Top 10 Headlines Today: Secret Orangutans, Giant Sun Flare…

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The top 10 stories on our radar today.
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  1. Secret Orangutan Population Found

    “Two hundred of the world’s rarest orangutans were found on the island
    of Borneo.” Live Science

  2. Biggest Sun Flare of the Year Recorded

    Yesterday “at 3:16 AM Eastern time a spot on the sun emitted its strongest flare of the year so far, and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught this image of it.” The Atlantic

  3. Ancient Buddhist Temple Faces Demolition

    “Authorities in Xian, the Chinese city home to the Terracotta Warriors, have ordered most of the buildings in a 1,300-year-old Buddhist temple demolished, staff said Thursday, provoking online outrage.”
    Agence France-Presse

  4. Animals Play Doctor, Too

    “A surprising number of wild creatures have figured out ways to use herbs, resins, and even alcohol and nicotine for health’s sake.” NPR

  5. It’s Raining on Saturn

    “Saturn’s rings are not just beautiful to look at; it turns out they are also responsible for rain falling on the planet.” Los Angeles Times

  6. Seeing Pain in the Brain

    “Neuroscientists have developed a technique to predict how much physical pain people are feeling by looking at images of their brain scans.” Io9

  7. New Studies Shake Up Human Family Tree

    “Does a 2-million-year-old skeleton unseat ‘Lucy’ from a critical evolutionary junction on the way to Homo, our genus?” National Geographic News

  8. JFK Assassination Artifacts On Display

    “Some never-before-seen artifacts from the minutes and hours following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination are going on display Friday, along with an extensive collection of photographs of the
    young president’s family.” CBS

  9. Expedition Races to North Pole

    “A group of young people is going to the North Pole to declare it protected on behalf of all life on Earth. They began their journey on April 5.” Greenpeace

  10. Pictures: African Savanna

    Check out a compilation of 30 gorgeous photos of Africa and pretend you’re on a safari. Buzzfeed
    Just for Fun


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Alexis Manning has worked for National Geographic Television and National Geographic News. She has a passion for travel, conservation, and photography.