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Wanna Be a Marine Biologist? Here’s How

Maddalena photographing bowriding bottlenose dolphin
The author photographs a bowriding bottlenose dolphin. Credit: Maddalena Bearzi

“Oh my God! You study dolphins… How cool…!”

I can’t begin to say how many times I’ve heard this. It seems what I do is something many people dream about. The adventurous, romantic life of a marine biologist, out in the elements, investigating the lives of these magnificent creatures in the freedom of the vast ocean…

I am fortunate indeed, and I wouldn’t exchange my life and career for anything. But people don’t often realize what goes into the job. For every hour I log at sea, there are probably at least five to spend in the lab back on land. The work is as long and hard as it’s rewarding, both on and off the water, but the many hours passed hunched over a desk as the clock ticks late into the night, analyzing, writing, correcting, rewriting, are where the less committed tend to weed themselves out of the vocation… (Excerpted from my book Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist)

The number of emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages I receive has diminished a little in the last years, but they continue to come with regularity. They are not only from students; they are from people in all walks of life interested in finding out how to become marine biologists. After spending over two decades with volunteers and researchers both in the field and the lab, I believe that many don’t really know what it takes to get into and to stay in this field.

Here is my token of advice for the aspiring marine biologists out there. These are only my opinions, and of course, nothing is written in stone, but perhaps interested parties may be able to adapt some of these steps and suggestions to fit their own lives and circumstances.

First Steps

The first key question one should ask oneself is “what am I really interested in?” Here is where it gets confusing because when people question me about becoming a marine biologist they usually picture a field marine researcher, maybe because that is my specialty.

Marine biology, in a nutshell, is the study of marine organisms, their behaviors, and interactions with the environment.  It includes many different sub-disciplines and, consequently, an array of potential career directions. Would you like to be a microbiologist, an aquarist, a behavioral ecologist, a system analyst, a geneticist, a professor, or perhaps some combination of these? There are many roads to choose from and many organizations that hire marine biologists, so having a fairly precise idea of what you would like to do is an important first step in the right direction.

The author looks for dolphins and birds from the bow of a research ship
The author looks for dolphins and birds from the bow of a research ship. Photo courtesy of Maddalena Bearzi

Dolphin ConfidentialThe next step is to ask yourself what really fascinates you about the ocean. Are you passionate about biodiversity on coral reefs or algal blooms?  Is the structure of soft-bottom communities what inspires you or the feeding behavior of critically endangered blue whales?  Try to construct a “big picture” of what captivates you then narrow down your focus to explore something that is feasible, either in the lab or the field.

But don’t lose sight of your big picture. Not getting roped into a “specialization” has the advantage of keeping you flexible and more responsive to a challenging and changing job market. Your first topic of choice may, later on, morph into your real career, but that’s not always the case and may not necessarily be the best road to take.

It’s important to concentrate attention on unanswered questions more than on a specific species. It’s also a good idea to be practical in your choice of a subject by giving some thought to where and how you plan to accomplish your studies. It’s imperative, whatever your topic of choice, that you are passionate about it because it is passion that will help you accomplish what you set out to do, even if it takes pushing your limits.

Whatever you choose to study, you should keep conservation in mind given the current range of environmental issues facing our oceans and their inhabitants. What will the cetologist engaged in studying the migration of right whales do if these leviathans disappear within his or her lifetime?

Next Steps

Read, write and get experience. Its’ unlikely you can read all there is to know in this discipline but try to know as much as you can. Do your homework, peruse the Internet in search of information (not blogs only), read books and, if you can’t afford to buy them, go to the library.

Study how scientific papers are written because this will likely be the output of your studies in the future. Seek advice and help in the academic world or through research institutions. Learn how to communicate science! Being a great communicator will help you advance faster and further in a marine biology career, and may help you reach out to the general public about marine conservation issues if the need arises.

Solid practical experience in your field—or a field related to it—is certainly key to becoming a marine biologist. Being involved with different projects, working on diverse hypotheses and learning about different species and processes also helps keep an open mind while gaining experience beyond your selected subject.

Volunteer opportunities are offered everywhere today and are easily found, thanks to the Internet. If you work well and are adaptable, if you’re willing to commit, if you are enthusiastic, you might slip from being a volunteer into acting as a real researcher. You may even find the opportunity to write a collaborative peer-reviewed paper, something that will help you when entering graduate school.

When choosing a volunteer position in your field, inquire to see who are the experts in that specific discipline. Try to work under the wings of these professionals and ask questions, get feedback and suggestions on how to improve your skills; this will help you get the right kind of experience.

Traditional academic education is important and going to graduate school, first a Master’s program and then a Ph.D., is certainly the way to go, especially if your goal is remain in academia. As a start, take all the science courses available to you in high school and as an undergraduate. Preparatory courses in basic biology, zoology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics are essential, but other courses such as ichthyology, conservation, and oceanography are also quite valuable, as well as those related to your specific field. Then there’s the study of statistics; this is something you must know and be good at and no, you can’t get around it.

School, however, won’t teach you everything you need to know to gain knowledge and expertise in your chosen field. You need to look outside the box and find other ways to learn and acquire practical skills. Attending conferences and workshops in your discipline, visiting universities, museums, and research institutions, meeting experts in your subject area (who could become your advisors later on) and asking questions, being part of email list serves in your topic of interest are just some of the things to pursue.

The author in the field. Photo courtesy of Maddalena Bearzi

One Step Further…

Distinguish yourself as an independent thinker. Many people want to become marine biologists and that makes this a highly competitive discipline. A lot of people start toward a career in marine biology but end up working in completely different fields and almost everyone is struggling to find a job in today’s tough market. If you have chosen to be a marine biologist it is likely you haven’t done it for the money—as there isn’t much in it anyway—so you need to be creative and flexible. Look for something that your field is in need of, something that your peers are not offering. Learn practical skills like scuba diving, boat handling, GIS techniques, and statistical analyses that just a few know. Push yourselves to work better than everyone else.

