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The Color of Green Chemistry

Your apple-scented shampoo may have a nice, pale green color to it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “green.” Chemically speaking, that is.

Youth Radio’s Brains and Beakers series welcomed Leah Rubin from UC Berkeley’s new green chemistry center to discuss ways to make the dyes in our food and hygiene products healthier for our bodies, and more sustainable for the environment. Check out the video to learn more about green chemistry and find out how to make your own natural dyes at home.


This Brains and Beakers was hosted by Youth Radio’s Jon Anabo. Video produced by Teresa Chin with Luis Flores and Myles Bess. 

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Brains and Beakers takes science out of the lab and turns it into a live event! Youth Radio’s young journalists host scientists, tinkerers and makers of all sorts at our Oakland studio for live demos and interviews. Check out a few of our favorite past posts: Reinventing musical instruments and A Difference You Can Taste.

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