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December 9th-15th, Nat Geo WILD presents a week dedicated to nature’s fiercest felines—big cats—creatures of magnificent strength, ferocity and beauty that are rapidly facing extinction. With visually stunning and powerful stories from around the world, get closer than ever before to lions, tigers, cheetahs, panthers and more as you share in their triumphs, defeats, and epic struggles to survive.


National Geographic Explorer Amy Dickman, one of Tanzania’s most formidable big cat conservationists, is bringing the world closer to what she says is some of the most amazing wilderness left on Earth.

Based in Tanzania, Amy runs a program to promote research and community assisted conservation called the Ruaha Carnivore Project. Home to 10% of all the lions left in Africa, as well as globally important populations of African wild dogs, cheetahs, leopards and spotted hyaenas, the remote Ruaha landscape is a crucial oasis for remaining carnivore populations.

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