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A Day in the Life of a Crow Researcher in New Caledonia

From morning battery charging through evening data entry, watch the video for a glimpse of what the daily life of a crow researcher is like!

Oh, of course, I ended up making another table. This time, however, it turned out much better! I discovered that the order in which the pieces are put together and the direction from which the nails are pounded make all the difference.

I also figured out how to keep the tent dry…I just had to tighten the lines on the rain fly. Whew! Alexis and I have a cozy place to sleep!

Listening to roosters crow in the distance (what?!),


And now for a bit of Terry Pratchett…
“‘Why have you stolen that piece of red paper from a little girl’s present?’ said Susan.
‘I’ve got plans,’ said the raven darkly.”

(Pratchett 1996, p.72, Hogfather)



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For my PhD at the University of Cambridge, I studied what birds in the crow family do after they fight: do they make up with each other or go to someone else for support? Now I am a Junior Research Fellow at the SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind at the University of California, Santa Barbara. With the help of a National Geographic Society / Waitt Grant, I study what birds know about their physical and social worlds. (Photo copyright Rod Rolle)
  • Uri G

    🙂 Stay dry Corina.

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