The desire to study dolphins in the wild is probably not enough to take you out to sea among these amazing creatures or set you apart from the masses. It’s passion, enthusiasm, and learning what’s necessary to make you stand above the crowd that will help you attain your goals.

Maddalena Bearzi has a Ph.D. in biology and has studied the ecology and conservation of marine mammals and other species for over twenty-five years. Maddalena is co-founder and president of the Ocean Conservation Society and coauthor of Beautiful Minds: The Parallel Lives of Great Apes and Dolphins (Harvard University Press, 2008). Her most recent book is called Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist (Chicago University Press, 2012).

  • Joshua Stephens

    Thanks for posting this article…… I find it is hard to know what to specifically get into as many say you need to specialize in a a specific area of expertise. I have thought hard and deeply, but the each thought seems to be replaced by other ideas. I have always loved the ocean and have been on the water since I was born….. My original aspiration was the tracking and studying of many sharks in general, but since working in the field with helping to teach people scuba diving, another aspiration has been to show to people the importance of conservation of our coral reefs. Therefore this article has helped me to understand how to actually stay in this field.

  • Danny Gowen

    She makes me want to be any kind of biologist 🙂

  • Ivan Patrick Baquiano Tualla

    Thank you for this! This made me crave more in fulfilling my dreams. I am a Marine Biology student as of now and I’m currently on my Junior year in college. I’m hoping that someday I will have a chance to work in National Geographic :))

  • abbey ferreira

    this post is amazing, you are truly inspirational as i am only in year 10 however have a huge passion for marine biology and you have really directed me to which pathway i want to get in to
    thank you <3

  • Eric Faith

    This was extremely helpful. I’m only 13, but someday I would love to either be an Elasmobranchologist (biologist who specializes in sharks, rays,a nd skates), Cetologist (biologist who specializes in dolphins, porpoises, and whales), or Pinnipedologist (scientist who specializes in seals, sea lions, and walruses), and this was very helpful.

  • caitlin crockett

    this was so inspirational. im only 16 but i have dreamed about becoming a marine biologist for nine years. my favorite animal is a manatee!!!! but i also love sharks. i want to dive with them and take pictures and study them and try to save them from boat perpellers that are harming them all the time! any help is accepted! email me with information.

  • katie shepherdson

    this was such an amazing piece. I am only 12 but I have wanted to be a marine biologist for as long as I can remember. I love sharks and I want to be in the ocean with them. When I am old enough to actually start my career and get out there the ocean will be worst then it is today, so I am also focusing on conservation. Thankyou so much for the tips!:)!

  • Sarah Belka

    I live in the middle of the US and not any were near an ocean. I really love marine biology and want to really experience more branches of it. I am 13 so I am too young to travel much. This article has given me new light- because I live so far away from an ocean I have been feeling a bit lost lately, so I thank you for this article.

  • Joseph Andrew Maliberan

    Hi, I just read this inspirational article. Since childhood, I,m always fascinated by fish and corals. Honestly, after school. I always drop by at the Local Fish Store to look at the fishes in the aquariums. I’m 13 yrs. old now. I spend my free times reading books, surfing the internet reading articles about coral reefs.I wanna be a Marine Biologist in the future. I want to focus on marine life living and interacting in coral reefs.I also want to study unique habits and behavior of fishes and corals. I want to hear some advice and tips from you ms. Maddalena Bearzi. Thanks for your article… 🙂

  • Abbey

    This is so inspiring, I’m almost 14 and a Pisces I’ve loved the water and all marine life since I can remember. I have so much passion for marine science I could never pursue another occupation! I already have big dreams for my p.h.d and am constantly asking for volunteer work but I’m a bit too young. I do well in school and I’m up late every night doing homework just so I can be ahead in class and get accepted to a good university when the time comes. I have plans of studying in Queensland after highschool and have already started looking at courses. All I can say to you guys who aspire to marine biology is to go for it!!! If you work hard enough you can do anything! Dream big!! X

  • Luis A

    HI. i´m only 16 years but when I was a child I love the ocean and acuatic´s animals. I like some inforation a other advice…… thanks for everithing. 😛

  • Carrie Ann

    I would love to study any form of Marine Biology! Problem? I go to small town in Nebraska and don’t know what classes to take in order to achieve it…. maybe you could help?

  • Natalie P

    I am 13yrs old and I am home educated. As of this September I would be going into yr 10. (as I am 14 in Aug) I want to start trying to carve a career path. I like science but I don’t like maths very much, I have always loved the sea since I was quite little, I have thought about the career of a Marine Biologist/Ecologist a couple of times now and was wondering if you had any advise for me? I also express an interest in horses and was thinking about a career in that aswell, because I really don’t mind having to muck out ad stuff 🙂 But I feel at my age it is hard to try to decide what future you want for yourself.
    Thanks, Natalie.

  • Dee drummond

    I love dolphins want to learn about them and swim with them and want to save them from Pochards who want to kill them

  • Kaycie Rock

    I really love dolphins. I been liking them since I was 8 and I’ll be turnin 18 in November :). I really wanna become a marine biologist once I’m done with high school and start college.:) I wanna be able to study the animals and study the plants and stuff that lives in the water. I don’t know what type of marine biologist that is but I wanna be able to study everything in the water practically:)

  • Loudivine Tano

    Uhmmm this article is great, I am now a highschool graduate and i am making a new step on college in achieving my dream as a marine biologist. I really love the sea and I’m living near the ocean. I want to specialize on sharks and rays or maybe dolphins…. This is a great help thanks 🙂

  • Ellie Frostick

    Hi I’m Ellie and I am 12 I have loved dolpins and have always wanted to be a marine biologist. I have a jumper that says future marine bioligist and I have done loads of reaserch during the years. I love science but I hate maths and want to keep learning about dolphins and other marine mammals. I hope that one day I can become a marine biologist thank you for the help you posted. 🙂

  • kassidy hayward

    I am in 11 years old, i have been thinking about what i want to be when i grow up. i started doing research about being a marine biologist ,and i love animals because they are beautify, graceful learned a lot just reading your say and i like it I’m now going to do the steps and i hope to became a marine biologist.

