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Caught Giant Alligators Break Records; How Big Do Gators Get?

The hunting party of Dustin Bockman of Vicksburg, Miss., caught this record-breaking alligator in the Big Black River near the Mississippi in Claiborne County. It was 13 feet and 6.5 inches (4.13 meters) long and weighed 727 pounds (330 kilograms). This alligator is now the current weight record for an alligator taken by a hunter in a Mississippi alligator hunting season. Photograph by Ricky Flynt/Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Dept.

By Ker Than

Two record-setting heavyweight alligators were killed by hunters in Mississippi this weekend, just three days into the start of the official gator hunting season.

One animal, a male, was 13-feet and 6.5-inches (4.13 meters) long and weighed 727 pounds (330 kilograms).

“When we finally got an arrow in him, it took us another two hours to get him up close to the boat,” Dustin Bockman, one of the hunters, told the Associated Press.

“He broke all the lines we could get in him. Finally we got a snare on him and pulled him up high enough and got a shot on him. All in all, it probably took us four-and-a-half hours to actually catch him from the first time we saw him.”

The other gator, caught by hunter Beth Trammell, was also a male and measured 13-feet and 5.5-inches (4.1-meters) long and weighed 723.5 pounds (328 kilograms). (See “Giant Crocodile Breaks Size Record.”)

Both alligators broke the previous weight record of 697.5 pounds (316 kilograms).

Once considered an endangered species, the American alligator population has bounced back in recent decades and was delisted in 1987.

We spoke to Greg Robbins, a senior animal keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo, to find out more about the species and whether it is normal for them to grow so large.

What did you think of the record-setting alligators caught in Mississippi this weekend?

It’s unusual to find alligators that big now. In the old days, it was fairly common. You’d read books from back in the day, especially when they first started settling Florida, and some people described alligators as being bigger.

Our largest gator was a male that passed away several years ago. He was under 500 pounds (227 kilograms), and he was a big gator. But this thing was nearly 300 pounds (136 kilograms) heavier than ours. It looked like a good-sized alligator.

Big alligator caught in Mississippi by Beth Trammell party
The hunting party of Beth Trammell of Madison, Miss., caught an alligator on Sept 1, 2013 in Issaquena County in the Yazoo Diversion Canal north of Redwood. It was 13 feet 5.5 inches (14.1 meters) long and weighed 723.5 pounds (328 kilograms). Photograph by Ricky Flynt/Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Dept.

How big can American alligators get?

They can continue growing their entire lives. When they’re older, the growth is very minimal. But generally for alligators and crocodiles, they’ll grow a foot a year for the first five or six years. And then they continue growing, but it’s usually at a slower rate.

In captivity, people can make that happen faster through diet and feeding them more often.

Are males always bigger than females?

In crocodilians [which includes alligators and their crocodile cousins] males are always bigger than females.

Is it legal to hunt alligators in the U.S.?

American alligators were taken off the endangered species list a few years ago. It kind of shows the success of the wildlife management that the alligators have come back.

In most of the southern states now, there’s legal hunting and they have tags, kind of like deer hunting season. They usually have a certain number of tags a year that people apply for and then they can hunt [the alligators].

(Related: “Yacare Caiman: The Comeback Croc.”)

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  • jjjj

    What a bunch of tough guys, Killing for the fun of it. Too bad the croc didn’t kill you aholes.

  • Vonne Pitcher

    Once again, Americans demonstrate how they love to kill. Why was it necessary to shoot these alligators. Were they going to eat them – I would say not. Were they being threatened by them – again I would say not. Just a love affair with killing. The American way!!!!

  • Katienne

    Shame to kill it. Amazing creature.

  • Judy Steinberg

    That is rotten…..You killed a beautiful animal practically prehistoric…Idiots

  • Ima Ryma

    An alligator likes some fun.
    Hunting isn’t just about food,
    And since my hunting must be done,
    I keep a sporting attitude.
    Whenever humans come my way,
    The life and death game ratchets up.
    I judge each quarry, then I say
    Is this human a trophy cup?
    I hold the kill record so far,
    A sumo wrestler from Japan,
    Fell out of a boat – quite bizarre.
    I got a pic to show my clan.

    The biggest record has been set
    By me. How big do humans get?

  • Nicholas

    What an absolute disgrace. The fact people do this for entertainment is actually really depressing.

