Sheep Glow, Robots Feel, and More… Today’s Top 10 Headlines

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.

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  1. World’s First Glow-in-the-Dark Sheep?

    “Scientists in Uruguay modified sheep’s genes with luminescent jellyfish protein that causes them to glow green in UV light…The phosphorescent sheep are a world first, the scientists report.” Nature World News


  2. Artificial Skin Will Let Robots Feel

    Scientists have “built a flexible, pressure-sensing array of transistors that can be molded to different shapes and is sensitive enough to pick up slight pressures equal to that felt by human fingers.” Discovery


  3. Earthquakes in Chile Deformed Earth

    Structural geologists have found that “major earthquakes of magnitude 7 or greater apparently caused the crust in northern Chile to crack permanently.” NBC


  4. Virgin Galactic Prepares to Test Spaceship

    “Virgin Galactic may attempt a major test flight of its novel SpaceShipTwo on Monday (April 29).”


  5. Climbers and Guides Fight on Everest

    “Nepalese mountaineering officials are investigating a dispute between three foreign climbers and local Sherpa guides on Mount Everest that turned ugly.” The Telegraph


  6. Chilean Penguins Facing Extinction

    “Humboldt penguins — which nest only in parts of Chile and Peru — over the years have become decimated by human encroachment, rat infestations and unforgiving weather currents carried by unusually warm El Nino
    ocean temperatures.” AFP


  7. Video: Archiving in the Digital Era

    “Want to see Einstein’s family tea set? How about scripts from “The Carol Burnett Show”? Archivists are the specialists who protect and display these objects for posterity, now more online than ever.” New York Times


  8. Pictures: Geography of Hate

    “Photographer Lynn Johnson spent five years documenting the wreckage of hate’s corrosive force in America.” National Geographic


  9. 11-Year-Old Internet Science Sensation

    For the past three years, 11-year-old Sylvia Todd and her dad have “been making ‘Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show’ and the quirky series is now mega-popular.” Huffington Post


  10. Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites

    “Numbering nearly 1000, UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites range from dazzling underwater ecosystems to the ruins of ancient civilizations.” CNN

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