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New frontiers await scientists in every field of research, whether on land, under the sea, or in space. From our origins as humans to the origins of our Solar System, from species’ interactions in an ecosystem to Earth’s interaction with the Sun, from climate change to the possibility of life elsewhere in the Universe, sheer curiosity and passion for knowledge will always keep us at the cutting edge of exploration.

At regional heats throughout the US over the next 18 months, join early career scientists from numerous disciplines and compete to convey your research or related science concepts. Each contestant has the spotlight for only three minutes. No slides, no charts, just the power of words and any prop you can hold in your hands. A panel of experts in both science and science communication will do the judging.

Winners from the FameLab Exploring Earth and Beyond regional competitions will face off at National Geographic headquarters in DC in April, 2014 for a grand prize and the chance to compete with peers from around the world at the FameLab International Final in the UK in June, 2014.

Beyond the competition element, the heart of FameLab is to improve your communication skills! At each preliminary event there will be a workshop with training in the principles and practices of good communication.

You can be part of the action by attending our next regional competition on December 7th at AGU in San Fransisco. Admission is free. Ticket information 

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