  • Sherry W

    Heartbreaking. Completely and utterly heartbreaking. An amazing creature in that magnitude should have been left alone. Senseless death, all for what?

  • andrew musante

    these are dangerous animals to people and pets that if not controlled will breed out of control. so all you that dont like hunting them and wishing the hunters injury can just PISS OFF

  • Ryan

    Gators are hunted and sold to distributors. The distributors break down the alligators and sell the various pieces to different people. The skin is often used to make leather and the meat is often sold to food distributors, or in stores that the distributors own.

    And jjjj, its an alligator, not a crocodile! Different animals! Learn the difference.

  • Melissa

    Yes many people eat the meat. also they sell it to restaurants to make a living & provide food for their families. It angers me when people judge hunters because when i was a child i would have starved it my dad didn’t hunt. You never know what you would do unless your in that situation. At least they are working and not waiting for someone else to provide them with food or earnings.

  • Rachel

    Actually, they generally DO eat the alligator meat, apparently it’s quite good in fact. It’s obvious what the hide is used for and just about every part of the animal goes to use. Alligator hunting is strictly regulated and you can only hunt a certain size group. Also, without the hunting Alligators would over-populate and put your children and pets in danger. Stop talking shit about stuff you don’t know about okay?

  • jennifer cundiff

    What a shame people do this for fun.The croc should have kill the aholes.

  • Jeannie

    This is beyond sad. What a beautiful creature. Now it’s gone.

  • Charles Sommers

    @ Vonne Pitcher, Judy Steinberg, and jjj, In all probability the animals will be eaten. Alligator is quite popular in some parts of the American South and is delicious when properly prepared. I also don’t think that hunting is strictly an American thing as Vonne Picher’s comment seems to imply.

  • Eric Paul

    I have to agree with the rest of the posts on here. I truly don’t understand the logic or the pleasure from taking the life of ANY species – human or not. There’s simply too many people on the planet…and if we encounter some economic crisis, I’d hate to be a wild animal. It would take only a few months before Humans hunted and killed all of those “natural resources” for food – leaving us to something along the lines of cannibalism or inevitable starvation (The Movie “The Road”). This is why I don’t think hunting should be legal and overpopulation NEEDS to be addressed. If not, it’s an inevitable DISASTER waiting to happen!

  • Chad

    What a bunch of panty wasted losers you all are. Complaining about a legal hunt.

    Stay in the big city and leave the outdoors to the real men.

  • Von Käsppary

    Incredible … alligator meat should be a great meal. Congrags to Americans.


    Humans have a perverted sense of “saving” animals. We only bring “back” these animals to kill them. If the alligator HAD killed them, people would have hunted it down to kill it anyway.

  • johnjalecci



  • Tom Greene

    Leave the poor creatures alone…..

  • johnjalecci


  • alfredo tanous

    I really enjoyed reading your magazine. It was dedicated to the nature and her beauty. Its a shame that you publicated this articule. Today you´ve lost a follower.

  • Matt L.

    It’s not fair to describe all Americans as “loving to kill”. My wife and I denounce any kind of hunting, especially trophy hunting like these individuals demonstrated. People wonder why the size of animals these days are smaller it’s because of situations like these where people want to sport kill the largest animals they can, from fish, alligators, deer, bear, moose. So when you take animals like this our of the environment they cannot pass on any of these traits. So in closing it is very unfortunate that these beautiful creatures were killed for sport.

  • john c. murphy

    Your article does not answer the question, how big do alligators get? Neither of these animals is even close to the record sized alligator which was killed in 1890 in s. Louisiana and was measured 19 feet 2 inches long. See Serpent Research blog for more.

  • hunter girl

    Hunting is great especially animails such as gators! living on lake Seminole makes you thank God that the state hands out tags and regulates the population of gators there are far to many around here. Thank God for hunting allows me to put food on my table and in my fridge! i do stand by if you don’t eat it leave it.

  • john c. murphy

    Your article does not answer the question, how big to alligators get? Neither of these animals was even close to being a record sized alligator. The largest alligator was killed in s. Louisiana in 1890 and measured 19 feet, 2 inches. There are other records of alligators over 18 feet. See the Serpent Research blog for more details.

  • brenner bussy

    we do actually eat them

  • Kate

    They probably will eat some of it. Their meat is actually pretty tasty.
    While I agree, it was a shame to kill such awesome specimens, it was done legally. The DNR does research on the populations and decides how many permits to give out. This also helps so that their population does’t become so large that they are a nuisence.

