Live from Space, It’s the Videos of Chris “Space Oddity” Hadfield

Ground control to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield: Your videos from the space station really make the grade, especially your music video in which you sing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and send your guitar for a floating journey. And the papers want to know: “What other videos have you made?”

Here are some of my favorites:

There’s Hadfield’s guide to brushing your teeth in space (and avoid getting toothpaste up your nose).

Here’s how to use a barf bag if the food floating in your stomach decides it wants to resurface.

Here’s how space life affects your vision (and check it out when he lets go of the microphone for a second and it just floats in front of him).

Here’s how to clean up a mess in space (which will just “float around until it runs into something”). Handy pieces of equipment: Baby wipes, goggles, “a Russian rag.”

And finally, here’s what happens when you cry in space. Hint: Tears do not fall on their own!

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