Get Out Your Tuxedo, it’s World Penguin Day

Today, April 25, is World Penguin Day, a time to marvel at these amazing flightless birds. In honor of the occasion, The Pew Charitable Trusts has produced a fun quiz that asks users to see what type of penguin personality they are most like.

In the style of a Cosmo or Seventeen quiz, the tool makes playful references to how flippers look in a bathing suit and even Danny DeVito. (In case you are wondering, my penguin personality is apparently a chinstrap penguin:

“With chiseled features, the chinstrap stands out among the rest. What you may lack in height, you make up for in personality, and you are not afraid to do what it takes to get the job done. While you’re no stranger to conflict, you are a fiercely loyal friend and companion. Once you pick a partner, you are committed through thick and thin.”

A Pew spokesperson added:

Why is Thursday the most important Penguin Day ever? In less than three months, two dozen countries and the EU (the Commission for Conservation of Antarctic Living Marine Resources meets in Germany July 15) will decide whether to create the world’s largest marine reserves. CCAMLR will vote on one proposal from New Zealand and the United States, and another sponsored by Australia, France and the EU. A consensus vote would create reserves in marine areas that are teeming with life, and arguably the best penguin habitat on Earth. These areas are now at risk from intensive industrial fishing (particularly for toothfish, sometimes called “Chilean sea bass”).

On Thursday, it will be 81 days until this decision, and you can tell world leaders that the time to protect Antarctic waters has come.

Check out these penguin photos, these photos of emperor penguins, and watch these great penguin videos from our archive. Also learn more about the efforts to protect the Ross Sea. Happy Penguin Day!


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