  • Mike H

    jjjj first of all it’s a gator, we don’t have crocs here in the states. Second of all, all tags are issued by state dept. of natural resources for a reason. If they don’t curb the population of these gators they’ll be living in peoples back yards and a big one like that would have a small child or what am I talking about a full grown man as a snack. Now what would you be saying about that when that happens. Oh right get out the pitch forks we got to kill us a gator. Yes cause these gator are already living i many peoples back yards. They are not exterminating them they are just keeping the population down like with deer hunting and any other animal hunt in the states. And yes they will eat them gator is very tasty.

  • imran ghanchi

    My favret national grpc chennal nice

  • Steve

    Ah, sitting at home on the computer, criticizing other people, and making crude comments . . . . . the American way. Personally, I’ve got no desire to go alligator hunting, but if these guys do, I’ve got no problem with it.

  • tcf

    Sad, a creature that has managed to survive so many other extinction periods and then came along the human. A “virus” like no other kind that has the capability to kill off pretty much anything on this planet and is cheerfully doing so.

  • Crystal

    I would love to see one of these animals preserved by being moved to capitivity while alive. that would be an amazing opportunity to see how big they can actually get. It is a total disgrace that they are hunted. why not just hunt with a camera? Info is more useful than trophies.

  • Murderous redneck doucebags

    Not just killing it, but spending four-and-a-half hours doing so, that`s just torture. Evil, plain and simple. You want the rest of the world to stop hating you american cowboy-wannabe aholes?, then this isn`t the way..!

  • D Miller

    Nature is not an antiseptic pleasure to be enjoyed via coffee table books. The success of this endangered specie’s come back was largely funded through game commissions and fish commissions and with the help of sportsmen who love the outdoors and are part of the balance required to keep things in check. Responsible hunters and fishermen who obey laws, educate kids in the outdoors, and fund management programs with the purchase of licenses have done far more good than harm for the environment. Like ti or not, hunting is a necessary reality in modern times. Poachers and other slob idiots who show little love for the outdoors and no respect for anyone are little loved by hunters. In this respect, hunters are actually your allies, not your enemies. This article is a testament to two new Mississippi River records … thanks to the thoughtful and caring outdoor enthusiasts who made it possible.

  • truth

    I’ve never hunted a crocodile or an alligator, and more importantly, I’ve never hunted for sport. I personally believe that hunting for sport is shameful and disrespectful to the life that you’re taking. But it’s unfair to assume that these people were hunting only for that reason, it’s not difficult to find crocodile and alligator at seafood restaurants in the United States. And I’m sorry to say, it’s not uncommon for people to hunt these magnificent creatures for their hide due to the hefty prices they fetch.

  • Ire

    Disgusting – why some one would do it. I say – we need to reduced the number of these “killer species” and by that I do not mean Alligators.

  • Mike R

    @Vonne Pitcher
    Obviously never been to Mississippi, or around hunters. We eat what we kill and generally have a good respect for the environment.

  • Valerie

    Tired of having people like this represent “merica.” We don’t all carry guns and shoot anything that comes our way. In fact the percentage of Americans that hunt for sport is very low. Low like the mentality of people like this who kill for fun. Disgusting.

  • Bill

    Why did they have to kill them in both cases? It’s a shame to kill animals that large and so old.I will never understand sport hunting.

  • Crissy

    So sad. And for what ?

  • MN

    You guys are making our state look terrible. My message to the rest of the world is that most Mississippians are not like this!

  • ccco

    i cant believe you guys killed them, u r disgraces to human kind but still, 727 and 723.5 lbs! dang!

  • ccco

    i agree with Vonne, americans r disgraces

  • Frank T

    As someone that has hunted Alligator, I know that when its taken, it is turned into food and leather.

  • Barbara Porto

    I am sick and tired of these so called “sportsmen & women killing for the fun of it. They all look like clowns. Pathetic and totally disgusting.

  • ferm-dog

    they could have at least captured it ……. killing it was kinda really not such a (bright) idea

  • dimitar

    no pretty people on those pictures 🙁

  • dimitar

    gorgeous animals
    no pretty people besides 🙁

  • Tudor

    Wow, what a feet!

