Top 10 Headlines Today: Mind-Controlled Flight, Dead Fish Have Kids…

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Mind-Controlled Quadcopter Takes To The Air

    “Researchers at the University of Minnesota have designed an interface that allows humans to control a robot using only their thoughts.” CNET


  2. Dead, Live Guppies Vie For Paternity

    “After death, male guppies can keep on siring offspring because females store sperm for so long. As a result, a living male in a stream in Trinidad can end up competing with long-gone fish from his grandfather’s generation.” ScienceNews


  3. Increase in Vandals Defacing U.S. Parks

    “A spike in graffiti and vandalism has found its way into the wilderness, as visitors to national parks litter by streams, take knives to cactuses and leave their tags on rocks.” New York Times


  4. ‘Extinct’ Frog Rediscovered in Israel

    “The first amphibian to officially be declared extinct has been rediscovered in Israel.” National Geographic

  5. Humans’ Stinky Feet Attract Mosquitoes

    “For decades, health officials have battled malaria with insecticides, bed nets and drugs. Now, scientists say there might be a potent new tool to fight the deadly mosquito-borne disease: the stench of human feet.”
    Washington Post


  6. NASA to Launch Sun-Studying Probe

    “A new NASA spacecraft is weeks away from launching into orbit to study a region of the sun that will help scientists better understand how the solar atmosphere works.”


  7. New Australasian Antarctic Expedition

    “To celebrate the centenary of Sir Douglas Mawson’s 1911-1914 expedition to Antarctica, two University of New South Wales scientists are leading a modern-day voyage to retrace the route taken by the great Australian scientist and explorer.” Phys.Org


  8. Wind-Powered Vehicle Up For Sale

    “Cavarallo and his cronies silenced the doubters by constructing a wind-powered vehicle that travelled close to three times faster than the wind itself.” Now the science-defying vehicle is up for sale on eBay. Yahoo

  9. Underwater Broadcast from Great Barrier Reef

    To celebrate World Oceans Day, a 12 hour, underwater broadcast with marine experts will “highlight why it is so important to protect our oceans.” Reef Live


  10. 10 of History’s Most Power-Hungry Cats

    “While everyone else was napping, these ambitious housecats set their sights on Senate seats, space exploration, and world domination.”
    Mental Floss

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Meet the Author
Alexis Manning has worked for National Geographic Television and National Geographic News. She has a passion for travel, conservation, and photography.