul
With training in wildlife ecology, conservation medicine and comparative psychology, Dr. Schaul's contributions to Nat Geo Voices have covered a range of environmental and social topics. He draws particular attention to the plight of imperiled species highlighting issues at the juncture or nexus of sorta situ wildlife conservation and applied animal welfare. Sorta situ conservation practices are comprised of scientific management and stewardship of animal populations ex situ (in captivity / 'in human care') and in situ (free-ranging / 'in nature'). He also has a background in behavior management and training of companion animals and captive wildlife, as well as conservation marketing and digital publicity. Jordan has shared interviews with colleagues and public figures, as well as editorial news content. In addition, he has posted narratives describing his own work, which include the following examples: • Restoration of wood bison to the Interior of Alaska while (While Animal Curator at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and courtesy professor at the University of Alaska) • Rehabilitation of orphaned sloth bears exploited for tourists in South Asia (While executive consultant 'in-residence' at the Agra Bear Rescue Center managed by Wildlife SOS) • Censusing small wild cat (e.g. ocelot and margay) populations in the montane cloud forests of Costa Rica for popular publications with 'The Cat Whisperer' Mieshelle Nagelschneider • Evaluating the impact of ecotourism on marine mammal population stability and welfare off the coast of Mexico's Sea of Cortez (With Boston University's marine science program) Jordan was a director on boards of non-profit wildlife conservation organizations serving nations in Africa, North and South America and Southeast Asia. He is also a consultant to a human-wildlife conflict mitigation organization in the Pacific Northwest. Following animal curatorships in Alaska and California, he served as a charter board member of a zoo advocacy and outreach organization and later as its executive director. Jordan was a member of the Communication and Education Commission of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (CEC-IUCN) and the Bear Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (BSG-SSC-IUCN). He has served on the advisory council of the National Wildlife Humane Society and in service to the Bear Taxon Advisory Group of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA Bear TAG). In addition he was an ex officio member of council of the International Association for Bear Research and Management. Contact Email: