Top 10 Headlines Today: Cosmic Currency, Oldest DNA…

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Paypal To Launch Inter-Planetary Payment System

    “With companies like Virgin Galactic and Space X bringing the go-to-Mars dream much closer to reality, PayPal said its goal is simply to start thinking about the complicated issues concerning space commerce.” CNN


  2. World’s Oldest Genome Sequenced From Horse DNA

    “A 700,000-year-old horse leg bone has yielded the world’s oldest complete genome.” National Geographic


  3. Mouse Cloned From Drop of Blood

    “Circulating blood cells collected from the tail of a donor mouse were used to produce the clone, a team at the Riken BioResource Center reports in the journal Biology of Reproduction.” BBC


  4. Racer Plans To Cross Atlantic in Electric Plane

    Chip Yates is “planning to make history anew by tracing Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 trans-Atlantic flight—in an electric airplane.” Discovery


  5. Shark-Repellant Makes You Look Unappetizing

    “A new rash guard shirt takes an unusual approach to warding off sharks by making the wearer look like a venomous sea creature.” CNET

  6. Robotic Companions Comforts Dementia Sufferers

    “A small group of people with mid- to late-stage dementia appeared happier and less anxious after spending time with a robotic animal programmed to respond to touch and sound.” Scientific American


  7. 30 Tons of Explosives to be Detonated in Peru  

    “A consortium of gas companies…plans on detonating approximately 38 tons of explosives in the south-east Peruvian Amazon in one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.” Environmental News Network


  8. Throwing Helped Our Species to Evolve

    “Throwing objects quickly has helped humans become one of the most successful species on the planet, a study suggests.” The Telegraph


  9. Watch NASA Launch Sun-Observing Probe

    “NASA will launch its newest solar observatory tonight (June 27), kicking off a two-year mission to study how energy moves around the active sun.”


  10. Pictures: Animals in the News

    “Today’s photos include Iranian dog owners under pressure, a bloom of mayflies, Kim Jong-un visiting Breeding Station No. 621,” and more.
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