Disabled Piglet Has Its Own Set of Wheels

By Linda Poon

While most people use K’Nex, a children’s toy alternative to Legos, to build large, complex models of rollercoasters and castles, the clever owners of a piglet named Chris P. Bacon, who was born without hind legs, turned their K’Nex pieces into a miniature wheelchair.

The wheelchair attaches to a harness worn around the piglet’s body, allowing him to use his front legs to pull himself forward. Wheels in the back carry Bacon’s weight as he hops around squealing, exploring, and doing whatever else piglets do best.

This isn’t the first time an animal has been able to walk with the help of technology. A quick search on the Internet leads to numerous photos and videos of cats, bunnies, roosters, and tortoises on wheels. And Eddie’s Wheels, a company in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, caught media attention for offering wheelchairs to disabled dogs and even a sheep.

Even Hollywood has produced several inspirational films on handicapped animals, including Dolphin Tale, the story of a dolphin learning to swim with a prosthetic tail, and Dreamworks’ popular How to Train Your Dragon, in which a young Viking builds a makeshift tail for his scaly friend.piglet wheelchair

But this may be the first time the world has seen a pig on wheels. And while this little guy may be small right now, domestic pigs can grow up to weigh 500 pounds fairly quickly, according to the Minnesota Zoo.

Let’s just say, it’s going to take a lot of K’Nex to keep this pig moving.

Correction: Eddie’s Wheels was erroneously located in Maryland, the company is in Massachusetts.