Inside Change Reaction’s Tour of California

A major thank you to everyone who pitched in ideas for our recent swing through California. Far too many stories of innovation, sustainability and technology filled our inbox, and we simply couldn’t feature them all. But there’s some good news! Change Reaction is here to stay, here on and on Twitter at @NatGeoDan.

For anyone new to the blog, we’re looking for stories of people plotting the planet’s future: how we’ll get around, what we’ll eat, and how we’ll power our lives in the next few decades. We may even get back on the road, so if there’s a great idea or unrecognized innovator in your town, let us know. We promise to call before we show up, or at least we’ll try.

In the mean time, here’s a small video and photo recap of our California tour. We covered a lot of ground quickly but got to meet some incredible visionaries. A farmer planting new hybrid fruits. A team of gold miners planning for the next 100 years. A dairy farmer using manure to, well, watch the video. Plus one of our most popular profiles, a pioneer of building tiny houses (could you live in 100 square feet?).

To people who question our future on this humble planet, I say, simply, scroll down. And to everyone, happy holidays.


Would we all be happier if we lived in smaller houses? Try 106 square feet.















Stanford's Product Realization Lab, cooking up inventions big and small.











A new car the makes commuting—and parking—more efficient.













Pie Ranch, a farm teaching where local food actually comes from. Just don't tell this goat.












Northern California gold country. Can gold mining be sustainable?












Don't look down. A tree lounge 40 feet up.










San Diego county, hard at work building new beaches.












Meet a farmer who runs his entire dairy off cow manure











A farmer growing hybrid fruit. Pecatum, anyone?
Algae breeding, finding new ways of producing oil

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