  • Anonymous

    Hey I’m 13 and really want to be a marine biologist! I have always been very fascinated with the ocean, and when I was little all I would do is sit in front of the tv and watch Animal Planet. I am especially interested in creatures DEEP in the ocean…. I plan to go to Flagler in Florida… Really good article! 🙂

  • Nida Quraishi

    This article posted by Maddalena Bearzi is very inspiring and motivating for a person like me who aspires to be a Marine biologist/zoologist specializing in marine animals. I am currently in my 3rd year B.Sc.(Hons.) Biotechnology and plan to do my M.Sc. in Marine biology. I love watching Nat Geo and other related channels since I was a little girl, spending loads of time in the lab and I’m willing to actively participate in field work. There’s more to Marine biology than what people think of, its not just “swimming with dolphins” but requires much more dedication, hard work and will to pursue a career like this. Being a marine biologist is not only my dream job, but the only thing I am passionate about. I have some queries related to this field, hope you can help me with them. Eagerly waiting for your response. Thanx !!

  • Mason

    I absolutely love this article! I want to be a marine biologist and specialize in shark studies. I am 12 years of age and definitely passionate for the deep sea.

  • Achintya Bose

    hi , i have always loved the whole of the dolphin family (including orcas , as they fall in the dolphin family) . thnx for the information , its very inspiring , being 13 , i wud like to no the path through which u walked to be at such a position in society and rank today . i hope to have our frst tlk soon . ciao !

  • Johnk931

    You are my inhalation, I have few blogs and sometimes run out from to brand. edgfdaekgbak

  • kalinn komives

    Thank you so much for clearing that up because im only 12 I know I want to be a marine biologist. But I just didnt know what category of marine biologist I fell under

  • Maria

    Thank you very much!! I´m about to start Uni, just one year left in deed; and this is very usefull info for me. I´ve know I wanted to be a biologist since I was 13 or 14 and I´m also really interested in marine biology.
    So thanks again!!

  • Anupam Rava

    Yeah….. i love the Marine biologist….now i am in 2nd sem on bsc(honours)….. when i am graduate for this then i will be reach arch on the subject…..i realy realy love it..!

  • jazmyn monique trigg

    I am 12 years old and I been wanting to study underwater creatures for so long so in my lifetime I decided I wanted to be a marine biologist and 1 more thing that set my mind to becoming a marine is I watched a movie called dolphin tale and it was about a dolphin who didn’t have a tale and I started to cry because some marines helped it find and build a new tale for the dolphin and so I started to say to myself wow marines really do care about sea creatures because before I didn’t know what a marine biologist was until I saw the movie dolphin tale that’s why I wanted to become a wonderful and exciting marine biologist…!!!!!!!

  • Emacheeto

    I’m 11 and love sharks, I’ve always wished of discovering sharks and other fish I’ve never heard of I just starting secondry school and was wondering when I got to year 9 what I want to do

  • liberty loreto

    I am turning 13 in two days and i have a question on what i should do. I love photography and marine life . I’ve wanted to be a marine biologist since i was 7, but i recently discovered my love of photography. Is there a job where you spend your whole day with marine life studying and learning about the ocean and how creatures interact with one another and there environments?
    Second question if the answer is no to the first one.
    Marine Biologist, or Oceanographer which would you say spends the most time with marine life?
    I hope you see and or answer my questions. That would be the best birthday present ever.

  • author

    This response is for Liberty (happy birthday!) but it might also help other readers…
    I think you should pursue your dreams to be a photographer as well as a marine biologist – or an oceanographer . There is no reason why you can’t combine these two passions. You can become a “field marine biologist” (like me) and study ocean creatures such as marine mammals or seabirds. YOu can also become an oceanographer and help gaining a better understanding of how our oceans, and living creatures in them, function as an ecosystem. It really depends what specific topic you would like to study… You will spend lots of time at sea with both of these careers. For now, you can start getting some experience by volunteering for environmental organizations and then decide what you would like to pursue later one… The most important thing is that you keep your passion for the oceans and their inhabitants.
    Happy birthday

  • author

    Response for Carrie Ann (from Nebraska)

    Dear Carrie, I am suggesting some of the classes to take in my article (read NEXT STEPS) so I hope you can find some ideas here. Also, as soon as you can, try to participate to volunteer camps near the oceans, perhaps during the summer months…
    all the best

  • Alexis kis

    My whole life from as soon as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the sea and photography. I’m 16 and getting scuba certified now and I want my career to have something to do with it. I’m fascinated by everything about the ocean but I think I wanna work with animal rehabilitation and that would be my dream!!!

  • ablo

    i did not study well in school i will be doing marine study fundation courses I dont know how much it will help me to become a marine biologist is it a good palce to start i am a bit lost. I have done my padi OWSI i do littil bit of under water Photograpy do you have any ideas for me?

  • Kevin

    So cool to see all of the young (<18 years old) folks inspired and enlightened by this post about becoming a marine biologist! This might be of interest too: 10 Little Known Facts about Becoming a Marine Biologist (

  • Belinda

    Hello! I really hope you respond. I’m a junior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and I am completely lost. I’m currently a marine bio major but I’ve been debating on changing majors to psychology and getting a certificate and marine bio along with some helpful courses. I’m not quite sure what career path I want to take so that makes things a lot harder for me. I know that I love the ocean and it fascinates me and I love learning about all the exotic fish and working hands on with the mammals. I hope you can help me and give me some further advice. It would mean so much to me. Thank you.

  • Isadora Greenberg

    Ever since I was in middle school I have loved marine mammals. Bottlenose Dolphins are my favorite as well as spotted dolphins. I have done some research and I know that before I can specialize I must do the basics. I specifically want to become a cetologist. Hopefully one day I hope to build my own rehab for not only marine mammals but all sea creatures. But would I have to take a vet course if I want to help heal the animals?

