Beauty of the Beast

Video of Sprinting Cheetahs a First in Wildlife Photography


Reporting by Roff Smith with Glenn Oeland

The slow-motion video is entrancing, revealing the fluid grace of the world’s fastest land animal. Every part of the sprinting cat’s anatomy—supple limbs, rippling muscles, hyperflexible spine—works together in a symphony of speed.

The extraordinary footage—captured last summer during an intensive three-day shoot at the Cincinnati Zoo—is unprecedented in its clarity and detail. “I’ve watched cheetahs run for 30 years,” said Cathryn Hilker, founder of the zoo’s Cat Ambassador Program. “But I saw things in that super slow-motion video that I’ve never seen before.”

The project was an outgrowth of a feature story about cheetahs published in the November issue of National Geographic. Kim Hubbard, the story’s photo editor, and cinematographer Greg Wilson brought together an A-team that included some of Hollywood’s hottest action and stunt cameramen to attempt a first in wildlife photography.

“Running cheetahs have been photographed using high-speed cameras,” Hubbard said. “But never has one been filmed with a high-speed camera moving alongside it at 50 or 60 miles an hour.”

To pull it off, the crew built a 400-foot-long track with a remote-control sled to keep pace with each cheetah. On the sled were a high-definition digital cinema camera firing off 1,200 frames a second and three cameras shooting 42 frames a second in sequence. A 150,000-watt light illuminated the course.

Keeping the train of high-tech gear in split-second synch with the sprinting cheetahs was daunting. One of the zoo’s cheetahs, a female named Sarah, broke the world record for the standing 100-meter dash, clocking a time of 5.95 seconds. She proved particularly difficult to photograph, often outrunning the camera sled. “We started calling her the ‘ghost cat,’” Hubbard said.

It wasn’t until the last night of the shoot that everything finally clicked and the team got the shot they were hoping for. “I think my heart rate was running higher than the cheetahs,” quipped camera operator Frank Buono, whose credits include action sequences in James Bond movies.  “This was one of the most challenging shoots I’ve ever done, and one of the most rewarding as well.”

Roff Smith wrote “Cheetahs on the Edge” for National Geographic Magazine.


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    perfecty catch the imotions in hunting animals..

  • Victoria Madsen

    Thank you so much for this video! I have been entranced by cheetahs for years, and I have seen a lot of film of them running, but this video showed me more than I have seen ever before.

    I did not know that they only have one foot on the ground at a time when they are in full run. What a revelation!

    Thanks so much!

  • Trona Garvie

    This makes me cry every time I watch it. The beauty and clarity of the shots is stunning and just what I would like to do with my work. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful piece.

  • Drew Britten

    Amazing!!! What a wonderful collaboration of talented people and organizations. I am telling all my friends.

  • Deanna Gomez

    My son worked as part of the crew during the production of this video. He absolutely loved the experience of working so closely with such magnificent animals.

  • Bruce Badeau

    Bravo to the Cheetah’s, their magnificent running, the photographic following technology manned by wonderful seasoned experts, The Cincinnati Zoo and of course National Geographic. Truly an inspiring production worthy of a cinematic award! And yet I feel sad knowing there are men armed with rifles and scopes who think it is sport to shoot a Cheetah… even though severely outlawed … put away those rifles and pick up a camera if you want to shoot something, albeit a bit difficult with the subject moving at 60 mph…

  • Michael Langham

    I too was humbled by the beauty of this piece. Closest thing to flying on four legs.

    Thanks you again and again for your moments in time.

  • Adrian

    My favourie clip of a running cheetah is in the movie Duma when Xan and his Dad record Duma unning alongside their motorcycle and sidecar outfit. You can see the difference in running style as the speed increases. Its a wonderful movie all through, wel worth seeing

  • Sue L’Hommedieu

    Fabulous film. Thanks for helping me appreciate these amazing animals.

  • Lisa Smith

    Thank you to the Cincinnati Zoo, Nat Geo, and all involved with this amazing project. Truly exceptional and much appreciated. May these creatures remain protected.

