Top 10 Headlines Today: Cannibal Colonists, Bone-Eating Worms…

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Jamestown Settlers Cannibalized Girl

    “Starving colonists turned to cannibalism to survive harsh winter of 1609, according to a recent find.” National Geographic


  2. Zombie Worms Drill Whale Bones with Acid

    “So-called zombie worms — and yes, they actually exist — like to munch on whale bones for dinner. The creatures also use the bones for shelter.”
    Our Amazing Planet


  3. WWII Peace Treaty Talks for Russia, Japan

    “World War II lingers for Russia and Japan. Nearly 68 years after the fighting ended, the two Asian powers have yet to sign a peace treaty.”
    Los Angeles Times


  4. Video: Giant Solar Wave Erups on Sun

    “The sun celebrated May Day with a spectacular solar eruption Wednesday, unleashing a colossal wave of super-hot plasma captured on camera by a NASA spacecraft.”


  5. Coolest (and Most Terrifying) Biomimetic Robots

    “Borrowing from the characteristics and abilities of insects, birds, fish and mammals, scientists and engineers have designed robots that can swim, jump, snuggle, and steal books.” Wired


  6. Locations Chosen for “Noah’s Ark” Plan

    “The Isle of Man has been chosen as the “ideal geographical location” for a Noah’s Ark-type project to protect rare breeds from extinction.” BBC


  7. Solar Plane Ready For Expedition

    “The Solar Impulse, a plane with the wingspan of a 747, is the creation of a Swiss team working on fuel-free flight.” The solar-powered plane will fly cross-country, even flying at night. New York Times


  8. Ancient Microbes Caught in the Act

    “The first-ever snapshot of primitive organisms eating each other has been found in ancient fossils examined by a team of scientists.” Science Alert


  9. Fossil Provides Insight into Ape Evolution

    “Researchers of the new study argue that Pierolapithecus catalaunicus (that lived about 11.9 million years back) might have lived at a time when the great apes were evolving, but hadn’t yet diversified into various species.” Nature World News


  10. 8 Symbols That We Turned Into Words

    “Sometimes the name for a symbol takes on a different sort of meaning, so that it is no longer a name, but a word in its own right. Here are eight words that started as symbols.” Mental Floss

    Just for Fun

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