Giraffes and Hippos…World’s Largest Animal?!

Is it a hippo? A giraffe? What about an elephant or even a dinosaur?

In this brand new video, people in Times Square in New York City are asked to name the largest animal on Earth. It is produced by Mission Blue, Sylvia Earle‘s ocean advocacy group, as part of a new online video series titled “Mission Blue Asks.”

Inspired by Jay Leno’s jaywalking bits for The Tonight Show, in the series, Mission Blue hits the mean streets of the Big Apple to ask ordinary folks about the ocean.

This first video is gorgeously shot, and has an Instagram-like feel. Entitled “Mission Blue Asks: What is the Largest Animal on Earth?” it premiered last week at the 2012 BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, California.

After starting on the African plains, the responders in the brief video eventually start thinking beneath the waves. They suggest humpback whales, killer whales, even a mythical beast called the great white whale.

Eventually they get to the correct answer, the blue whale, a highly endangered creature that is bigger than anything that has ever lived.

“It’s tough giving birth to that,” one of the women joked. “And  burping it, diapering it, oh my god!” said another, in a perfect New York accent.


Brian Clark Howard covers the environment for National Geographic. He previously served as an editor for and E/The Environmental Magazine, and has written for Popular Science,,,, Yahoo!, MSN, and elsewhere. He is the co-author of six books, including Geothermal HVACGreen LightingBuild Your Own Small Wind Power System, and Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater.

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