“Borrego Stardance” Timelapse Shows Beauty of Desert Sky

Gavin Heffernan, the filmmaker behind the mesmerizing timelapse “Death Valley Dreamlapse,” has released a new video, “Borrego Stardance” (also view above).

This new gem was shot in Borrego Springs, California, a small desert town surrounded by the 600,000-acre Anzo-Borrego State Park. (It’s roughly three hours south of Los Angeles.)

Via email, Heffernan said, “In addition to being an astronomer’s dream (one of four communities in the WORLD to be classified a “Dark Sky Community” by the International Dark Sky Association), this crazy hidden gem also boasts a number of amazing steel sculptures set against the night sky — dragons, dinosaurs, giant insects, wooly mammoths, and lots more.”

On Vimeo, Heffernan and crew wrote, “This crazy combination of amazing steel sculptures and protected sky led to some pretty cool results, as the giant creatures awoke for a midnight “Stardance.”

Heffernan added, “Despite the grueling 112 degree temperatures, my team and I had an amazing shoot, with some of the clearest milky way footage we’ve ever captured, as well as some exciting creature-filled star trails, and more experiments with “Starscaping” (switching from stars to trails mid-shot).”

About the sculptures, Heffernan wrote, “While visiting, we also learned that the philanthropist who commissioned and erected the statues (Dennis Avery) passed away almost a year ago, but allotted the land surrounding the statues (Galleta Meadows) to be free for people to camp on and enjoy. His mantra was supposedly ‘Blessings are meant to be shared.'”

The team also made a brief “Behind the Scenes” video of the shoot: https://vimeo.com/71237311

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