Top 10 Headlines Today: New Language Found, Interactive Mars Panorama

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. New Language Discovered in Australia

    “A language spoken by Aboriginal children in a remote part of central Australia has a “radically innovative” structure.” Australian Geographic


  2. Billion-Pixel Panorama Gives You Tour of Mars

    NASA has “released this interactive 1.3-billion-pixel panorama to transport you right to the rover’s most recent worksite and take a spin around some of its latest experimental investigations.” Wired


  3. America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

    “America’s first permanent English settlement, a military club for African-American officers, an unused airline terminal and Houston’s Astrodome have all been labeled ‘endangered’ by the National Trust for
    Historic Preservation.” CNN


  4. Photo: What Do Memories Look Like?

    “University of Southern California researchers created a way to light up synapses in a living neuron so they can see how synapses change as memories are formed.” USC


  5. Ancient Shellfish Reveals Clues to Human Evolution

    A recent study of commonly hunted shellfish suggests “that humans did not become fully modern until their population expansion that accompanied the African exodus 50,000 years ago.” Los Angeles Times


  6. Solar Boat Harbors Climate Ambitions

    “A solar-powered boat en route from New York to Boston this week is admirably pollution-free but has deeper ambitions for climate science.” National Geographic


  7. Brain Scans Used to ‘Read’ People’s Emotions

    “Scientists have now developed the first computer model of brain activity that can be used to identify people’s emotions, according to a new study.”
    US News Health

  8. Record-Setting Heat Wave Bakes Alaska

    “A heat wave hitting Alaska may not rival the blazing heat of Phoenix or Las Vegas, but to residents of the 49th state, the days of hot weather feel like a stifling oven — or a tropical paradise.” AP


  9. Obama Readying Emissions Limits on Power Plants

    “The move would be the most consequential climate policy step he could take and one sure to provoke legal challenges from Republicans and some industries.” New York Times


  10. Photo Contest: National Geographic Traveler

    Check out some of the spectacular photos in the 25th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. And there’s still time for you to submit your own best travel images! National Geographic

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