Chat About Water With Sandra Postel and Other NG Experts Today on Google Hangout

Water Currents’ own Sandra Postel, National Geographic’s Freshwater Fellow, will be talking live with the public today at 2 p.m. Eastern time on a special Google Hangout for Earth Week.

The conversation, Clean Water For All, is being hosted by Whole World Water and is moderated by Billy Wilson. Sandra will be joined by David de Rothschild, the intrepid explorer who built the Plastiki, a boat made out of plastic waste, to raise awareness of ocean issues (he was also an NG 2010 Adventurer of the Year).

Also joining in will be Karena Albers, co-founder of Whole World Water; and Jon Bowermaster, an explorer, journalist, and filmmaker who contributes to News Watch and has received grants from National Geographic.

The hangout is the latest in a series for Earth Week, including a special one yesterday on Earth Day with other Geographic explorers. There are other opportunities the rest of this week as well.

From their Google+ profile, Whole World Water “seeks to prove that economic, social, and environmental progress are not mutually exclusive. Developed to end the global water and sanitation crisis, WHOLE WORLD Water works to engage the hospitality and tourism industry to filter, bottle, and sell its own water, and contribute 10% of the proceeds to the WHOLE WORLD Water Fund. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to clean and safe water initiatives worldwide. We believe that everyone should have access to clean and safe water.”

Watch here:


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