Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice Heard, Fuel Barge Explosion, and More…

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Listen: Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice

    “We had no idea what Alexander Graham Bell’s voice sounded like. Until now. Smithsonian researchers used optical technology to play back the unplayable records.” Smithsonian

  2. Fuel Barges Explode, Cause Large Fire

    “A large fire that began with explosions aboard two fuel barges in Mobile, Ala., was hit with a seventh explosion early Thursday and fire officials said they planned to let the fire, which has injured three, burn overnight.” CBS

  3. New “Fairy” Insect Is Mind-Blowingly Tiny

    “A new species of tiny fly named after the fairy in “Peter Pan” is mind-blowingly minuscule, with delicate wings trimmed in fringe.” NBC

  4. United States of Stress

    “41 percent of U.S. adults “feel stressed a lot of the day.” Stats in some states are much worse than others.” The Atlantic

  5. Elephants’ Language Deciphered

    “Scientists are decoding the subtle gestures and signals African elephants use to communicate with each other.” National Geographic

  6. Ice Tubes Provide Clues to Origin of Life

    “Life on Earth may have originated not in warm tropical seas, but with weird tubes of ice — sometimes called “sea stalactites” — that grow downward into cold seawater near Earth’s poles, scientists are reporting.” Science Daily

  7. Ancient Earth Crust Stored In Deep Mantle

    “Scientists have long believed that lava erupted from certain oceanic volcanoes contains materials from the early Earth’s crust. But decisive evidence for this phenomenon has proven elusive.” Until now.  Phys.Org

  8. Why Does Anything Exist? Scientists Find Clues

    ” Scientists probing the nature of antimatter have found a bit more evidence to explain why the universe is not an empty husk, although not enough to account for the billions of galaxies strewn across the cosmos.” Reuters

  9. Consciousness After Death

    “Sam Parnia practices resuscitation medicine. In other words, he helps bring people back from the dead”—and some return with some pretty
    strange stories. Wired

  10. Meet The World’s Most Beautiful Bulldog

    “Huckleberry won the 34th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest at Drake University, and is officially the cutest bulldog in the world”. Buzzfeed
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Alexis Manning has worked for National Geographic Television and National Geographic News. She has a passion for travel, conservation, and photography.