  • Lee

    Hi.. Ever since i was small I’ve always loved the ocean.. my house is near the beach and i spend almost everyday at the beach. Every year i witness leather back turtles coming up to lay their eggs in front of my house. This influence me to become a marin bio and learn how to take care of the baby turtles when they hatch. Quite adorable!!! THANKS for your help. To those young passionate marine bio, let us help our ocean and its creatures to be safe and free.. Cheers!

  • Dayna Macaranas

    I am currently 13, and soon to enter highschool. I live on a small tiny island. I grew up practically in the water of our beaches, and while growing up, I realized how much I was fascinated by marine life. I want to know what specific field or job would put me in the ocean as much as possible to study marine life. I would love to prepare myself for the future, as learning from older ones, what I should do.

  • Sophie

    Hi I am 13 and I have lived in Scotland all my life as you probably know Scotland Is full of beautiful scenery and wonderful wildlife I want to become a marine biologist but I am also Interested in photography is there a job combining the 2 ?

  • Asma

    I wanna be a marine biologist but im weak in math so I haven’t taken it for my study in 12th I realized recently tht maths is needed im mad about marine life but I hate math nobdy knows about marine studies n I live in a country whr thrs no scope for it not even india whr ive come frm n I cant get advices pls help me wht shud I do I so much want to be a marine biologist n Im not interested in any other profession
    PLS help me…

  • lillian earp

    I love marine biology i have wanted to be a marine biologist since i was 8. I’m 13 almost 14 now. i still love marine biology but i don’t like math so i don’t know what to do can you please help me.

    • I wasn’t great with math either when I was young but that didn’t stop me!

  • Jamie Schimit

    I am 20, I am a great swimmer and love science and the ocean and love all the fish and scuba gear stuff. Can’t wait to take my final test and become a assistant to an aquarist!

  • Delano Padayachee

    Hi Maddelena,
    Thanks for the advice, Aquatic life in any form has always been a fascination to me. Sometimes I stare into puddles of water that form on the ground after it rains to see what is moving inside it, somehow finding aquatic life of any kind brings about a sence of peace in me during the personal challenges I face in this life, makes me feel like there’s more to life that I am not seeing. It has always been my dream to be a marine biologist just to search and find new things and if I can, change things for the better, I am 29 years of age and would love to embark on this kind of journey. I know that passion alone is not enough, but what do you think? Is it too late for me?

  • Delano Padayachee

    Thanks! that means more to me than you know (Big hug!) Tc

  • Jordan Burnette

    Hi! I am 13 years old, almost 14. For many years, I knew that I wanted to be a marine biologist when i was older. Now that I will be going into highschool next year, I want to be sure I can get into a good college for Marine Biology. Is there anything I can do now that would help look good on a college application? For example; volunteering somewhere. Because im so young, I dont think I am allowed yet. What did you do when you were my age?

    • As I suggested in my article, volunteering is a great idea. At your age, I tried to spend lots of time in contact with nature. Hope this helps!

  • Enzo

    Hey i am 19 and i have Studied biology and chemistry in my Alevels but havent maths and physics. And i am from maldives here there is no direct course for marine biology the closest one is about environmental management. So i am so interested in marinebology this country is of morethan a thousand small small islands sorrounded by magnificent reefs. Do you think that this environmental management course will be an option for me?? Is there anyway i can become a marine biologist?? Please help me

  • kileigh walsh

    hi ive always wanted to be a marine biologist and in school I have to do a careers leaflet and I just wanted to know what is it like to be a marine biologist. thanks. and I wanted to know do you need English in marine biology.

  • Nadine

    My son has expressed interest in this field since he was 4! He is now a year from finishing school and has still not swayed from his goal. He is however, beginning to ask “what subjects do I need? How do I know if I will be good enough? How long will I study for? What other subject are included? Will it involve travel…?” I believe we have one of the best Marine Biology faculties in South Africa, close to us, but could be misinformed. Please can you give us your thoughts. Your blog is exactly what I needed to stumble on. I have just about every search engine open right now, trying to find answers to my sons questions….
    Thanks so much!

  • Nadine

    My son has expressed interest in this field since he was 4! He is now a year from finishing school and has still not swayed from his goal. He is however, beginning to ask “what subjects do I need? How do I know if I will be good enough? How long will I study for? What other subject are included? Will it involve travel…?” I believe we have one of the best Marine Biology faculties in South Africa, close to us, but could be misinformed. Please can you give us your thoughts. Your blog is exactly what I needed to stumble on. I have just about every search engine open right now, trying to find answers to my sons questions….
    Thanks in advance

  • Nadine E.

    My son has expressed interest in this field since he was 4! He is now a year from finishing school and has still not swayed from his goal. He is however, beginning to ask “what subjects do I need? How do I know if I will be good enough? How long will I study for? What other subject are included? Will it involve travel…?” I am told we have one of the best Marine Biology faculties in South Africa, close to us, but could be misinformed. Please can you give us your thoughts. Your blog is exactly what I needed to stumble on. I have just about every search engine open right now, trying to find answers to my sons questions….
    Thanks in advance

  • Robyn Norman

    When I was 4 years old the ocean became my childhood. I am now 15 and the mindset of going to college is being emprinted into my brain. I want to become a marine biologist. It is all I have ever wanted to do. I take harder classes then most of the sophomores at my school/academy, making some of my grades not reflect my ability and mental awareness. Is it weird that I feel threatened by people who have the same dream as me? I have wanted to be a marine biologist for so long that I feel like it is the one thing that I have to get me through high school. I feel like I am not doing enough to reach my goals. Is there something more that I should be doing? I volenteer at animal shelters, I participate in extra curricular activities including sports teams, I travel around the world seeking the ocean. Is it weird to know that people have the same dreams as me and feel threatened by that? Is it abnormal to want to go do something for myself to “get ahead” but when faced the choice of doing it alone I back out?

    • Don’t feel threatened by others. You are going in the right direction. Just keep going!

  • Cameron Sewell

    I just wanted to ask a question have the researchers found the deepest parts of the ocean and fond any new species and if so please if it isn’t a problem may you share it 
    thank you verry much

    • Researchers continue to discover new species in the deepest part of the oceans. We still know little about the ocean and its inhabitants.