    You killed a beautiful alligator….idiots.

    If you want to do some real sport, start jogging or practice martial arts.

    PS: This is the wrong website for this type of news.

  • Patrick Rose

    I have to say that’s a pretty big gator
    I’m much of a hunter, but more of a photographer
    and I’ll have to say that looks and sounds like a big magnificent creature

  • Baazzaa

    Aboslutley disguted to read this, Horrible scum of the earth, killing a reptile like that, just for their own amusement, very easy to pull a trigger. Absoulte idiots.

  • harris kew

    We used to hunt because we need food but now these people hunt for fun and their own satisfactory. The alligator didn’t kill any people and why you guys can’t leave them alone , they deserve to live freely in their own land.

  • Neil

    two things;
    1) black caimans get larger than this
    and 2) stupid people for killing the animals, I agree with the comments before me.

  • Wayne Smith

    Shoot it!!

  • AbhiDevGru

    This Shows the insensitivity on the Government to allow such kind of sport. .
    The reptile is back from threatened Status, that’s a good news but allowing it to be hunted again to throw it back in to the Endangered list, what sense does it it makes?

  • Zac Lazarou

    How is this something to be proud of? It’s a disgrace killing these amazing creatures for sport… Ignorant fools!!

  • Kenneth Coles

    Revolting display of sport killing. Makes me sick and ashamed to be a human being. Let these magnificent creatures live their lives!!!

  • Mark

    Let the anti-hunting wing nuts loose. These animals do not go to waste. There are strict rules and regulations to ensure a healthy population. These people aren’t just going out to shoot and kill gators for kicks. They use as much of the gator as possible. Responsible hunting makes sure that wildlife does not get over populated. It is a way of life for many that cannot afford to buy a bunch of meat at the grocery store. And some people just prefer to know where their meat comes from.

  • Wow

    You know you are right, killing for fun is wrong but look at the records for alligator populations when hunting was outlawed and tell me if you want that kind of population explosion to go unchecked in your backyard. Do some research before getting your undies in a bunch.

  • Jon

    Hey! Quail and alligators are overpopulated in this area and they’re decimating the grubworm population so they need to be controlled. You got a problem with that?

  • mafy050

    you hippies are pathetic. you all need to get a life. It was alligator season!! they NEED to be hunted to control population.

  • Kountrysailor

    Yes these gators were probably sold to a meat market where they are processed and sold to eat and skins to make your fancy shoes briefcases and suitcases and it is wildlife management to hunt and kill wildlife. As humans grow over populated and push into wildlife encounters happen house pets get killed and eaten by gators on a daily basis, children swim in these areas and without proper management attacks on humans would grow. This is like deer hunting you liberal people don’t want deer hunting either but complain when your shrubs get eaten and deer jumps in front of your BMW and totals it. Hunting is required to help maintain a balance between humans and wildlife. Also with human population growth wildlife have smaller habitats and without proper management would over populate causing diseases and imbreeding. So before you get your panties twisted and go and try and point fingers and run your mouths to try and take these people’s jobs and livelihoods think logically about it and you would see there is nothing wrong with hunting

  • christina

    Its a shame. These animals have been here way before we were and we kill them.
    where is the compassion. These alligators have survived long enough to get that big and its amazing and now they are dead.
    Im ashamed to be part of the human race sometimes.

  • Missippi Girl

    Don’t you know that alligator hunting season in MS and LA runs only for a short period and these animals must be controlled to avoid them moving into populated areas. Hunters must have tags to hunt them and only a small number are issued each year. The alligators killed are used for food, not simply thrown away. The same thing pertains to deer season. Deer hunting is very controlled, the deer are used for food. If the deer population is not thinned each year, the deer multiply so quickly that many would starve to death. That occurred in an island in the Mississippi River at one time.

  • Ralph Spooner

    I do not begrudge the hunters in Mississippi or Louisiana that hunt alligators during the limited seasons they have. I know that for most of them, it is the only way they can survive from year to year financially. In our local area, they have had limited hunts for the past couple of years with limited success. In some areas, they can get so plentiful as to be a real problem. As the human population continues to expand, we encroach on the territories of all wildlife. All of that wildlife is not “Bambie”. In the south, you have rattlesnakes, cotton mouth moccasins, alligators and more recently, coyotes. With gator hunting, at least now the hunters can do legally what some had probably been doing illegally for years.

