World War Z: Could a Zombie Virus Happen?

In the new movie World War Z, a zombie virus has overtaken the planet, killing off most of humankind and leaving (who else?) only Brad Pitt to save the rest of us.

Inspired by the 2006 novel of the same name, the film’s only the latest example of America’s zombification. In researching this article, I learned that at least one hospital—California’s Sutter Roseville Medical Center—has had a zombie apocalypse drill, that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a preparation guide for the living dead, and that conservationists are thinking about how nature can help us if the world were to fall to zombies. Walking to the movie theater in downtown Washington, D.C., I was even randomly handed a flier for “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse” by a religious group.

Brad Pitt tries to escape a zombie in World War Z. Photograph courtesy Jaap Buitendijk, Paramount Pictures

And, after three seasons of Walking Dead, I considered myself fairly zombie proficient. But I was still awestruck by World War Z.

Unlike in Walking Dead, these zombies are gasp-inducingly fast, come to life seconds after being bitten, and make high-pitched, almost bird-like noises. The suspenseful moments—especially when the characters tiptoe through a zombie-filled laboratory—will keep even the most jaded moviegoer engaged, and the aerial scenes of tens of thousands of zombies swarming over iconic cities are purely fascinating to watch.

Also surprising: Unlike the novel, in which UN investigator Gerry Lane (Pitt) travels the tatters of civilization interviewing survivors, the movie is set at the beginning of the apocalypse, and Lane goes from place to place to try to stop the zombie virus.

The solution, he discovers, is to “camouflage” people by making them sick with another microbe, under the premise that zombies have no interest in attacking you unless you’re healthy. Skeptical, I asked Joan Slonczewski, a microbiologist at Kenyon College in Ohio, if that’s how viruses really work.

No, at least in a person or animal’s body: “I’ve never heard of a case where virus infection prevents transmission from another person or animal,” she said.

But, at the cellular level, “it is possible for one virus infecting a cell to prevent ‘superinfection’ of that cell by another virus. For example, herpes infection of a cell may prevent superinfection of that cell by another herpes strain.”

Zombie Virus Possible?

As a science fiction writer, Slonczewski is used to imagining doomsday scenarios. Her 2010 novel Brain Plague featured zombie-like characters that bite people to transmit intelligent microbes, which then communicate with the infected person’s brain cells. So I asked her: Could a zombie-like virus occur in real life?

Sort of. No one’s expecting the dead to rise again, of course, but there are so-called neurotropic viruses that attack our brains and cause aggressive or bizarre behavior.

“I suppose you could imagine a [new neurotropic] virus that would cut off the higher brain function and then induce a starvation-like state and could thereby induce the disabled person to go after brains”—the classic zombie meal, Slonczewski said.

Some existing neurotropic viruses are already the stuff of nightmares. For instance, “rabies is pretty scary on its own,” said Kartik Chandran, a microbiologist and immunologist at the Albert Einstein College in New York who studies the deadly Ebola virus. (In the movie and book, the zombie plague is first misidentified as rabies.)

Like the mythical zombie virus, rabies is transferred through biting. Once inside your body, the virus travels directly to your brain and “makes you go nuts and go and bite more people,” he said. More than 55,000 people, mostly in Africa and Asia, die from rabies every year, which is one person every ten minutes, according to the World Rabies Day website. Most infected people are bitten by rabid wildlife. (See “New, Fast-Evolving Rabies Virus Found—And Spreading.”)

Making of a Monster

How would a “zombie virus” arise? One possibility is that two viruses could join together and form a hybrid.

Viruses work by copying their genetic material within human cells. If there are two viruses in the same cell, one virus may accidentally jump on a genetic copy that belongs to the other virus. The progenitor to the human HIV virus may have arisen this way in Africa when a chimpanzee and monkey virus combined, Chandran explained.

I also asked Chandran if the Ebola virus—which causes widespread hemorrhaging—and rabies could ever hybridize and infect people, making them look and act like zombies. He said that’s unlikely because the viruses aren’t closely related, and that even if it were to happen, the resulting “bastard progeny would be nonfunctional or poorly functional.”

But there’s another way that a mutant virus can arise: if there’s a glitch in the genetic copying machinery of an existing virus.  Sometimes, one of these mutations confers an advantage to the virus that allows the mutated strain to outcompete others and quickly take over the world. (Take an infectious diseases quiz.)

Called a “selective sweep,” this usually happens frequently with influenza. (See video: “How Flu Viruses Attack.”)

That’s why the concept of a World War Z-like viral plague is not so far-fetched.

