We’re Heading to the UK

Some big news from National Geographic HQ. Change Reaction is hitting the road once again. Last fall, you might recall, it was to California—land of big ideas. We toured energy companies thinking about the future, and farms that are already living it. We met some people who lived in 100-square-foot tiny houses. We even plunged into a “sustainable” gold mine.

This time, we’re hopping across the pond. Aside from being a historic and iconic city that has very recently been on the world’s stage, London is also an epicenter of some big environmental themes: wildlife conservation, sustainable design, urban agriculture. The island nation is facing some unique challenges, too. Its centuries-old sewers have spurred a massive water infrastructure project. England’s coastline is eroding in ways that are bringing massive rock slides. The barriers that prevent the Thames River from flooding London proper are facing higher demands than ever.

Starting this weekend, we hope you’ll join us as we explore the UK. And we’d love some suggestions on what deserves attention. If there are themes or people we shouldn’t miss, please leave them in the comments below, or tweet me at @NatGeoDan.

Speaking of which, we’ll be writing this blog regularly, but tweeting much more. Join us on Twitter and Instagram (I’m @NatGeoDan on both) to follow the entire journey, and to be in touch with us every step.

Oh and lastly, lest you think I’ve begun to prematurely employ the Royal We, the “we” I keep mentioning is myself and ace National Geographic photographer and video producer Spencer Millsap. He’s one of the best we’ve got, and an excellent travel partner. Just think of us as two guys, as eager to report some incredible geographic stories as we are to find the UK’s best fish and chips. We’re glad to have you along.

Changing Planet