First World Problem: Nothing But Clean, Filtered Water to Drink

My friend’s grandma never drank water. “That’s for horses,” she would say. Instead, she drank cafe au lait or orange juice.

My own grandma rarely drinks water, usually preferring coffee or juices.

A lot of people in the developed world are this way, even those who are told by their doctors that they are dehydrated. There is a lot of debate about how much water people should be drinking (that old adage about 8 glasses a day turns out not to be based on any scientific studies).

But what is clear is that those of us in the developed world are overwhelmingly served by clean, safe, reliable drinking water. (Charles Fishman has written about the bottled water question here.)

Unfortunately, this is often not the case in much of the developing world, where many people are at risk from sanitation problems and lack of access to reliable water sources.

This infographic from a plumber site takes a look at some of these issues:

Water Information

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