Viruses also succeed when they encounter populations that have no immunity against them. A good example is measles in the New World in the 1600s, noted Chandran. Europeans, who were resistant to measles virus, brought it with them to the Americas, where the natives weren’t. It spread like wildfire.

Viruses Not All Bad

But before you panic about a zombie apocalypse, remember that not all viruses are bad. Slonczewski noted that there are more helpful viruses than harmful ones. Some viruses are even essential to our survival, performing functions like stimulating our immune system.

Chandran agreed that “viruses are indispensable to life as we know it.” For instance, viruses shuffle nature’s genetic deck by constantly moving new genetic material from species to species.

Another thing to consider: The majority of viruses on Earth infect single-celled microbes, and have no interest in us humans.

“We’re kind of a sideshow. This whole planet’s really about microbes,” Chandran said, “just waiting to take it back.”

That should put your mind at ease.

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Christine Dell'Amore, environment writer/editor for National Geographic News, has reported from six continents, including Antarctica. She has also written for Smithsonian magazine and the Washington Post. Christine holds a masters degree in journalism with a specialty in environmental reporting from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her book, South Pole, was published in 2012.
  • terry wofford

    Really National Geographic, you have sunk this low? Natgeo tv sinks further with every so called “reality” show and now you put an article about a zombie virus on your front page of the web site? How old are your editors? 12, 13? Geez

  • MadMaximus

    I think a rabies-like virus is most realistic…however with the amount of people on Rx drugs these days…I think a chemical drug could also have an affect. With so many people abusing painkillers, meth, and taking anti-depressants…and so many new variants of drug coming out people will take without question…..one mistake or one intentional dosing of the populous by a clandestine organization could lead to population contamination via voluntary or involuntary consumption. I also believe the long term effects of anti-depressants is negative, and there is research to show so. And with the random suicide shootings…….the media NEVER really goes into depth about exactly what medications the murderer was on specifically….I feel like the public has a right to know…in each and every one of these horrible shooting cases. But…..the drug companies dont want to “hurt” their image…..they only want to hurt YOU for billions in profit. God save us.

  • david

    Airborne halucinigenic cloud from a weapons attack causes people to go ‘zombie’ then once cloud passes they might return to normal or die. Those that live remember vaguely what they did and who they killed/ate. Yuck.

  • Todd

    This is the worst artice I ever read and bad thing about is someone a proved this in the National Geographic new room with so many people that follow your Magazine you think with much happen,ing in the World you a proved this Story

  • Chris

    I suggest you read the book. You’d learn more and find it more entertaining.

  • Lara

    @terry wofford, as a current resident in Africa who is currently watching rabies spread through the domestic animals in her community, I don’t think this is “low” at all for Nat Geo. Sure, it’s a bit fanciful, but the fact is viral epidemics exist and there’s no harm in making a connection to a popular film in order to mention an important issue of the day.

  • nick

    what is the advantage of the virus making you go after “brains”? it’s the most difficult organ to find in a human beings, and if you’re going to feast on republicans, you’re going to starve for sure. besides, the brains are extremely well protected and require a lot of work to reach – especially for a knuckle-dragging, brain-impaired zombie. it would make more sense for the zombies to eat you whole. since the zombies would, as stated in the article, cut off from higher parts of the brain, how exactly would the zombies recognize other zombies? and doesn’t it make sense that those zombies who feast only on brains wouldn’t do as well as those zombies that eat other zombies and every part of the human being. i really don’t see how you went from “virus makes you behave aggressive and violently” to “brain-eating zombie”. i don’t see the connection. then again, it must’ve been just a leap of faith to stay relevant.

    if we’re going to be “hypothetical” about what a virus “could do”, it could do lots of things.

    – it could make you shit violently, at any moment, especially on the bus or on the road
    – it could make you feel drunk 24/7
    – it could make you blind
    – it could make your body deteriorate until your limbs fall apart
    – it could kill you instantly
    – it could make you grow a tree branch out of your anus

    there are billions of things a virus could “potentially do”. it doesn’t mean it ever will, and that’s the same with the zombie virus.

  • cali

    A zombie virus will never happen. AT LEAST I DONT THINK A ZOMBIE VIRUS WILL HAPPEN if it does were all deadmen. o_O

  • Sara Otten

    Some people need to take a chill pill. Some of the comments about this article are a little harsh especially the ones about National Geographic sinking low in writing it and the editors are obviously juveniles to allow it to be printed.
    I personally think some interesting points were made. For instance, I didn’t know there were such things as neurotropic viruses or how viruses evolve. As a psychology lecturer, anything to do with a change in behaviour, including due to viral infections is fascinating to me.
    I’m assuming that the link made to the zombies wanting to eat brains is due to their own shortage, similar to when a pregnant woman gets cravings its usually because they are lacking in the thing they are craving?