  • umayma al rawahi

    hi, i would like to ask you if it is possible to become a marine mammalogist after graduating marine biology in college? the internet didn’t help me that much. i would like to hear from you as the professional marine biologist.

    • Sure you can. Try to follow some of my post advice. Best of luck!

  • Glennda

    Hello, My name is Glennda and i will be graduating highschool soon. i have a low GPA and i will need alot of help in college. can i still qualify to study marine biology and in the future become a marine biologist?

  • Larissa

    hi! I am almost 14 and I will be going into high school this year. I LOVE Marine Biology and I have loved it since I was 10 or 11! I am wondering if there are any volunteer jobs for 13/14 yr. olds. I am also wondering if Marine Biologists handle animals. I know that being a marine biologist will take a lot of work and determination and your tips are VERY helpful! 🙂 Thank you and I hope you will be able to answer my questions soon 🙂
    thanks, Larissa

    • Hi Larissa, I don’t know where you live but, yes, there are volunteer opportunities for 13-14 years old. Check carefully online and you will find them. Marine biologists can “handle” animals, depending on the job and the type of animals. Glad my tips are useful to you. Best of luck!

      • Hi Amora, I am not sure where you live… (see my response to Larissa). There are opportunities for a 10 yrs old. Ask your parents and your teachers to help you find them in your area.

  • Helpful kitten

    Hi I’m Amora I’m ten and I really am interested in becoming a marine biologist when I’m older I want to volunteer to help you Hi,I’m Amora I’m ten and I really want to be a marine biologist what I’ve been doing so far is looking up stuff about endangered sea animals such as the pink dolphin and more and looking up camps for girls like me or places to volunteer but I haven’t found anything close or that accepts my age
    What can I do?

  • Chasity

    Hello 🙂 My name is Chasity and i am very iinterested in the Marine Biology/Zoology field. I am concened that because of my ear sensitivity i will not be able to scuba dive often or even at all, will this effect my career in becoming a Marine Biologist? Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

    • Hi Chasity (and everyone else with a similar question): There are many roads to choose from and many institutions, universities and organizations that deal with wanna-be marine biologists. Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, their behaviors and interactions with the environment. It includes many different sub-disciplines and, consequently, an array of potential career directions. For instance, aquarists, microbiologists, behavioral ecologists, resource managers, lab technicians, system analysts, and environmental scientists can all come under the Marine biology umbrella. Not being a scuba diver won’t affect your future career in Marine Biology. You need to choose one of the many sub-disciplines that won’t require you to dive.

  • Andrei Amerkhan

    Hello guys !!! I’m 15 right now..
    Ever since I was a kid I appreciated biodiversity than technology, I really love to observe the lives of each animal in the land and sea… So I decided to be a marine biologist when I grow up, I was very determined to be one but when I saw the prerequisite of being a marine biologist, I kinda lost that determination cause I’m kinda slow in learning math but I love math and also, I’m kinda lazy to study but I really wanted to be a marine biologist….
    Can anybody help me please ? :'(

    Just add me on facebook so we could talk 🙂

  • Kia

    Hey, will I still be able to become a Marine Biologist if I don’t do Physics in high school? I am doing Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Geography though.

  • Ashley Garcia

    Hi! My names Ashley, I’m 17 and I have always been fascinated with marine life. When I was younger I used to go to the library and check out books on dolphins and whales and sharks. I want to work in the field in which you work, marine research. I have no idea where to start, may I have your email? I’d like to ask some questions

  • Madison Miller

    Hi, my name is Madison and I am 13 years old. I recently found that I am very interested in marine biology. Is there any camps or programs in Colorado for young teens to attend? If so, would my location be a problem? I’m not around any beaches or oceans here!

  • Janmay joshi

    Hi I’m 10 years old & I want to become animal scientists can u please suggest me the better country for my studies

  • Ouafa

    Hello!!…..actually I want to be a Marine Biologist..Unfortunately We do not have this direction in our country what should I do?????? I really want take this road

  • deonna

    I’m 12 and since I was 6 i wanted to be a marine biologist i study animal on land and in the water and I will go to Florida university

  • Shelby

    Hello Maddalena,
    I am 23 years old with a 15 month old son, I have had thoughts of being a marine biologist when I was younger and just recently started looking at schools to do so. I know there are many times during schooling that you have to go out in the field. Would it be harder to do so with a lil one at home? Also, is there a sub division of marine biology that
    has to do with sharks? I have been a shark lover since I was very young and to this day I am always educating people on them and how they are just misunderstood wonderful creatures. Look forward from hearing from you.

  • Niladri Datta

    I am just 16 and left my studies is there any job for me?

  • Ania Goins

    Hi there! My name is Ania Goins and I’m 26 years old. Currently I’m in process of getting my Bachelor’s degree in biology from Western Michigan University in Michigan. After receiving my degree, I plan to apply for a Master’s degree in marine biology at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.
    As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the flora and fauna of our beautiful planet Earth; however, in the past couple of years my interest expended to marine life! I have many concerns about the long road that awaits in front of me in order to become a marine biologist. Your article was very helpful and I will try my best to follow your advice to make my dreams come true. In the meantime, is it possible for me to ask you couple of questions via email and get more guidance on my future plans, it would mean so much to me! Thank you!

    Ania Goins

    • Hi Ania, I am glad you found the post useful. As I suggested to other readers, you can contact me through Ocean Conservation Society (

  • T A

    Hello Maddalena,
    I’m 31 years old and have been working for the last 7 years. I feel unfulfilled with my current job. At the back of my mind, I always thought of pursuing a career in marine biology because I was and still am passionate about the ocean (and water sports too), but during the university years, practicality told me to continue my studies and refrain from switching courses. Now that I’m 31 (turning 32 in half a year), I’m considering to finally pursue my dream career and get an MA in marine biology. I have a BA, and need to take some science courses. The subjects don’t really intimidate me- I love studying. But I wonder if its too late – would companies hire a 35-36 year old (if it took me 3-4 years to do my MA)?I am physically fit tho not sure if I can dive deep (I’ve tried it only once. ). I’m interested in conservation but unable to decide since I would also need to think of the practical side. I am interested in coral reefs. But if I take up marine bio and specialize in coral reef (and preservation), I wonder if i could a) get a job (I suppose it’s very competitive) b) live on my salary. Of course, there are other options like toxicology or biotechnology, but while I don’t mind working surrounded by four walls (which is my impression, I am not really sure if toxicologists work in the lab all the time), I would also like to be able to do some field work and actually get the chance to be in the water. I would like to work with /on coral reefs (especially because my country is an archipelago).

