Top 10 Headlines Today: Neanderthal-Human Language, Starfish’s Bizarre Eyes…

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The top 10 news stories on our radar today.
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  1. Neanderthals Shared Language With Modern Humans

    A new paper argues “that modern language and speech can be traced back to the last common ancestor we shared with the Neandertals roughly half a million years ago.” Phys.Org


  2. Starfish See with Compound Eyes on Their Arms

    “According to a new study…starfish use primitive eyes at the tip of their arms to visually navigate environment.” Sci-News


  3. Astronomers Witness Birth Of Milky Way’s Most Massive Star

    “Scientists have observed in unprecedented detail the birth of a massive star within a dark cloud core about 10,000 light years from Earth.”
    Manchester University


  4. Stone Age Etchings Unveiled in Mexico

    “Archaeologists in Mexico have catalogued thousands of etchings carved into stones that they believe were made by hunter-gatherers
    6,000 years ago.” BBC


  5. Animations: If the West Coast Was Under Water…

    An artist using gif images and sea level rise data to visualization what the west coast will look like under 25 feet of water. PopSci


  6. Video: Rare Footage Shows FDR in a Wheelchair

    “A professor says he’s found footage of [American] President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a wheelchair, depicting a well-kept secret of the
    FDR presidency.” AP


  7. American Dogs Have Ancient Origins?

    “Breeds including the Chihuahua and Eskimo sled dogs descended from native American populations present before Europeans arrived, according to a new study.” National Geographic


  8. New Blood Test May Predict Aging

    “A new blood test could predict how fast people will age, and pave the way for treatments to be developed to tackle conditions associated with getting older, new research has found.” The Telegraph


  9. Tiny New Species Named after Big Name Scientist

    “Max Planck, the German physicist credited with originating quantum theory, received an unusual posthumous honor after a group of scientists named a new species of nematode after the Nobel Prize winner, who died in 1947.” Nature World News


  10. The History of Typography, in Stop-Motion Animation

    “The evolution of fonts through the ages.” Interesting in a wonderfully
    nerdy way. The Atlantic
    Just for Fun

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