Our Top 10 Headlines Today: Merging Galaxies, Oldest Man Reaches Everest Summit…

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–>The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Hershel Space Observatory Spots Galaxies Merging

    “Deep in outer space, about 11 billion light years from Earth, astronomers have observed the colossal merger of two galaxies, an intergalactic mash-up that is birthing 2,000 new stars each year and has helped scientists better understand an important cosmic mystery.” Nature World News

  2. Octogenarian Becomes Oldest Man to Reach Summit of Mount Everest

    “Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura, 80, reached the top of Mount Everest Thursday, becoming the oldest man to scale the world’s
    highest mountain.” ABC News

  3. 3D Printer Used to Create Life-Saving Implant

    “Researchers at the University of Michigan have used a 3-D printer to create a custom-made, life-saving implant for a baby boy, they report.” USA Today

  4. Speedy New Dinosaur Found in Canada

    “A new quick-footed vegetarian dinosaur has been discovered in southern Alberta, western Canada, researchers say.” Live Science

  5. Modern Stone Age Family: Neanderthals and Breastfeeding

    “Modern mothers love to debate how long to breast-feed, a topic that stirs both guilt and pride. Now—in a very preliminary finding—the Neanderthals are weighing in.” New York Times

  6. Carnivorous Plant Keeps House With Ants

    “Deep in a forest on the island of Borneo, an ant wanders around on a carnivorous plant, seemingly courting a grisly death. But new research shows that the diving ant has nothing to fear from the fanged pitcher plant, because the two organisms need each other alive.” National Geographic

  7. Wildlife Survey Highlights UK’s Most Threatened Species

    “A stocktake of UK nature suggests 60 percent of animal and plant species studied have declined in the past 50 years.” BBC

  8. Is Greek Yogurt Hurting the Environment?

    “Greek yogurt has seen an astronomical growth in sales over the past half-decade—but it may be taking an unexpected
    toll on the environment.” The Week

  9. Adorably Chubby Mini-Spider Species Discovered in China

    “Tiny spiders with oversized rumps have been discovered in China. The little arachnids, each about a millimeter long, represent two new species of orb-weaving spiders.” Wired

  10. How Far Did We Drive on the Moon and Mars?

    NASA has released a handy chart to show the distances driven by various wheeled vehicles on the surface of the moon and on Mars. NASA
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