Our Top 10 Headlines Today: Centuries-Old Plants Revived, Scientists Turn Cement Into Metal…

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–>The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Centuries-Old Frozen Plants Revived

    “Samples of 400-year-old plants known as bryophytes have flourished under laboratory conditions. Researchers say this back-from-the-dead trick has implications for how ecosystems recover from the planet’s cyclic long periods of ice coverage.” BBC

  2. Researchers Turn Cement Into Metal

    “In a move that would make the Alchemists of King Arthur’s time green with envy, scientists have unraveled the formula for turning liquid cement into liquid metal. This makes cement a semi-conductor and opens up its use in the profitable consumer electronics marketplace for thin films, protective coatings, and computer chips.” PhysOrg

  3. Rats Have a Double View of the World

    “Rodents move their eyes in opposite directions, thereby always keeping an eye on the airspace above them.” Max-Planck Institute

  4. Japan’s Secret WWII Weapon: Balloon Bombs

    “Balloon bombs aimed to be the silent assassins of World War II. Hitching a ride on a jet stream, these weapons from Japan could float soundlessly across the Pacific Ocean to their marks in North America.”
    National Geographic

  5. Climate Researchers Discover New Rhythm for El Niño

    “An unusual wind pattern that straddles the equatorial Pacific during strong El Niño events and swings back and forth with a period of 15 months explains El Niño’s close ties to the annual cycle.” Nature Geoscience

  6. Crew Ferry Flight to Blast Off Today

    “Russian ground crews are preparing a Soyuz spacecraft for launch Tuesday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to ferry three fresh crew members to the International Space Station” CBS News

  7. UN Warns of Decline of Farm Biodiversity

    “Conservationists have been warning about the loss of biodiversity in the wild for years, but diversity loss is also occurring under the watchful eyes of the world’s farmers.” RedOrbit

  8. Mapping the Great Indoors

    “Ecologists are increasingly interested in the great wildlife diversity indoors, where they’ve found that buildings contain identifiable microbial signatures of their human inhabitants.” New York Times

  9. Chilean Volcano Moved to Red Alert Status

    The volcano—named Copahue—has been moved to red alert status by the Chilean Geological Survey, meaning an eruption is imminent or in progress. Wired

  10. 9 Months of Curiosity’s Mars Mission in 1 Minute

    “NASA’s Curiosity rover has sent tens of thousands of images of the remote planet back to Earth. Now, thanks to one Youtube user, you can see nine months’ worth of those photos in just over a minute.” Mashable
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