Top 10 Headlines Today: Spacecraft on the Sun, Real Estate on the Moon…

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Spacecraft To “Sail” Towards The Sun

    “British scientists are now working with Nasa to develop the spacecraft, known as Sunjammer, which will use a 13,000 square foot solar sail to propel itself nearly two million miles towards the sun.” The Telegraph


  2. Lunar Real Estate Agent Sells 7.5% of Moon

    “The lack of a clear law on space property rights hasn’t stopped one man from selling real estate on the moon — and the other solar system
    bodies as well.” Live Science


  3. Tiniest Robo-Bug Drone Takes Off

    “Researchers at a Harvard robotics laboratory have created a drone the size of a large fly or bee that can fly freely in the lab—though it still trails
    a power cord.” National Geographic


  4. Why Sharks Should Be More Scared of You

    A pretty terrifying infographic illustrates why sharks should really be the ones afraid of humans, not the other way around. Grist


  5. Suicide Rates Rise Sharply in U.S.

    “The suicide rate among middle-age Americans rose 30 percent from 1999 to 2010, with more people now dying of suicide than in car accidents.”
    New York Times


  6. Video: Dwarf Lemurs Hibernate Like Bears

    “Two new species of dwarf lemurs have been found hibernating during the lean months of winter in Eastern Magascar,” which is surprising behavior in a tropical environment.  YouTube via Duke University


  7. Scientists Create New Strain of Influenza

    “Experts warn of danger that the new viral strains created by mixing bird-flu virus with human influenza could escape from the laboratory to cause a global pandemic killing millions of people.” The Independent


  8. Norway In Dire Need Of…Trash?

    “Sweden isn’t the only nation in the throes of a serious trash deficit. As it turns out, Norway is also desperately seeking rubbish to burn in its cogeneration plants.” Mother Nature Network


  9. Drought Across the West Refuels Faith

    Pressured by drought, Catholics, Christians, and American Indian tribes alike are praying or “using their closely guarded traditions in an effort to coax Mother Nature to deliver some much needed rain.” AP


  10. Chicken Diapers? Urban Farming Get Accessory Lines

    Julie Baker’s business, Pampered Poultry, “ships out about 50 to 100 diapers a week to urban farmers around the country. The store also
    sells saddles.” NPR

    Just for Fun


Meet the Author
Alexis Manning has worked for National Geographic Television and National Geographic News. She has a passion for travel, conservation, and photography.