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Earth Day Hangout Kicks Off Week-Long Series

This Earth Day, National Geographic is teaming up with NASA and Catlin Seaview Survey to bring you to the watery depths of the Great Barrier Reef, the soaring heights above the polar ice caps, and the vast red-soil plains of Oklahoma’s lightning zone. Kicking off the first Google+ Hangout on Air of a week-long series of Hangouts, we’ll explore how technology and innovation has pushed the boundaries of discovery on our planet and beyond. (Get the details here).

Following Monday’s event, National Geographic will launch of series of daily Hangouts on Air, each one tackling a key environmental issue.

Join the conversation and send in your questions via Twitter and Google+ with the hashtag #OurEarth. Then tune in right here on this blog post to watch a week of Hangouts!

Check out the schedule below for the full list of details:

Monday, April 22nd 12PM EST/16:00 GMT

“Hangout with Explorers of Land, Sea, and Sky on Earth Day”: The top three organizations representing Earth (National Geographic), Air (NASA), and Water (UnderWater Earth) will discuss Earth Day and how technological innovation allows us to better measure, and hopefully change, climate issues.

Tuesday, April 23rd 2PM EST/18:00 GMT

“Clean Water for All”: Learn about the state of the global water crisis from the experts working to solve the problem. Moderated by Billy Wilson and hosted by WHOLE WORLD Water, National Geographic’s Freshwater Fellow Sandra Postel will provide crucial insight into freshwater issues around the globe.

Wednesday, April 24th 4PM EST/20:00 GMT

“Can We Learn from Nature’s Engineers?”: Director of Herpetological Research the Atlanta Zoo Joe Mendelson, and National Geographic Big Cats expert Amy Dickman will banter about their favorite “Nature’s Engineers” and how we can follow their lead to live greener. Moderated by Fraser Cain and hosted by Zoo Atlanta.

Thursday, April 25th 2PM EST/18:00 GMT

“Recycle/Reuse”: Millions of people have made the choice to recycle and reuse to reduce their carbon footprint.  Learn how you can make a global impact by recycling properly and consuming less from expert Sara Show of the Mother Nature Network. Moderated by Tim McDonald and hosted by Earth911.

Friday, April 26th 2PM EST/18:00 GMT

“Becoming Part of an  Ocean Community: TerraMar Project”: Join in the discussion on how you can “get a parcel” of the ocean and spread the word about ocean conservancy. Learn from ocean conservancy experts and TerraMar Project’s founder Ghislaine Maxwell about how people are making huge strides in conservation. Moderated by Carter Gibson and hosted by The TerraMar Project.

Thanks for joining our week-long series! We look forward to seeing you again next year!


  • Bob Mercer

    I will be at the Ellie Schiller Homossassa Wildlife Park helping Art Jones man the Save Crystal River Inc./One Rake at a Time booth from 2PM till 4PM.
    Thanks Nat Beo for your April Issue featuring the Three Sisters Springs

  • Ron Binkley

    I think this is a great thing doing,and I want to help anyway I can.I want to do more to help while I can,N.G. Rocks

  • LauraLea Keays-Deshner

    EarthDay Celebration at the Genesis Center today April 22nd. Kids singing, video’s and information, plus a ‘green museum’ – Next week, my town will see 300,000 bikers for Bikefest and not one recycle bin. This is my mission to change. Need financial supporters to make a difference more than just this one big mouth lil girl! 352-250-2713 to help Green Leesburg!

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