    • Christine Dell’Amore

      Thank you Sara! I’m very glad you learned something. That’s the goal of this blog—using pop culture to educate people about science. @Nick, regarding your brain comment, the scientist was referencing the fact that most classic zombie movies show the undead craving brains. I cut it from the article, but she also mentioned that starving people will go for brains. That was proven in the recent discovery in Jamestown, Virginia, that starving colonists ate the brain of a woman who had died. It may be because the brain is dense, nutritious tissue even in an emaciated body. See: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/13/130501-jamestown-cannibalism-archeology-science/

  • Dom The Mover

    Thanks, new insights on virus effects and possible hybrid virus combinations for ideas on my new book.

  • John

    I saw the movie today (June 26) and was ‘awestruck’ like the article’s author.

    Awestruck at even the ‘small’ possibility that something like this could happen.

    An entertaining movie — Yet does have the ability to leave one thinking — As I guess the movie was intended to do…

  • kyle

    I believe if a “zombie virus” would happen look at the animals killing us fast smar humans slow decaying stupid zombies would be wept out in 1-2 days even if a city was filled to the brim with them.

    What went wrong with the world there was no zombie talk until the movies came out if there wasn’t a chance of it happening in a million years 50 years ago it wont make a difference now because just because there was a movie doesn’t make it any more real.

  • serena trizteta

    I like this .. Awesome as. Sucked in to people who dont believe in zombies. Ull be eaten first . If you can believe in a man who magicaly made this world and is everywhere. Im sure you could change your horrible opinions. We are all human and should stick together. Maybe you are the zombies .

  • Bryan Harper

    Great article! I think a lot of the biology behind infections and viruses is very interesting and simplifying the science into terms that anyone can understand is a great thing and if pop culture inhibits this: Even better! For those who say a zombie virus couldn’t exist: Yea haters of the man on the moon theory said something similar. I’m no expert, but it’s proven that if humans mess with things, they go wrong before we perfect them. It’s simply because we don’t have the same insights as mother nature. To assume that we’re not capable of creating something that could exhibit zombie like attributes in a population at least by accident would be naive. If someone could tell me, what’s the truth behind this article? I think it would be a good topic for another National Geographic article if it turns out to be semi legitimate. http://lqp-79.org/

  • James

    I think if a new neurotropic virus with similar properties as rabies was to arise there would be no major threat to human existence. The reason I believe this is that rabies only kills 55,000 people per year and compared to the 8 billion humans who inhabit this earth that number is very minuscule. Also I think over the millions of years of human existence we have learned from diseases like small pox and the bubonic plague, we have learned to combat them and eventually iradicate them through injections. My main point being if a virus which turned humans into mindless ‘zombies’ occurred I think humans would be able to quarantine it and eventually iradicate the virus.

  • Hellohello

    Yeah! it’s called rabies!

  • kev

    why is everyone getting angry about this? it is currently hot topic in the entertainment industry (ever since resident evil in 1998).
    the fact that the author of this artical has written this artical doesnt mean everyone thinks it will happen, but it doesnt meen it wont either. there are still many people who think aids doesnt exist, doesnt make them right.this artical does however make for interesting reading and opens the mind to possibilities, fact or fictional either way it is entertaining and also informative. thank you author

  • Rigel

    I found this article quite interesting, not only because I’m such a huge zombie fan but also because it indicates that it’s something that may actually happen according to some of the comments from the scientist. In my honest opinion, I think tha’s something like that could occur (maybe not exactly “the zombies eating brains” and stuff but the agressive behavior, the need of attacking other people, etc) because we don’t know in what kind of things some people are working, what kind of experiments are being done right now; so as crazy as it sounds we could be witness of a rabies/zombie apocalypse.

  • Aaron ferrell

    If you look at the past you see that all species on earth are wiped out (almost) completely multiple times. From dinosaurs, to ice age, to Noah’s ark and the great plagues.. It’s a way for nature to rejuvenate itself, lets face it, there are getting to be to many humans on this planet and a lot of bad stuff is happening such as global warming, ect. And so sooner or later another “apocalypse” will happen and wipe out -most- life on earth. So why not think that our incoming apocalypse can be a zombie-like virus?

  • Austin

    Okay honestly if this were to ever happen I would see it happening in the future and as viruses have been evolving so have we just look at our technology I don’t know if you guys know it or not but we have been researching nanotechnology which can do so much for how little it is just look it up so honestly there isn’t anything to worry about the only thing that’s close to killing us all is what’s been around for as long as records have been around and even before that and that is humans.