    Any advice? Thank you.

    • No, it’s not too late. The job market is competitive but you can do it. It really depends on your commitment, skills, passion, field experience, specific field of interest, etc.

  • Jonathan

    hi, my name is Jonathan and i’m 13 being a marine biologist looks fun . can you help me be come one?

  • Padmaja Dodla

    I am 29 yrs old and have completed masters in computer science but now I am very much passionate to become wildlife conservationist or biologist .I want to pursue a masters course in this field,is it right time to start a career again?Does age really matter?

  • Padmaja Dodla

    I am 29 yrs old and completed my masters in computer science,but right now I am passionate about wildlife conservation.Is it right to do masters again in conservation and pursue further?Do professionals from different background are accepted?Does age really matter?

  • Prem Patel

    Hi Maddalena ! I am Prem and I am 12 tears old. I also want to be a Marine Biologist just like you and that at this age what can I do to learn more about marine biology and whats books should i read to know about aquatic life.

  • Bryana

    Hey my name is Bryana and I a 13 I want to be a marine biologist every since I could start talking right I wonder how to be a marine biologist but I do know how to be one.can u help me

  • Sunil Sahoo

    Hi madam , my self Sunil and I want to become a marine biologist
    How can I get this job ?
    Now am doing my Bsc in zoology
    As it is required to become a marine biologist.. Pleases say me madam am waiting for your answer.,,,,………….

  • Charlie M

    I’m a current high school senior and I’d like to some day work in marine biology or a related field, but my biggest issue is selecting a college. It just seems there are so many options and so many programs it’s hard to tell what’s really good and what really isn’t. I know this post (which is really helpful and well-written) isn’t about college choices, but I was wondering if you happened to know which schools you’d recommend an aspiring marine biologist consider. Thank you!

    • Hi Charlie, Sunil, Bryana & many others, I always try to respond to all of your questions by email.

  • Udisha

    Hello, mam. I’m 15 and I wish to become a marine biologist in future. I’m in 11th standard . What I have to do after 12th standard to enter in this field ?Which exams I have to give?Which colleges are best for it?and how much salary does one get ?and all….actually salary doesn’t matter much…please help me by answering my questions…and yeah! after college what to do and all …..please….I’m very curious

  • Udisha

    Hello , mam. I’m 13 and in 11grade Please tell me about what I have to do after 12grade to become a marine biologist?

  • felicia

    Hi I am in my first year of college and was wondering about which places would be good internships that deal with studying orcas.

  • Alaina

    Hi. I am 12 years old and wondering what I should be doing right now in order to eventually become a marine biologist. Are there any specific books I should be reading or websites I could be looking at? Thank you.

  • Sherry hahn

    I realize this post is old but its a start. My 13 or old daughter is obsessed with sharks. She reads everything she can get a hold of. Her IQ is very high and she’s very ambitious. What can I do for her to help her get a better understanding of an icthyologist? We live is PA so I can’t take her to local aquariums or classes.

  • Justin

    Hi I am 12 years old and in sixth grade I really want to g in sixth grade I really want to go in two marine biology but I don’t know where to start. To get the experience I will need when I am 13 years old I plan I getting scuba license. Where in the United States do you think I should go scuba diving. I know that I want to learn about octopus.

  • Palak Dawar

    Hello Ma’am
    since india dose not provide us with ug courses specifically for marine biology…but does with masters nd phd degrees…
    so could u plz help me in guiding the ug curse which i could pursue from india only !!

  • Palak Dawar

    hello ma’am
    since india does not provide us with UG courses for marine biology (specifically) but for Masters nd PhD degress….so could u plz guide me with the UG courses i could pursue in india only …and later pursuing MSc in marine biology from abroad.

  • Adrianna

    Hi, I’m a senior in high school and my ultimate goal is to work in the field of marine biology or a related field. I have already applied to colleges and as of right now I think that I will be attending Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. If you have a chance, I have a couple questions. Is it a better idea to major in something more general like biology first, and then onto marine biology? Also, I struggle with math, and am in pre-calculus now. Will this be a problem later on? How much math do you use on a daily basis? I know for a fact that I am passionate in conservation and coral reefs/the animals that live around them. Do you have any suggestions for me going into college?
    Thank you for your time!

  • Chloe Ncube

    This is really enlightening and inspirational . thank you so much for taking my passion and interest for marine biology to the next level.I would really appreciate it if i could get other teenagers from around the world so that we can form a group or organization of just really passionate teenagers who will definitely one day change the world and future for the better.That would encourage a new generation of people who care about the environment and the inhabitants of it.*

  • Palak Shrivastava

    Hey ..I’m in 12th and I’ll giving my final exams in march ’16.
    I want to make my career in marine biology. So please tell me what should I do after giving my final exams. I have PCB.
    I want to get admission in any of the best college of other than India cos there is not much scope fr such course.
    so please help me finding college fr graduation and all the other things related to marine
    Its my final year so I don’t have much time fr applying in a suitable college.
    Pls rply fast…
    Thank you

  • Kristin Woods

    HI my names is Kristin,
    Marine Biology has been my dream since I was 7,
    I was in between Marine bio or Vet but I was always seeing my self as a Marine biologist, My options aren’t much out here in the desert and I really want to focus on my dream’s on Marine Bio! I don’t have the money to go across the country to anything, I have tried to explore my options here in Arizona I got nothing. I have a one year old son and I have yet to figure out what I can do! I dont like just doing things on a computer i’m a hands on type of person! What can I do?

