Top 10 Headlines Today: Hot Pink Slugs, Mars’ Dangerous Radiation…

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Photo: Giant, Hot Pink Slugs Discovered

    “The bizarre 8-inch creatures exist only in the alpine forest of Mount Kaputar in New South Wales.” Mother Nature Network


  2. Dangerous Radiation for Astronauts on Mars

    “Astronauts travelling to Mars on any of the current space-flight vehicles would receive a dose of radiation higher than NASA standards permit, according to a study of the radiation environment inside the craft that carried the Curiosity rover to the planet.” Nature


  3. Police Dogs Must Unlearn How To Smell Pot

    Some Washington State police departments “are considering or in the midst of re-training their dogs to ignore pot…part of the new reality in a state where voters last fall legalized marijuana use.” AP


  4. Skele-Gro: Scientists Attempt to Regrow Bones

    “An injectable gel containing magnetic stem cells could be used to repair broken bones and damaged cartilage.” The Telegraph


  5. Three Tigers Found Dead in a Week

    “Forest rangers in a wildlife reserve in northern India are investigating the deaths of three tigers whose carcasses were found over the last week, news reports said Monday.” Washington Post


  6. Nazis on Narcotics?

    “Crystal meth is notorious for being highly addictive and ravaging countless communities. But few know that the drug can be traced back to Nazi Germany, where it first became popular as a way to keep pilots and soldiers alert in battle during World War II.” Spiegel


  7. Our Haunting Last Interview With Storm Chaser Samaras

    “Just days before Tim Samaras and his son died in Friday’s tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma, the storm chaser told us about the science, the thrill–and even the smells–that are part of his extraordinary work.”
    National Geographic


  8. Scientists Try To Breed Burps Out Of Cows

    “It would help the environment by reducing a potent greenhouse gas, and it would help farmers by making the cows more efficient and thus reducing feed costs.” USA Today


  9. Mystery of Moon’s Lumpy Gravity Explained

    “Strange concentrations of mass that sit hidden beneath the lunar surface…are so dense they alter the moon’s gravity field, causing perturbations that can tug a spacecraft lower in its orbit around the moon, or push it wildly
    off course.”


  10. Video: Tiger’s 4-pound Hairball in High Demand

    “While offers have been made for the 4-pound hairball harvested from the stomach of a Siberian tiger in Fla., his owner says he’s holding onto the mass of fur, for now, safely tucked away inside his home refrigerator.” NBC

    Just for Fun


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