  • J. Grant

    While we’re exploring the Zombie Virus possibility, I’d like to also see articles about the Vampire Virus, the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle Virus, the Werewolf Virus, and the My Little Pony Virus possibilities.

  • Eisa

    what if we dig the whole and live underground?though in religions its been written that people will come who eat everything humans to stone ..

  • Martin

    The zombies are already here. Just read the comments. Not one of you, except Christine, could either spell or punctuate properly. The ability of the every day people to communicate properly through written media is fast reaching zombie proportions. And whilst I know some think that pointing out such things on the Internet is infantile – and it certainly makes no real difference – it’s still a valid point. Adults who can’t spell, punctuate, or communicate effectively is a plague here and now that needs to be taken more seriously. But I suppose I’m dreaming. Taking education seriously would get in the way of playing video games, watching hours and hours of brain-numbing television, or enjoying ‘online entertainment’. As MadMaximus said, “God save us,” (which fortunately He did, 2000 years ago).

  • yo mama

    honestly I think this is totally possible, but its like one in a million that the dead will rise, or they eat people’s brains. I mean really. but it is definitely possible in our world today.

  • n b

    The author of the World War Z book wrote that the virus is called Solanum. It replicates by going through bloodstream, via bite or mix of blood, it goes to the brain. It deteriorates the frontal lobe and concentrates in the mouth. It kills after 5-6 hours, and then reanimates body. Cycle starts over. If you REALLY want to know more check out the book author, Max Brooks, his Zombie Survival Guide is good.

  • yew.snow

    is it really to be happen in future…???
    why the movies shows this ..?? it means something is going on but TOP SECRET……

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  • Neil

    To be honest you all crazy lol next sharknado will be real aha go live in a bomb shelter while you can lol

  • Ali

    Everything is Possible

  • alex

    ok so this has been very informational i think it can happen because of the florida accident when the guy bit the other guys face off. and there has been other occurances like this before. and i think that if the government is seriously doing this kind of stuff they should seriously tell the people of the united states. so we know to get ready just in case it got out of control. i think we have a right to know…..

  • Kristen

    Alex, the guy who bit the other guy’s face off in Florida had nothing to do with a virus… He was on bath salts..

  • Carcotas

    At the end of World War Z, just as the credits began rolling, a gentleman, scratch that, an idiot spoke up from the back of the theatre exclaiming, “What? That sucked! The book was nothing like that! Booo!” I’m sure he scurried away back home, logged online, and began tweeting, posting, and blogging, furthering his rant. Much like my response to him at the theatre, I hope he receives silence in return.

    It’s true, World War Z is nothing like the book. The book is told from the point of view AFTER the war. It’s a “historical,” account of what happened during the war. Rather than make a mockumentary with flashbacks, which would have been the wrong decision in my opinion, the filmmakers decided to put us right in the middle of the action.

    When adapting a piece of literature it is impossible to bring every page, every paragraph, every nuance onto the screen. Some have come close depending on the material, but for the most part, they all have to take their own creative licenses. After all, it’s called an “adaptation,” for a reason, otherwise they would call it a copy or mimic.

    Where World War Z works (that’s a mouthful) and where so many others fail is that just because the world slips into total and utter chaos, doesn’t mean that governments, military, and law enforcement agencies go away. Quite the opposite. If anything, these scenarios bring out the best of all of them. We see generals, UN delegates, and scientists trying to solve complex issues that they don’t know anything about. Rather than going into hiding, they act. Society doesn’t crumble. Bands of cannibals and leather strapped gangs don’t patrol the streets with necklaces made of teeth. People do what they can to survive, and the higher ups try their best to find a fast and effective solution.

    At first, I thought the movie started too fast. How could something this violent and concentrated go undetected, but after a while I got it. The opening montage of news reports said it all. How many of us listen to everything we hear on the news? Exactly. So much goes undetected while we focus on issues that effect us immediately. It’s too late when the virus touches US soil. Not even social media can keep up with it.

    As far as zombie movies go this one is pretty great. Though I think 28 Days Later takes the cake in terms of realism, in-camera effects, and sheer terror, this one holds its own. Brad Pitt plays a former UN investigator who is traveling with his family just as the zombie attack on Philadelphia unfolds. The film goes from 0-60 before you take a sip of your Coke. This is a fast paced, edge of your seat thrill ride led by one of the finest actors of this generation (Pitt’s acting ability is far too underrated and lost in the kerfuffle of tabloid news).