  • Kristin Woods

    HI my names is Kristin,
    Marine Biology has been my dream since I was 7,
    I was in between Marine bio or Vet but I was always seeing my self as a Marine biologist, My options aren’t much out here in the desert and I really want to focus on my dream’s on Marine Bio! I don’t have the money to go across the country to anything, I have tried to explore my options here in Arizona I got nothing. I have a one year old son and I have yet to figure out what I can do! I don’t like just doing things on a computer i’m a hands on type of person! What can I do?

  • Erin W

    This was a beautiful post, and I felt like I could fit into the skin of the job requirements. I live right on Lake Erie and spend about 80% of my summers either on the beach or in the water. However I am having trouble narrowing down my options to a few. Paths of the marine studies that excite me are studying protozoa, bacteria, or other microorganisms, water types (pH levels etc) and even marine mammals. If you could shoot me an email about colleges, any websites or books that could be helpful, or even just a little momento would be great! 🙂
    I think the work you do is very unique. I would like to make it possible for my life as well!
    Thank you, Erin

  • Boipelo

    I’m in grade11 and for a long time I couldn’t decide what career path I wanted to do …I’ve always loved animals (dogs ,owls,koalas etc. – You name it ).I have also researched careers in animal healthcare science like being a veteranerian or a zoologist , but nothing caught my attention and had me jumping in my seat with excitement like when I discovered the career marine biology …Everything about it is so captivating and fortunately I love maths and I don’t see myself doing any other career other than this . I’m striving for excellence this year so that I can get a university acceptance here in SA, so that I can finally do what I was born to do !

    Thank you so much and I hope you respond

  • Tonny

    I am a 17 year old boy and i am taking a gap year in the year of 2016 so by next year i want to study marine biologist

  • Anmol Trambadia

    Salutation !!
    Hey I’m finishing my 12 soon in biology n I’m futher dreaming of doing marine biology ! Can anyone please help me or guard me what kind of future is possible after doing marine biology n which place in India n out of India are worth studying for marine biology please do reply !

  • Jess

    Hi i am 13 years old and I have recently been to the Great Barrier Reef and explored the wonders of the ocion and I can’t stop looking at how to become a marine biology. As I get board a lot! I have written a small essa (about 6 pages long) about marine animals and analysing their behaviour, I was wondering. I was wondering what I should study for GCSE as I will have to pick them SOON any advise?

  • paige estrella

    hi, i’ve been intrigued by the deep sea for a while, and one day would love to one day be one of the people behind the deep sea cameras, and soon will be attending college to become a marine biologist. i know that i need to build my own information about the ocean and was wondering if you knew of any volunteer groups or organizations i could join to do some research of my own? i live in california, and can travel within the state.

    • I don’t have any specific advice but I suggest you to contact a good marine organization in California that accepts volunteers and see what they have to offer.

  • Emely Sanders

    I have a passion for sea animals from since I was six years old. I love to swim and I would just love to be a Marine Biologist !!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Paperwork doesn’t bother me at all. Though I would greatly rather spend my time in the water. I specifically want to study sharks. Migration patterns, hunting patterns, mating patterns, and life spans are my main focus. Although preventing attacks could be a secondary interest. If given the chance, I would gladly work with whales, polar bears or rays; then again, I’d gladly study sea slugs, aquatic snakes, sponges, anemones, algal blooms and sea urchins as well. How do I get to THAT point? If I have to spend a year in an office to get a month on the water, that’s worth it to me. As I’ve said, sharks are my main focus (I’ve seen EVERY documentary on NatGeo Wild, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet that refers to sharks, oceans, or big cats. You name it, I’ve probably seen it. Twice.) so if you can tell me anything about where to get started, that would be a huge help.

    • Be involved in volunteer conservation work, study and work hard, read as much as you can on this subject. These are just a few tips.

  • Wessel


    After school I started working in a pet shop in Durban. It’s been 3 years and my passion for animal is still strong. Marine biology has gripped me hard. I get excited speaking about aquatic life till the point where I hyperventilate. Hahahah. There is countless fields I enjoy but nothing as much as the coelacanth. Just imagine if unlocking its key to surviving all this time. We can start saving billions of aquatic life or even start cleaning the ocean while keeping its inhabitants alive. I am Pisces, that’s probably why I belong in the water. . . I just briefly explained my undying attraction q

  • Phoebe Campos

    Hi! I am currently in my sophomore year of high school and was wondering what courses I should take to become a cetologist. I am already enrolling for marine ecology for junior year. Should I take Statistics? What courses should I take in college? What’s the best college for cetology? I really have no idea. PLEASE HELP.

    • As I mentioned in this blog, you just need a good, general education for now. There is not a “best college” for Cetology. Any good college will do. And yes, Statistics is certainly an important course to take later on.

  • aaliyah myers

    hi im aaliyah im 13 yrs and i will love to become a marine biologist i wanna study dolphin i work hard and love diving

  • Kiah rogers

    Hi I’m 13 and I am absolutely obsessed with marine life. I have been lucky enough to go diving and snorkeling many times and have completely falling in love with reefs. Living in England I am unsure on how I could fulfil my dream and I was wondering if you have nah advise.

    Thank you x

  • Kiah rogers

    Hi I have been lucky enough to go to some amazing places and see some amazing marine life. I’m 13 and have my PADI in diving and have been completely on love with reefs ever since I saw them. Living in England I am worried about how far my career will go financially since I will obviously be a long way from home and don’t know how I would get work abroad. If you have any advice please contact me.
    Thank you x

    • Don’t worry about the financial situation… Just be focused and work hard in obtaining your goals.

