Closer Look: Warriors for Conservation

December 9th-15th, Nat Geo WILD presents a week dedicated to nature’s fiercest felines—big cats—creatures of magnificent strength, ferocity and beauty that are rapidly facing extinction. With visually stunning and powerful stories from around the world, get closer than ever before to lions, tigers, cheetahs, panthers and more as you share in their triumphs, defeats, and epic struggles to survive.


Researchers spend countless hours in the field documenting animal behavior in unfamiliar and even dangerous wilderness. So why not hand over animal observation to those who know the landscape best?

National Geographic Explorer and Lion Conservationist Shivani Bhalla, did just that. As the “eyes and ears of the Bush” Shivani has enlisted the help of Samburu Warriors in Northern Kenya to help collect data on daily lion and wildlife sightings. Since the program’s start in 2010, “Warrior Watch” has tripled in size and expects continued growth.

You may be wondering what the warriors asked in return for their services. Having never been given the chance to attend school, they asked for lessons on how to read and write.

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Ewaso Lions Promoting coexistence between people and large carnivores in northern Kenya through scientific study and community outreach

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