Top 10 Headlines Today: Habitable Planets, New Killer Whale Species…

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Bumper Crop of Habitable Worlds

    “Astronomers discover three potentially habitable worlds orbiting a star 22 light-years away from Earth.” National Geographic


  2. New Killer Whale Species Discovered?

    Researchers have “used DNA from a museum specimen collected in 1955 to study what may be a distinct subspecies or species of killer whale.” Sci-News


  3. Komodo Dragon Bacteria Not Venomous

    “In a new paper, Fry and his colleagues show that the bacteria present in Komodo mouths are surprisingly ordinary, similar to what scientists find in any carnivore.” Discover


  4. Bizarre 500-Million-Year-Old Creature Unearthed

    “The tiny filter-feeding creature is the earliest known fossil with the five-point symmetry found in starfishes, sea urchins and other echinoderms.”
    Live Science


  5. Cutlery ‘Can Influence Food Taste’

    “Cheese tastes saltier when eaten from a knife rather than a fork; while white spoons make yoghurt taste better, experiments show.” BBC


  6. Alaska Volcano Erupts With New Intensity

    “An Alaska volcano spewing ash and lava for the past six weeks erupted with new intensity early on Tuesday, belching a plume of cinders 5 miles into sky and onto a nearby town and disrupting local flights, officials said.” Reuters


  7. Controlling Cockroaches With Video Game Tech

    “North Carolina State University researchers are using video game technology to remotely control cockroaches on autopilot, with a computer steering the cockroach through a controlled environment.” Science Daily


  8. Saudi Arabia Redefines the Weekend

    “Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah issued a royal decree shifting the nation’s weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday beginning this Friday, June 28.” Time


  9. Bison May Shrink As Planet Warms

    “Bison roaming the U.S. prairie may grow smaller as a result of climate change, a new study suggests.” Live Science


  10. Video: Juggling Around Iceland

    One guy’s “trip around Iceland with a GoPro and some juggling balls.” Actually pretty fun to watch. YouTube via Reddit

    Just for Fun


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