    For those of you who stare at the ticket window debating whether or not to see a film in 3D or standard, you might want to spend the extra few dollars to see this one in 3D (I know it’s asking a lot, but maybe you can sneak some candy or a bottle of water to offset the concession stand price – deal with it). I tend to air on the side of “screw it, I want to see it in 3D.” Now not every movie NEEDS to be seen in 3D, hell there are really only a couple that absolutely have to be seen in all three dimensions (Avatar and maybe Life of Pi), but this one really surprised me. 3D is not about things jumping out at you, but it’s about layers. Luckily this film has both. Big chase scenes in Philly, particles floating about in South Korea, and tracking shots in Jerusalem make this one of the 3D events of the year. No exaggeration.

    Like so many other summer blockbusters before it, civilization is on the brink of extinction and only a handful of experts can save us. What World War Z does that so many have failed is give us hope. Hope that humanity won’t dissolve into nothingness. In the face of sheer danger these fighters stand tall, take a deep breath, look the enemy in the eye, and say, “No.”

    More about the movie you can also find it here

  • Dominic

    Are u sure? I mean have any of u read the zombie survival guide it says fake stuff butt it got me thinking … a zombie virus is very possible, idiotic drs and scientists are fooling around with virus. O and by the way, the Miami face eater wasent on bath salts that’s a cover up. I know it sounds like a conspirisy theory but its cause the gov. Don’t want use to panic. They mean no harm.

  • emi

    oh my gosh i honestly think there is a fair chance at this happenng. i have an emergency backpack that is in my closet with medicine, first aid, extra clothes my pocket knife, matches, paracord, and a sleeping bag and some millitary MRE’s (meal ready to eat). gosh never hurts to be prepared :p

  • Josh Scott

    This is a cracking article!! I have no input into how a zombie apocalypse would actually come but really like the idea of it happening, so would someone just hurry up and figure out how to make my zombie apocalypse dream a reality!!

  • Chaz

    I’m sure the federal government is already trying to see if this is possible. If a zombie outbreak ever does happen, which I believe is impossible, I’m sure the government had something to do with it…lol

  • Jacob

    Kristen and everybody else who is misinformed about the “zombie” situation in Florida. They did tests on the guy and the only drug and offsetting thing in his system was da cannabis mon. Marijuana


    Hello,I am here to tell you the Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen soon.And i mean soon.Be prepared.I do not mean the die and come back to life zombies,i mean virus zombie.Those of you who believe this and are prepared have a better chance of surviving,those who don’t…don’t.Have a emergency backpack and weapons ready,because it might happen as you read this.Be aware,this wont end the world.We will get back on our feet a few years later.Jesus will come and the Antichrist will rise,that is how the end of the world will happen.I have to keep watching for zombie signs and keep researching.Here is a virus that might become a zombie virus,LQP-79.
    be prepared.stay prepared.keep prepared.

  • Shane Davidson

    A zombie apocalypse will never happen they are made up monsters if it would happen would of happened bye now that’s what I believe any way

  • yo mamma

    Emi, same here. I have a backpack in my closet full of supplise. Get ready guys, doesn’t hurt to prepare

  • Prince

    People should not be scared about does bunch of wackos called zombies am really prepared for it because i have this bad feeling its going to happen. The big question is ARE YOU GUYS PREPARED FOR THE DOOMS DAY?

  • Georgia

    Seriously guys why in the world would you even want a zombie virus to happen. Think of your family. Think of all the people who will lose all they have. Even if you survived zombies you will probably end up dying of hunger. I honestly have no idea why someone would want this to happen. Long story short:
    Zombies belong in movies. Not real life.

  • Sarah

    We just need to stop worrying about it it’s not going to happen if it did the army would take care of it and Obama said it might happen but don’t believe him it isn’t going to happen and zombies are made up characters not real people and it’s just makeup on the people to make them look like zombies

  • lois

    i’m sorry but please stop saying it wont happen you should see the amount of virus’ and stuff like that that can cause stuff like this and you never know some crazed group of cannibals could go round eating people or sum thing ,but i have to say since i have been watching zombie films and stuff like that i have been taking notes so if i were you people maybe you should just research a little but we really still have to look at the scientific side of this still

  • Mikkel Winther

    All that talk of zombies an the incoming apocalypce i Think if something should happen it Would be another ICE age.
    And i Think that the most of you guys doesnt
    Even know where the zombies really are Coming from it didn start with the movies of flesh eating zombies. It really began with voodoo
    And if something should happen the first sign Would be the four horsemen of the apocalypce

  • Leigh

    In Jack Wallen’s book scientists took the rabies virus and mutated it and made zombies, but it backfired and made numerous zombies that regenerated to fast and they couldn’t be stopped, so who’s to say some nut job won’t try to do this in real life? With all the destruction of our planet and countries I wouldn’t count this out.