  • larry gelber

    Yes to all of the above comments but what really caught my eye was the movement of the rear legs. Amazing and explains the incredible speed.

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  • Samantha Colbert

    This is the most moving and beautiful film I have ever seen of a Cheetah! I have been fortunate to see them in the wild, but never on the charge as we see here! Stunning! This is an amazing piece! KUDOS to Nat Geo and The Cincinnati Zoo for sharing this with the world!

  • Hafiz Walji

    Was born and raised in Tanzania, Eastern Africa; Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater country. Seen a few of there gorgeous cheetas race for prey. This video was exactly fitting to bring out what really takes place in the chase. Once-in-lifetime treat. Thank you folks!

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  • Henri Seriese

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    Just a long NG subscriber and admirer of your action photography…………I am still not sure how these cheetahs were under human control. Can they be that tamed?


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    What an amazing, beautiful, animal. Nature is perfect!

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    Absolutely stunning footage. Mesmerizing. Fabulous at full speed as well. Beautiful cats that us humans should work hard to keep from disappearing from this Earth.

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    I thought it was weird to cry watching this, the comments made me feel otherwise. I’ve seen nothing as beautiful as this. Thank you to everyone behind the effort.

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    Awesome! Beautiful! Amazing to see the beauty in the animal world. It hurts to think how people are so careless that we are killing these and many other animals that we need for our own survival on this Earth. We have to live together to live. Thanks

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    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! I love cheetahs and have always been fascinated by their capacity to run so effortlessly. The fluidity of movement this video captures and the detail (paw expansion, muscle movement, body contortion, claw visibility) brought tears to my eyes. So, so, so, thankful you went to the effort to produce such a beautiful video….thanks guys!!!!!!

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    My favourite part is the huge femoral artery visible running down the medial hind limb. The circulatory demand for such a sprint must be absolutely enormous. Stunning video!

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    As a wildlife photographer I can appreciate the GREAT job done here. You all captured what this beautiful cat is known for. Good Job!

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    I have had a casual love affair with Cheetahs since I was quite young. Should I be embarassed to say this video nearly brought me to tears? I was totally abducted, kidnapped from my desk at home and transported to an angel’s perch alongside this stunningly beautiful animal. I sat staring, unblinking at this breathtaking creature in action. Any attempt to express my gratitude to those who struggled to capture this for us to gaze at in awe and wonder would fall woefully short. Instead, simply, Thank You.

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    Every sinew created and recreated and created again, to obtain a being whose beauty and power can never be recreated once lost. There will be other beings, much that is beautiful, many who are powerful. But, this being is art. Raw art. Living art. The type of art that only nature can create and sustain, mold and remold. But, the type of art that goes easily unnoticed, art that becomes so easily erased by humanity. Thank-you for your work. It is absolutely beautiful.

  • D. Chi Occhio

    Goal, Focus, Co-ordination and Execution, all required ingredients for perfection and accomplishments as demonstrated in this magnificent recording of a magnificent creature. Just immagine what humanity could be like if humans could harness these same qualities in their social organizations ?

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    Mother Nature’s infinite beauty, grace and agility in impressive vivid details. One of its offspring, Humans, delivering the means and investing the time to bring it to an accessible form for anyone’s enjoyment and enlightenment. An admirable gesture of gratitude to Nature. Thank you.

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    it’s perfection is mirrored in your work,.

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    A beautiful job of filming a beautiful animal. I loved the music and reading the names and places of the viewers was exciting too. . . From all over our world…….all appreciating this beauty. That’s another reason I love national geographic! Thank you all

  • Teresa Haines

    A wonderful job of filming a beautiful animal, also loved the music and the list of names and places of the viewers from all over our world……..all appreciating this beauty. . .another reason I love National Geographic! Thank you all

  • mr. max

    Stunning cat, beautiful in motion! But could we also remember the cat is in such fantastic flight to kill and devour another wonderful creature. Death never looked so good. Kudos to the team who took these wonderful pictures.

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  • Denise Gibson

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