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Our 6 Favorite Videos From Northeast Blizzard

The Northeast United States’ historic weekend snowfall produced major headaches—knocking out power, cancelling school and work— but it also made for some wonderful video (not to mention great sledding).

Lots of folks found ways to put Mother Nature’s fury into a lighter perspective (See blizzard photos from our readers).

Here are our favorite videos:

1. Snowboard + camera + Boston’s Beacon Hill after 24 inches of snow = this:

2. Several folks took the trouble to set up cameras for time-lapse sequences. Here, “Barbie”—dressed more for a cocktail party at a beach house than a wintry experience—gets covered, then uncovered, in Andover, Massachusetts.
3. A Somerville, Massachusetts, videographer knew when the first train was due to arrive in town to plow through the newly drifted snow. This may not be such a big deal to folks in snowy regions, but to those of us who live in temperate climates, this is kinda cool.

4.  Anyone who has had their street-parked car plowed-in can identify with this video from Cambridge, MA. When a backhoe arrives to start digging and removing snow, it appears it will help. But …

5. There’s always someone out there thinking ahead of the storm. This filmmaker tried a twist on the practice of aiming a projector outside for a special visual effect, aiming the projector at the falling snow for a blissful escape experience.

6. Sometimes the simple, silent videos get to the point most effectively. We liked this one from a TV weatherman in Connecticut, recorded on his back deck, to close out our selection (the last ten seconds are the best).


Jeff has been a Senior Video Producer with National Geographic for over 10 years. He manages day-to-day operation of National Geographic's online video player and writes, produces and narrates videos. A video news journalist for more than 25 years, his previous experience includes Senior Producer for Discovery Science Channel, Executive Producer for a regional cable news channel, and News Director, News Anchor, Producer and Reporter for several local network affiliates in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, DC and West Virginia.
  • Eric

    My roommates and I made a time lapse as well, switching between two different views from our window in Brighton MA.

  • Jeff Hertrick

    Hi Eric: Your video is good, too! Thanks.

  • Katherine Skene

    I made this time lapse from my apartment window. It shows downtown New Haven and the Yale campus, from before the snow started falling on Friday morning, until sunset on Saturday evening. We had 34″ of snow over 28 hours.

  • Carl Howard

    Add stupid music to your time lapse weather videos, or cute pet videos… GO TO JAIL!!

    That should be the law!!

  • Lol


  • My Name Is “No”

    Lol Su Funny you should post it again

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