  • Jerry

    God Would never let this happen

  • Warrior99

    This stuff makes you think, about what happens if a “zombie” apocalypse did happen? Who would survive?
    It’s just a crazy thing to actually think that this could be possible. We might not even know that there is such a virus that can create the dead to become alive again.
    It’s just a thinking game of “What if”…..

  • Stark

    It could be possible, as the usual conspiracy theory, that the government could create a virus for the sake of population control. Sooner or later the earth is going to be so populated that government agencies will have to find a means of “making room” and “clearing space”. Wouldn’t be surprised if they choose a “rage” or “rabies” virus as a factor. They would get the job done easier with a nuclear war some say, but in my opinion a nuclear flashpoint could be necessary IF the rabies virus got so out of whack that the governments would have to rely on “hammer down” protocols as a last resort. The lives of the many in exchange for the lives of the few, right? Zombies can’t survive nuclear fire, unless they’re cockroaches. IF the government IS doing testing on such viruses on people to see how they’ll react, they probably wouldn’t admit it until 40 years later, much of like what happened with MK-Ultra tests in the 1960’s/70’s during the Vietnam war which I believe they used on soldiers as test subjects.

  • mike jones

    For all the na-sayers that believe the Bible. Better read up on the last days, people will want to die and can’t… if that’s not a zombie I don’t know what is. js

  • Pirate Gigantor

    “…200 years ago, if you had said that people would one day fly…”

    And people still do not fly. Airplanes fly. Being transported into the air like so much dead weight does not mean that “you” can fly.

  • unkown

    kill the zombies if you see them don’t be afraid and fight with zombies and be safe as movies give some technique to kill zombies and fight with them otherwise be like a zombies

  • gorkhali

    i don’t think that zombies is there. but if i saw them in my country than god promise i will kill them or die for my country.

  • john newman

    Judging by the comments I’d say the zombies are already here folks…

  • unknown

    not going to happen the possibility of a disease being altered is possible but wont happen unless some idiot alters it on purpose…for god sake they keep saying the world is going to end but it never happens come on people

  • cow

    come on people seriously zombies? I mean they could exist but why worry when we have the CDC

  • super star

    C’mon guys… there is no thing such a “zombie”.
    I believe they does not exist. Why?
    because : Let’s assume that they are, but, do the authorities and politicians of countries ,in the first place , they would not think to stop them?

  • Linley

    Oh we can only hope this happens I’d luv to live in The Walking Dead lifestyle anyday fcck this real life shht

  • Abigail

    This is awesome!!!!

  • Jez

    Some people here says a zombie won’t wouldn’t happen then how the hell did this people found this website on the frist place?

  • Jez

    Some people here says a zombie virus that infects humans won’t happen then how the hell did this people found this website on the frist place?

  • Survivalist

    Here’s what I think. If a zombies virus was created it would be stopped right away by the military ( If it is the Walking Dead type of zombies ). If it is a WWZ kind of virus I think we’re all doomed. Pretty much our survival depends on the type of zombie.

  • Okay

    There has been many events that have occurred to make people act like a zombie. if one of the times in the future it transmits to have the person they attacked act like a zombie and the cycle just go on and on then we’re in a apocolayps. we can only hope that people are ready for it when it happens. it’s not matter of it. it’s a matter of when.

  • Random guy

    Hey guys! I don’t think da zombies are real because a guy just made it up about 50-69 years ago so yea and SERIOUSLY PEOPLE EBOLA ZOMBIES?!?!?!

  • jess

    i honestly hope zombies do take over the world and kill everyone. cause nothing would make me happier. lmao

  • Jessica Knott



  • johnjohn

    There’s always that 1 idiot trying to create a new virus or cure or trying to alter DNA… for example some of the insects already man made or the disease or viruses that are already man made, there ARE possibilities that is Could happen it doesn’t mean it Will, but it doesn’t hurt to look at the possibilities. Are government is already screwed up and Would do or try some stupid sh*tt like this to cut down human population and lose control of it very easily but this is All a Possibility.. they already are hiding things from us, how is this different??

