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UPDATE 1/13/2013: Thanks everyone for coming together today to kick off National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary! This is just the beginning. Join the Society at and be a part of exciting Google+ Hangouts with explorers every month. It’s a new age of exploration. Be a part of it!


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Join some of National Geographic’s biggest names in exploration and innovation January 13th for our most epic Google+ Hangout to date. Be part of the conversation with a diverse group of explorers, including such legends as Robert Ballard and Jane Goodall. We’ll also chat with cave diver Kenny Broad, Crittercam engineers Greg Marshall and Kyler Abernathy in Antarctica, wildlife conservationist Paula Kahumbu in Kenya, archaeologist Cecilia Mauricio in Peru, paleontologist Mike Archer in Australia, conflict resolution specialist Aziz Abu Sarah in Israel, biologist Krithi Karanth in India, research engineer Albert Lin in California, and NG Weekend host Boyd Matson (view map of the explorers and key locations from their adventures).

For 125 years, National Geographic has been at the leading edge of exploration, conservation, and scientific research. Now technology is allowing us to go places and make discoveries not possible before. This is a new age of exploration. We invite you to join us on the journey–and get closer to our explorers along the way.

Send in your question for the explorers and it may be asked on air. You may even be invited to join the Hangout and ask your question live. Submit your question by:

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Since the 1970s, Robert Ballard has been traveling the world's oceans, making one earth-shattering discovery after another, from the scientifically revolutionary discovery of the first life to exist without using energy from the sun, to culturally significant expeditions to locate the wrecks of Titanic, Bismarck, and more. Today he orchestrates a global team of experts, ships, and robots continually pushing into realms that no one has visited before. Photo by Emory Kristof/NGS

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