Top 10 Headlines Today: Gossiping Monkeys, Swimming Dinosaurs…

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–>The top 10 stories on our radar today.
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  1. Monkeys Might Be Gossiping About You

    “Lip-smacking sounds of a baboon-like primate may represent an evolutionary link between primate communication and human speech.”
    Los Angles Times

  2. Dinosaurs Were Great Swimmers?

    “A series of claw marks found on the bottom of a Chinese river known to have been commonly traveled by dinosaurs suggest the ancient animals were excellent swimmers.” Red Orbit

  3. Artificial Leaf’ Gains Ability to Self-Heal

    “The world’s first practical ‘artificial leaf’ can now repair damage that occurs during production of energy—just like a real leaf.” Science Daily

  4. Creating A New Map of the Holocaust

    “The map of the Third Reich is being redrawn after editors of a new encyclopedia unearth more than 40,000 Nazi camps and ghettos.”
    National Geographic News

  5. Hunt for Another Earth to Begin in 2017

    “NASA announces the launch of the first space-based mission to scan the entire sky for exoplanets will happen in 2017.” New Scientist

  6. Rhino Horn DNA Database Introduced

    “A new DNA database is being set up to hold genetic information on all the rhinoceros horn in the UK in an attempt to stop its theft and trade.”
    BBC News

  7. Town Aims to Be Solar Capital

    “Mayor of Lancaster, California wants his town to be the first city that produces more electricity from solar energy than they consume on a daily basis.” New York Times

  8. Hermit Crab Species Found Alive for First Time

    “A recent submarine dive turned up a species of hermit crab that was previously only known through dead, dried specimens procured more than a century ago.” Live Science

  9. Climate Change May Threaten Your Vino

    “Global warming will make it difficult to raise grapes in traditional wine county.” The Guardian

  10. What Happens When You Cry in Space?

    “A Canadian astronaut explains the physics behind tears in space.” Youtube
    Just for Fun