  • bigAl

    What I find really interesting about the idea of zombie apocalypse is that almost everyone is fascinated by the what ifs! What if really the human race was exposed to an experiment that goes wrong and alternate the course of human history? What if someone chose to play god, and manipulate the creation of God? What if indeed earth was inhabited with such virus that turns everyone into an flesh eating monsters? What if chaos is all what becomes the face of humanity? It would be a terrifying reality to face! It would be HELL! Why would we want to bring that kind of reality? Lets face it, human race is all about chaos, although people talk about peace, but some of us are afraid of peace, because peace is really not that exciting is it? We enjoy evil, some of us welcome it or harness it. Some of us become evil, ready to do the unthinkable, to destroy humanity! That is the nature of this human race! People killing people…i don’t think we need to be zombies to create the chaotic world!

  • Chance

    Tbh our goverment could have some bullshi*t up they’re sleeves, who knows the virus could be made already like ebola thay was man made by our cdc and who runs the cdc our government does so they could have ti’s disease out just waiting for the right moment to unleash it.

  • bruce

    I myself would be glad if this happens !!!… really because there are so many people on this planet that dont know how to live or even they dont let other people live …… so this would be my reason .

  • Kshawn

    I Hope A Zombie Invasion Happen As Long Im With My Family I Know I can Survive A Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Josh Josh

    Josh is Josh with or without zombies, just YOJO (you only josh once) Even tho Josh is me and i’m Josh, you might be a Josh one day. Don’t let your dreams be josh just josh it!

  • Zombie

    We iz hear.

    In all reality yes. it can happen. a mutation of a virus could link it. rabies is readily spreading in animals. it could easily have a genetic misprint or even bind to the host cell of another virus that is spread in other ways such as airborne or other general contacts. causing it to spread on a widespread level. rabies remains dormant for quite awhile in some cases. so you could be carrying the aforementioned z virus incubating with hopes your body fights it off or a treatment arises before it develops into a z type virus.
    he states it won’t bind to Ebola. but there are other viruses it could bind to. or even misprint while spreading giving a virus new transmission methods.

  • BOi

    Zom zoms will never be reel.
    if they was, iam defeet dem!!!

  • What the actual fck

    By the looks of the comments on here, I think we could use an apocalypse. Seriously, what is wrong with everyone? Why is everyone talking like cavemen? I can’t understand 90% of the comments, they’re completely illegible.

  • mattheww

    oh my got, will they destroy our doors – arghtt!!!!!!!!! we will survive th zombies!!

  • ImGrindWeRust

    Zombies and an apocalyptic event brought on by such has already began. Our thoughts in our minds,not the flesh like the old stories and comics/movies tell us would be craved! The knowledge of others is so sought after that, one could,can and are mentally rendered useless,seeking some sort of “normalcy”. Restrict your children from using social media for 14 days,as an experiment and record the results! Hell… restrict yourselves for that long. Z-pocalypse isn’t going to be physical. It’ll be socially mental.

  • John

    Hopefully we will be able to fly to the moon and “terraform” the planet for life before it “could” happend. If not, who knows how screwed we are…

  • KarVer

    A type of mutation of influenza or flu, and Rabies virus could do some “thing”. Or the CDC or other lab could attempt a weaponized form of Rabies thats untreatable, passed by fluids and bites. A mistake or attack could let out the weaponized Rabies virus.
    If a Untreatable, incurable Rabies type virus took hold I’m likely to go to some underground caverns. Or a cave, if im caught in California I would head to Alcatraz island. Or block off a bridge. . . Be horrendous..

  • jimmy

    this is all stupid why would a zombie apocalypse happen if u believe in it then ur dumb like srsly

  • A person

    If a genetically mutated strain of rabies or something related to that were to escape
    A. It would not be the “living dead” it would be like a normal person but with the symptoms of a rabies-like strain we wouldn’t technically be dead and it wouldn’t be the “headshot only” rule either it would be a functioning human so a heart shot would suffice and speed would be dependent on the previous health of the victim
    B. The government would not break down they just wouldn’t be able to stop smaller cities and what the people do bc they would need the police and military to contain the outbreak

  • Y’all idiots ok

    Ok guys seriously a zombie apocalypse couldnt happen!its actually impossible if your talking about zombies, because zombies are a rotting courps right? So crows and maggots would be attracted to them. And they’re zombies the only thing they know how to do is kill right? Or maybe they cant think at all and wont even hurt humans. But anyway back on track, zombies have no defense, that means they cant stop crows and other animals feeding off them, that also means they wont be able to re populate by biting people or breathing gas, whatever you think they can do! They will be eaten before they become a serious problem anyway. So please you idiots stop thinking we can create zombies if we arent even smart enough to realise that our earth isnt capable of maintaining the life of zombies. Cincearly your favorite 13 year old

  • john smith

    this virus has already happened in the 1980’s. You ever hear of the AIDS epidemic?

