Hangout With NG Channel “Brain Games” Host Jason Silva

Filmmaker, techno-philosopher, and self-proclaimed “wonder junkie” Jason Silva is described by The Atlantic as a “Timothy Leary for the viral video age”. His online videos explore media art, inspiration, science, technology, and imagination, and have been viewed more than 2 million times. He has spoken at TEDGlobal and done speeches for IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Google. He is also, of course, the host of “Brain Games” on the National Geographic Channel.

With a million mind-bending ideas a minute coming at you in his videos, you may have thought it would be nice if you could just stop him for a second and find out what exactly he’s talking about.

Well now you can.

Be part of the conversation and join our LIVE Google+ Hangout on Air as we explore how technology is allowing us to extend and augment the human brain, and the fantastic new forms of exploration this is opening up.

Send in your questions for the explorers and they may be asked on air. You may even be invited to join the Hangout and ask your questions live. Submit your questions by…

  • Uploading a video question to YouTube with #LetsExplore
  • Posting a question on Google+ or Twitter with #LetsExplore or
  • Commenting directly on this blog post

Follow National Geographic on Google+ or return to this blog post to watch the Google+ Hangout Tuesday, July 23rd at 1 p.m. EDT (5 p.m. UTC).

Watch Jason in action at TEDGlobal 2012:

“RADICAL OPENNESS” – for TEDGlobal 2012 by @JasonSilva from Jason Silva on Vimeo.


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