  • Leigh Hunt

    Wow, people, really? Get over the fact that hunting is a sport and a way of life. I don’t see you people in New York during Fashion Week whining about any clothing/shoes/purses provided by animals! There is such a thing as population control, and that is why hunting is regulated. Get more information on a subject before you let your whiney emotions run your mouth.

  • Sandy

    I agree with all of the comments from other people…idiotic sport.. Beautiful creatures.

  • Gator Freind

    So stupid to do this for fun. Shame on all who promote this.

  • BigC

    A. Alligator is consumed in the south almost as much as cat fish
    B. the hides are sold to purse and shoemakers for a lot of money.
    For people who live on the swamps, many of them live off the swamp for both food and a way to make money wheather it be logging, fishing, and/or hunting.
    I agree that these particularly large and obviously ancient animals should have been left to live on. Alligator hunting is strictly regulated for population management and it’s no different than any other style of hunting. Most hunters have a strong respect for nature. There are poachers, but that is no different than in any country.

  • Bubba Gump

    You city folks just need to take a long swim in the Ocean daily and maybe you will be lucky enough to be lunch for a shark.
    All predatory species numbers must be held in check for humans and domesticated animals to cohabitate the earth.

  • Kevin Mitchell

    Very sad that in these days of diminishing wildlife that such idiots get a kick out of killing these fantastic creatures. Shame on National Geographic for not condemning them!

  • John Nolan

    I wonder if they taste like chicken?

  • Mrs. Smith

    I agree with the others. What a shame that such an old creature should meet such a disgraceful end. That gator was probably 150 years old or more and those guys killed it for the glory. Well congratulations. You bested a glorious creature with a gun. Wow. How amazing. So sad.

  • Josh

    How terribly short sighted of everyone in these comments. Yes, they will eat them. But more importantly, the money raised from the tags and licenses will be put back into the alligator management program which has been remarkably successful. Just 50 years ago there were hardly any alligators in Mississippi. And now? Trust me. There are plenty.

  • alley

    Yes licensed legal hunting IS the American way.

  • harry thundertone

    Why would anyone kill an animal like that? for a record and a photo op? These imbeciles are an embarrassment to the entire human race.

  • Danna Compton

    They do it to fill tags, and yes the meat hide and all are used. Its not just for fun

  • Allen Crawford

    If these guys want to kill something, they should go for feral hogs and white-tailed deer–both of which do great damage to US forests. Otherwise, they’re just reinforcing a lack of respect for living things, which is a disastrous attitude in a time when we may very well see the Bengal tiger and African elephant vanish within a generation.

  • Mary

    Are you guys serious? Do any of you live near alligators? I would assure you if this was crawling in your back yard while your children were out playing you may think differently… do you know the numbers on how many peoples pets and children have been eaten by alligators? Over population …that is the need to kill them … if not some people would NEVER be able to let their children (or animals) out to play…( but send them your addresses maybe they can just relocate them to your area..) p.s. – i do not live in an over populated alligator area ..therefore we do not hunt them… because there is no need to….

  • André

    Isn’t this morally wrong? Shouldn’t this be considered criminal? Aren’t there aligator farms? Killing for sport is one of the worst human actions, shows bad human character. It’s depressing, to say the least.

  • bill adams

    Disgusting. Sad. Pathetic.

  • Kathy

    This makes me sad. : (

  • Mike

    “Nyuck nyuck nyuck hey maw, looky here! We killed ourselves a gator an he’s a biggin!!”. Killin fo the sheer joy of killin, he haw 🙂

  • TEF

    A local television station broadcasts the American television show about hunters in Mississippi/Louisiana/Florida killing snakes and alligators. It disgusts me to think that the program is entertainment here.
    – Much as the program about loggers and all the dangerous work they do, when the far greater issue are the loss of habitat and a non-renewable, natural habitat and resource.
    – And, much like the Alaskan truckers, made out to be heroes, while the greater issue is America’s addiction to oil, and the billions in profits made.
    People don’t see through the way it’s presented nor ask themselves, “Why is this television program being broadcast in this context?” “Who benefits by putting a program like this on television?”

  • charmander

    I love how everyone acts like PETA wanna-be. Just leave them alone. They wanted to kill it and its done you can’t bring the gator back so get over it and get a life.

