Top 10 Headlines Today: One-Way Ticket to Mars, The Last Nazis…

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The top 10 stories on our radar today.
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  1. Applicants Wanted: One-Way Ticket To Mars

    “Want to go to Mars? Dutch organisation Mars One says it will open applications imminently. It would be a one-way trip, and the company hopes to build a community of settlers on the planet.” BBC

  2. The Last Nazis

    Germany’s Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes is tracing guards at Auschwitz and “other death camps in a late — and possibly final — push to bring the surviving perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice.” Time

  3. Scientists Create Genetically Modified Piglet

    “Scientists from the laboratory which created Dolly the cloned sheep have now produced a disease-resistant piglet using a new technique which is simpler than cloning, paving way for genetically modified meat.”
    Business Standard

  4. Watch: Eagle Cam Live-Stream

    “Recently hatched bald eagles nesting high in a tree in Southeast Washington can be viewed live right now on the National Geographic website.” National Geographic News Watch

  5. Venezuela’s Post-Election Tensions Turn Deadly

    “Nicolás Maduro, the newly elected president, and his opponent, Henrique Capriles Radonski, blamed each other for the violence that has killed at least seven people.” New York Times

  6. Could Wood Feed the World?

    “The main ingredient of wood, cellulose, is one of the most abundant organic compounds on Earth and a dream source of renewable fuel. Now, bioengineers suggest that it could feed the hungry as well,” since they’re discovered a way to turn it into starch. Science Now

  7. Yangtze Porpoise Down to 1,000 Animals

    “A survey late last year found that the Yangtze finless porpoise (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis asiaeorientalis) population has been cut in half in just six years.” The porpoise’s home, China’s Yangtze River is “arguably the world’s most degraded major river.” Mongabay

  8. World’s Oldest Harbor Reveals New Treasures

    “But what has archaeologists really excited was the discovery of some beautifully preserved papyrus documents — ‘the oldest papyri ever found in Egypt,’ Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of State for Antiquities, said in a
    news release.” Live Science

  9. The ‘Undiscovery’ Of An Island

    Scientists in Australia have “‘undiscovered’ Sandy Island, a 25km long and 5km wide feature, that appeared in numerous scientific data sets and in Google Earth but was absent from the hydrographic charts used onboard ship for navigation.” University of Sydney

  10. Video: Dangerous Wingsuit Adventure

    BASE-jump athlete Alexander Polli jumps from a helicopter and attempts the first human flight through a narrow opening in Batman Cave. Makes my palms sweaty just watching the thing.  YouTube
    Just for Fun


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Alexis Manning has worked for National Geographic Television and National Geographic News. She has a passion for travel, conservation, and photography.