Camera Traps Reveal Baby Bears and Other Creatures

Victoria Hillman is a National Geographic Explorer and Research Director for the Transylvanian Wildlife Project overseeing research on carnivores and biodiversity of Europe’s last great wilderness. Follow the expedition here on Explorers Journal through updates from the team.


Firstly, I know this is not about insects, but we have had some great results from the camera traps that have to be shared! I promise the next post will be all about creepy crawlies!

I am very, very happy to say that finally the camera traps have arrived and we have wasted no time in getting them out in the field. So far we have placed 13 cameras out in six different locations including where we saw our first bear and where we have found tracks and other signs of use, particularly animal paths. Every camera has been given its own number and we have taken down the GPS co-ordinates of its location. Here is a short video of us setting up the cameras in the forest.

We checked the first batch of cameras after several days to see if they are in good locations and am happy to report that, so far, we have captured an owl taking off from the ground (although we are not sure of the species), foxes, a roe deer, red deer, pine marten, badger, a squirrel, a small mouse-like rodent, a lynx and several bears including cubs! We have had to move some cameras slightly to avoid the sensor picking up the dabbled light coming through the trees and a couple we have moved to completely new locations due to the presence of shepherds.

Following the first week or so of having them in the field, we have since put out a few more and re-checked those already out and in just a few days we have had some great results so here goes:

A mother brown bear (off camera) and her three cubs, keep an eye on the one in the top right-hand corner!

And although the number 13 maybe unlucky for some, it would seem not so for us as not only did we capture a badger and a fox but this clip of a lynx walking straight passed the camera!

And for those that like badgers, here is the badger video too!

I think it goes without saying we are very happy with these results in such a short space of time and it is an encouraging start too, we have a couple more cameras to check over the next few days and four more to put out in the field so we hope to bring you more details over the coming months.


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