  • kenneth reed

    thats a huge gater!!!!!! nice shot whever shot it

  • Kimber

    Agreed Nicholas. Thought i was gonna read a story about Caught Giant Alligators not Dead ones. R.I.P Steve Irwin.

  • AM

    This is very saddening. I understand that Mississippi does not want to be overrun with alligators, but to kill something that has gotten to be so very old and large, and who wasn’t bothering anyone is shameful. The alligator should have been allowed to live out its life in peace. For the media to glorify the kill by giving the story space on the page is a waste of reporting. Why not take that space and use it to write about the people who save animals and their fellow humans daily. I second all of the comments before mine.

  • allen j heasley

    I love Ima rymas note right on I agree with all of these comments, and i am a shooting enthusiast who hasn’t harmed an animal since returning from the army in 68

  • bj

    oh why dont you people cry a dang river, what do you think God put them here for? to eat gosh some people are just so stupid. i guess you anly eat animals that kill themselves!! get over it!!”

  • Craig Strid

    Hunting is a way of insuring a viable and healthly population. Natures way of controlling population can be worse like starvation or death by disease due to overpopulation, Overpopulation can cause cannabalization. It can cause over encrouchment into human habitat as they expand their territorial areas. Alligator meat is a well sought after commodity.

  • Chris Inwood

    Typical Americans. Shoot 1st ask questions later. Probally killed it with “Friendly Fire” aswell. Duelling Banjo’s was playing whilst killing it

  • Latch

    You idiots. Gators are predators. If we didnt hunt them they would be in our yards feeding off are kids. There is millions of them. IMF we didnt hunt there would be billions.

  • Not an entrée

    Tell you what, next time anyone runs across a man eating animal whose skin ricochets bullets, can swallow you without chewing, bite through your home wall and car door And outrun you I say we tranqualize them and fly them to NY and Auckland and anywhere else who wants to pat their heads and scratch their bellies. Talk trash when it’s YOUR backyard they call a cafeteria!

  • Christopher A. Mullen

    These hunters didn’t kill the poor gator for the fun of it. They eat them.

  • Amy Janson

    Actually, yes, alligator is served in restaurants and homes all along the Gulf Coast.

  • I’m not a tree hugger…however…

    I believe that hunting can serve a purpose when you are using all of what you have killed, however this is nothing but a desperate display or better yet compensation for lack of security in masculinity . This animal as it is advertised is a rarity! Something to be respected and left alone to continue to grow in the wild.

    Congratulations boys…as you read these comments know how little most think of you for what you have done and enjoy. Your fame is short lived…but the disgust in your actions is not.

  • chuck

    Stupid, its a living They survive on the hide, and eat an sell the meat!!!!!!

  • chuck

    It’s their living. they sell the hide and eat or sell the meat!!

  • Chris

    Odds are, they are going to eat. Did they need it to survive? Probably not. Is hunting a way of life for many people? Yes.
    Do I need to hunt to survive? No I don’t. I could go to the grocery store and buy my meat farm raised like the previous commenters probably do, but I don’t.
    I raise and slaughter my own, beef, pork, chicken and rabbits for meat. I have a dairy cow and a goat for milk and cheese, I have chickens for my eggs. My wife makes blankets with the rabbit hides I tan to both sell and for our own personal use. I go to the woods scores of days per year and harvest any animal in season that my family can and will use. Nothing we harvest, slaughter or otherwise raise goes to waste. If we have an excess we help friends and neighbors in need. We plant a small but respectable garden every year, and every year The Lord blesses us with more than we can possibly use or put away for the winter. We share that with our community, pesticide free, torture free, meat, vegetables and fruits.

    Now, I ask you this.
    How many of you have ever killed anything you have eaten? How many of you have ever harvested your own vegetables?
    How many have provided for your family from the animals god gave us to use?
    How many have walked through the woods and harvested mushrooms with your five year old son?

    Because you got it from the store and didn’t see what that T-bone steak went through to get there, doesn’t make it right. Get back to your roots. Look around outside and find something green, take your kids away from the city and find something to do in nature, find a creek or river close to your house and let them play in it.
    Get rid of the Facebook, the playstation the iPad, the iPhone for one weekend! See how much happier your kids are.

    End of rant.

  • Sam W

    “He broke all the lines we could get in him. Finally we got a snare on him and pulled him up high enough and got a shot on him. All in all, it probably took us four-and-a-half hours to actually catch him from the first time we saw him.”

