1,000 Miles Down Baja California in 2 Minutes

Satellite view of Baja California. Image courtesy of NASA.
Satellite view of Baja California. Image courtesy of NASA.

“The quickest camera to draw is always my phone. It captures candid moments better than any camera in our arsenal. This video is comprised entirely of footage from my phone and gives an honest, frank and fun view of what life was like for us hiking down the Baja Peninsula.” – Young Explorer Justin DeShields

A few days ago we received this video from two of our Young Explorers, Justin DeShields and Bryan Morales, who are walking and paddle boarding the entire length of Baja California. Soon after, we got word that the team just finished their exhaustive and daring journey that began almost exactly four months ago! Read more about their zany travels and enjoy this 2:27 minute video of eclectic iphone footage taken along the way.

How the expedition began: Suburbs to Shantytowns: 1,000-Mile Trek Down Baja Mexico

Check out filmmaker J.J. Kelley‘s video of the boys as he travels with them for part of their journey and read his account of Baja California’s Blister Town.

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