NatGeo Wild: Face to Face with Florida Black Bears

The Florida Wildlife Corridor will be featured in America the Wild: Gator Country, starring Casey Anderson, Sept. 15 at 10pm ET on Nat Geo Wild.

A black bear peers trough pines and scrub on a Northern Everglades cattle ranch essential to the Florida Wildlife Corridor during an expedition with Casey Anderson and National Geographic TV.  Photo by Carlton Ward Jr / CarltonWard.com.

When National Geographic Television learned about the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition from National Geographic grantee Carlton Ward Jr, they extended their exploration of Florida’s Gator Country to discover the little-known wildlife habitat in the Everglades Headwaters.

Guided by Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition member Joe Guthrie, America the Wild star, Casey Anderson, learns about the population of Florida black bears that inspired the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition and the habitat needed for their survival.

Guthrie and colleagues from the University of Kentucky lead the National Geographic crew into the field in partnership with National Geographic’s CritterCam program to produce never before seen footage through the eyes of a Florida black bear. We will share some of that footage in future posts.

Bear biologist Joe Guthrie leads Casey Anderson and a National Geographic film crew through bear habitat in the headwaters of the Everglades in Central Florida.
Bear biologist and Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition member Joe Guthrie leads Casey Anderson and a National Geographic film crew through bear habitat in the headwaters of the Everglades in Central Florida.

About the Florida Wildlife Corridor Project

The Florida Wildlife Corridor project is a collaborative vision to connect remaining natural lands, waters, working farms and ranches from the Everglades to Georgia, protecting a functional ecological corridor for the health of people, wildlife and watersheds.

Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition Map, painting by Mike Reagan, designed by Tom Hoctor, Richard Hilsenbeck and Carlton Ward Jr.


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The Florida Wildlife Corridor is working to protect a connected corridor of natural lands, waters and working ranches and farms through the length of Florida.

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