    So would that be 4 1/2 hours of pain and suffering for this majestic animal just for the entertainment of a bunch of murderous hillbillies?

  • luke rankin

    I can get a bigger one

  • Siamak Yousefi

    Hi! I want to ask you: why and how crocodile growth very much after haching from little cm to meters after one year?

  • tampa pest control

    This really is attention-grabbing, You happen to be a completely specialist blogger. I signed up with a person’s rss plus crunches pertaining to searching for the rest of your fantastic write-up. Furthermore, We’ve discussed your internet-site inside my social support systems


    This just disgusts me. I can walk a couple blocks in any direction of my neighborhood & observe these majestic beasts in all their glory. They are everywhere near where I live. I am an aficionado of the crocodilians species & adore them, but of course from afar. My children are well versed in safety. If you leave them alone, they leave you alone. Just simple precautions are needed. Not the slaughter of a genus that has outlived every species before them. Those alligators were most likely 80 – 100 years old. Just sickening to do that for sport. I agree w/the observations from places such as Africa & Australia whom have more fatalities from Crocs every year than any other region in the world and they are not just going around blasting them! I do not however agree w/some comments I’ve reviewed from the UK that apparently have conceded that all Americans are gun-toting, uneducated rednecks who do nothing but shoot, hunt & prompt wars. And if you also notice the folks dropping by in support of this barbarism can barely construct properly spelled or utilized grammar. Be kind to each other people!

  • KEN

    HUG ONE PAT one on the head.

  • Tom cobb

    For those who are sickened by harvesting Gators in the Southern States…you need to understand that it is healthier for the cycle of life. If gators go unchecked then they overcrowd fast and with that they challenge each other for prey and then things get ugly. Gators will cannabalize the little ones at higher rate without natural prey. Its the same for trees in the forest without fire for instance we have lost all the Dogwood in an area in SE Tx. a virus went unchecked for too long and it eventually spread and is continuing to spread. Guess who is to blame…The Sierra Club. Ecological Management evolves quickly and what was percieved as bad 10 years ago is no longer what’s best today. So…kiss your tree goodnight and pick up a book or an essay and do some research.

  • TJB

    I love animals (all animals), but you have to have life cycle management to preserve life. Bottom line: sometimes you have to kill animals in order to do that.

    Actually one more comment.

  • Kim

    I grew up in Florida & just for your information over 90% of all the fresh water there has alligators….they are not hiding in swamps away from the human population. I love animals & have never had the desire to kill what I eat….but I still eat meat. I could show you a video of how pigs are slaughtered that is 100 times worse, just so you can buy that pork in the grocery store. Unless you are buying kosher killed animals you need to quit pointing fingers at anyone. Slaughter houses of chickens & cows are awful as well. If they didn’t control the population of these gators, as beautiful as they are…there would be more human deaths than there are now. Yes, they do come in your yard & try to feed on what they can take….pets & small children. My uncle had a gator come in his yard & try to attack him…with children of his own he had to have the wildlife authorities come out. We can’t put every caught gator in a zoo….they are full of them down here….come for a visit & you will see. Also gator, just like deer, cattle, chickens, pigs, are all eaten down here. I like my gator tails fried….and yes, they do taste like chicken….good chicken….:)

  • Randomfloridian

    Ok just FYI if someone hooks a gator and then realizes it is huge it would be illegal and punishable by jail time and loss of ability to hunt gators again if they just cut the line or even worse killed it and let it go. These animals have over populated to the point that the large ones drive the smaller ones out or injure them. When they are driven out of a location due to overpopulation the find any source of water to live in. Including swimming pools and swimming areas in lakes and springs. It is not uncommon here for people to wake up walk outside and have gators on their front porches and in their swimming pools. Which as the mother of a child that is 4 is concerning to me. A gators diet also consists of pretty much anything it can bite. The gators got to the point that there were literally millions of them taking over the area and killing off and threatening other wildlife and hurting people. Florida opened gator season which is 4 weeks long to help control the population. Also just another FYI nearly all of the gator is used for some purpose, not just killed and left to rot. And yes gator tail tastes pretty good incase you are wondering.

  • Matt

    There is 3 feet to a metre. That makes it 4 metre gator, not 14.
    How big before they loose the ability to walk? With crocs here in Aus it’s about the 4m mark

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