Help Astronomers Name Pluto’s Moons

The official balloting is over. The unofficial results — the winners are Vulcan and Cerberus. For all the results check out Thanks for voting!

P4 and P5? Surely you can come up with better names for Pluto’s newly-discovered moons. Astronomers at the SETI Institute are asking for your help. You can cast your ballot at until noon EST (1700 GMT) on February 25th.

Traditionally, the names of Pluto’s moons come from Greek and Roman mythology and are related to stories about Hades and the Underworld.  (Pluto moons that were discovered earlier bear the names Charon, Hydra and Nix.)   But if Orpheus, Persephone or Vulcan don’t float your boat, you can offer up your own suggestion by filling out a write-in ballot.

For all the latest science news, check out the National Geographic’s twice-weekly news rundown, EarthCurrent .

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