  • theskull

    the zombie apocolypse cannot happen because viruses and evolution arn’t true

  • theskull

    the zombie apocolypse cannot happen because viruses cannot suddenly change there form

  • Truth

    No one has the authority to say that God won’t allow this to happen.. Only God can say that and no one is entitled to speak for him on that behalf. If anything most religious text Point towards the possibility of zombies or a zombie like virus to exist. As many have stated there are numerous scientific studies and Laboratories with the sole purpose of creating genetic mutations and synthetic viruses that are man-made with supposing purposes of curing cancer, and also to develop cures for the viruses they create for the sake of the possibility they are to mutate in nature naturally.

    A few people said it perfectly, open your minds. A lot goes on that too many people are instant to shut out only because it is a contradiction to their own belief system. Not because they are using logic or rational thinking and actual observation of the real world and it’s occurrences

  • Brad’s Wife

    ya’ll better be prepared for the end of the world…all im sayin

  • Juan

    If you don’t think this can happen, watch 2008 Quarantine.

    A 911 call contain violent screams & mentions of blood everywhere brings first responders to the apt complex. Most are LAFD but there are some police too. By the time they arrive most of the lights & power are out in the building. The responders include a reporter & camera man that were shooting an LAFD documentary earlier in the day.
    The FD attempts to locate victims & bring them out of the building. The bloody people are rabid. By the time they get some of them down, the building is quarantined. It turns out a rabid dog was taken to vet hospital earlier.
    They traced the dog to the complex via it’s collar. The CDC called for the quarantine after vets discovered a rabbies virus strain they had never seen before. The people in the building are left to fend for themselves.

    The reporter eventually stumbles upon a lab in the complex. The event was deliberate. Tapes reveal experimentation & cages reveal more than just dogs. That aspect of the film marries real life terrorist cells with less of a conscience than Nazi’s. They will push the boundaries of biological science beyond known limits.

    In a sense we are living on borrowed time because the terrorists are not yet as smart as Hollywood envisions them.
    But eventually they will be & then it’s a matter of policy. You can either vote for people that want to curb the tide of undocumented persons in the USA, or for people who want to give them sanctuary. I shouldn’t have to tell you which will increase the odds of “smarter” terrorists.

  • Juan

    Imagine being a reporter laughing it up with LAFD persons as you shoot a documentary. Suddenly they are called to act so you ride with them. You arrive at an apt building where most of the ligthts are out. Someone called 911 with violent screams & mentions of blood in the background. You go up the stairs looking for injured. You encounter rabid people that seemingly want to do nothing more than bite you. By the time you get some of them downstairs the building is quarantined.
    You can’t get out & you are left to fend for yourself.

    You later learn the CDC action was in response to a rabid dog that was traced back to the building via the address on it’s collar. It contained a strain that was new & considered a major epidemic threat. Trying to get out you stumble across a makeshift lab where you learn the strain was the result of unlawful experimentation & the rabid dog attacks were deliberate. As you view the empty cages, you realize it wasn’t limited to dogs. You don’t get out. You don’t get a sequel. The film is Quarantine (2008) & it’s based on Russian film Rec (2007) which did spawn 3 more sequels (Rec 4 2015).

    In WWI the unimaginable became real in the form of mustard gas because Germany desired a less expensive means to kill the enemy. In later wars that same reasoning gave rise to nerve gas. WW2 Germany conducted unimaginable biological experiments in pursuit of the perfect Aryan race. Vietnam USA conducted experiments towards a more effective kill machine soldier. Terrorists have that same will to kill. See Manchester, UK. It’s just a matter of time before they begin to think more creative than bombings.

  • Dan

    I wholeheartedly believe that a real zombie apocalypse is a conceivable thing. But not in the original sense of “dead rising from their graves to feed on the sweet brains of the living.” More of an advanced form of rabies, probably, as the article states. The virus would severely alter behavior, making the victim extremely violent and almost conscienceless. It would still be transmitted through biting. And the “zombie” would have an immense hunger for human flesh– cannibalism. But said zombies would be easily killed the way a normal person would be, a fatal shot to any major organ or artery, etc. The whole zombie apocalypse theory is pretty out of whack, if you think of all the ways it could happen. But it’s fun to imagine it and all the ways it could play out. But living on a boat is probably the smartest. In an ocean or large body of water. Don’t let the walkers get ya!!

  • abe

    The article sort of casually mentions, rabies makes you go nuts and bite people but IN HUMANS does it actually cause violent behavior? I have googled this muchly and found nothing that indicates this. Now everyone goes crazy differently but doesn’t rabies make you feel physically tired and weak so you would not be a very effective zombie anyway?

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