‘Housewife’ Joanna Krupa has Cat Fight with Sandy for Hurricane Pets

Hurricane Sandy interrupted my regular Q & A blog where celebrity animal activists, the Barbi Twins, interview their celebrity friends, which was going to be Joanna Krupa, the ‘hot’ Miami housewife. Instead, Joanna contacted the Barbi Twins since she was stuck in NY because of Hurricane Sandy, and asked how she could help hands-on with Hurricane Sandy’s pet victims.

According to the Twins, who have become known for their animal activism more than their own celebrity, Joanna Krupa really walks the talk when it comes to animal rescue and they really endorse her work.

She started helping Hurricane Sandy pet victims by first promoting the Barbi Twins Pet Disaster Helpline, which helped the lost and found Sandy pets.” Joanna Krupa contacted Sia Barbi, when stuck in NY, and asked what animal organization she could help. The Barbi Twins connected her with Best Friends Animal Society since the Twins worked with Best Friends’ during Katrina and were aware that the organization was one of the heroes of Katrina and other disasters.

Joanna first met the Twins when she contacted the them to start a petition to stop the sales of the Kardashian fur line, which Joanna successful shut down. In return, Joanna helped the Barbi Twins with their own anti-fur campaign.  Joanna assisted the Barbi Twins with the successful ban of the Atlantic City horse diving. She also help helped the Barbi Twins with supporting Sea Shepherd and their efforts.

Joanna Krupa, not only famous for Miami Housewives, but was also a top contestant from Dancing with the Stars and a huge Peta celebrity spokeswoman.  According to the Twins, Krupa is one of the few stars that helps animals hands-on, and helps small organizations like the Mia Foundation, a charity for animals born with birth defects. Sia Barbi says “Joanna is the real deal because she has that maternal instinct for innocent animals like she does with her sister Marta. Joanna is like a mama bear protecting her cubs: She fights hard for the innocent that have no voice.”

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