Meet Saudi Arabia’s Rockstar in High-Tech Innovation

Hayat Sindi at the National Cathedral School after being named one of USA Science and Engineer Festival’s Nifty Fifty. As part of this program, top scientists visit Washington D.C. area schools to tell their stories. Photo courtesy of Hayat Sindi.

Emerging Explorer Dr. Hayat Sindi not only ranks as one of National Geographic’s top women explorers, but is also a powerful voice for women scientists and a pioneer in cultivating an environment of innovation in the Middle East.

In November 2012, Hayat launched the Institute for Imagination and Ingenuity awarding fellowships and providing mentorship to young innovators in the Middle East. (Read more). Recently, Hayat became one of the first women in history to be appointed to the Shura Council by Saudi Arabia’s king, an honor usually reserved for men.

Join Hayat’s chat on Google+ as part of the Google Science Fair “Field Trip Friday” series on Google+. Tune in this Wednesday, April 10, 10:00AM ET (1500 GMT).

In the meantime, watch Hayat’s Pop!Tech lecture on co-founding her first company, Diagnostics for All:

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