  • Naomy Madrigal Astorga

    Hi my name is Naomy, , i am 18 years old and i’m a junior in high school. For the longest time i have been trying to figure out what i want to do after i graduate, currently i am taking a marine biology class that they offered at my school and from the start i fell in love with it. I have always loved the ocean and the mysteries and animal life that come with it. I knew what i wanted to do once i experienced some of the knowledge and types of works that you are capable of doing in this field. More importantly i have been looking at some collages that i would like to attend and like you mentioned in your article i defiantly do not want to do this for the money but doing it to try to make a difference or just to try and help in one way or another. Seeing all the endanger species and things that people are doing at this moment literally break my heart, talking about it makes my voice quiver and i can’t even hold back the tears. I know that a lot of work is implied with this line of work and probably work that will push me over my boundaries but i know that i want to give it my all and that my passion for marine life and everything that comes along with it is much bigger than anything. As of now i am mainly looking to see if i could get some guidance and advice on things that i should do and things i should do in the years ahead. It would be a pleasure and honor to hear back from you and like you said get some knowledge from people who have been in this line a work for a long time. Thank you.

  • Dante AshtonHarrison

    Hi! I am 15 years old and I am wanting to go to University and study Marine Biology, hoping one day to work in the field. I have received my Padi open water course and am aiming to go on a conversation to FIJI next year to earn my Advanced open water course. This conservation is all about baby sharks. I have not only fallen in love with the ocean and its mysterious creatures but the coral. My favourite thing about the ocean is the coral and I wish to pursue my dream in working in the ocean to help save the coral that is being crushed and the coral that is dying. I would really appreciate it if someone would be able to list some jobs that have to do with this? I also hope to one day work for national geographic in writing articles about the danger the ocean is in and the animals that are dying because of man. I would love to become and underwater photographer! This article has really opened my eyes because before I almost lost all hope of becoming a marine biologist because I am horrible at maths! But if you work towards something, you’ll get it if you keep trying.

  • Kiah rogers

    Hi I’m Kiah and I am 13 years old. I have been lucky enough to dive at the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea and recently the Maldives. I have had my PADI in diving a few years now and absolutely love it. Due to my experiences I have completely fallen enough with the reefs on our earth and tropical fish and corals in particular. I am picking myGCSE’s really soon and I was wondering if you had any advice on what to pick. Also how I would be successfull somewhere abroad as there are obviously no reefs in England. I am particularly interested in the conservation of coral reefs but love the sea in general. If you have any ideas on what courses I should take in the future or have any further tips on how to pursue my dream, please let me know.
    Thank you,

    • Dear Kiah, the choice is only yours! You should continue with a good, general education and choose specific courses related to your specific interests later on in your career.

  • Daniel

    Hi my name is daniel im 16. me and a friend want to become a marine biologist can you work in freshwater and how many hours do you have to be in the field? Are you able to fish with a fishing pole and rod?

  • Daniel

    Hi my name is daniel me and a friend want to becomea marine biologist can you work in freshwater and how many hours do you put in for field work? Can you fish with rod and reel?

  • Lizzy Bulmer

    Hi I’m 15 and I love the ocean and always have. I started snorkelling since i could swim and am currently doing my Dive Leader in my local BSAC club. Marine Biology is my main interest and it would be amazing to get into it, any tips on how to get into it or what I can do.


    • Be passionate and creative, study and read books about marine biology, do volunteer work. For other tips, read my articles.

  • Cyrielle Delvenne

    Hi Maddalena,
    Thank you for your very interesting article. I am Cyrielle Delvenne, I am 20 years old and I am currently studying BSc Environmental Science in the UK. However, I would like to go back to Belgium next year. As they do not have BSc Environmental Science, I might have to finish my bachelor in Geography… Do you think it will still be possible to do a master in marine biology, or to work in that area after it?
    I worked in a biological project as a volunteer during three months last year and it was.. Extraordinary! Since then, I decided to study Environmental Science…
    Thank you so much,

  • gavinosuna

    hi i am 10 i am doing a career project and i want to know what specific subject to study please reply asap

  • Mimi

    Hey I am Mimi and I am 12 years old I have a huge passion for dolphins and I am against people that hurt the I have a really good grade in science now and in 6th grade wh study life science my family thinks that I should study and forget about that I don’t want to and want to study dolphins what should I do?

  • Katie

    Hey! I really enjoyed reading this. I’m 14 and have recently developed a strong interest and passion in marine biology, mainly larger organisms such as dolphins, sharks and whales. I’m independently improving my swimming skills (due to a few medical issues I didn’t learn to swim until rather recently, but I’m already above average at it). My written skills are excellent, as are my I.T skills, and I am working on my speaking. Do you think getting work experience in a zoo would be good to aid my learning of marine creatures?

    • Get field experience in the wild if you are interested in sharks, whales & dolphins.

  • Meia Chambers

    Hi, my name is Meia I’m 15 and a freshman in high school. In middle school my dream was to become a marine biologist but now I don’t think I have what it takes and know I sound paranoid but I feel like I won’t succeed and that I’ll fall behind. I wanted to take a marine biology class for dual enrollment but I don’t know if I should. Do you have any advice for me?

    • Don’t get paranoid and continue to study. You don’t need to take a marine bio class right now. You can always take it later on. Best of Luck!

  • Dallas Price

    Hi my name is Dallas Price and I am a 20 year old Air Force member and it has always been dream of mine to own my own aquarium and get to work with marine animals everyday. To be able to accomplish this you be amazing and I was wondering what you would suggest me to do. I plan to go to Florida after my contract to go to college but I want someones opinion who does this job every day. I will plan on living in Arizona after because this is my husbands home that is why I want to open my own business. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  • Evan

    So I’m 13 years old and have wanted to be a marine biologist and have wanted to do this since I was 7. I really have my mind set on this but I don’t know what I could do now to have a good start other than research. I want to be a diver and photographer for marine biology and also want to help with the studies. I know it’s lots of work but it’ll be worth it to me. What position do you think would be best for me?

    • Continue to be so passionate about marine biology and photography, study and try to do volunteer work in these fields. Don’t worry about the position for now… It will become clear to you what to do later in life.

  • Prem

    I am confused of my course. I have finished with my 12 grade. I am interested in fish and underwater life. So what course should I take?

    • As I mentioned to many other students, just continue with a general education in a good school and, in the meantime, read about marine biology and your topic of interest.

  • Mandy C

    Hi, i’m Mandy. i am 16 years old, and going to start 11th grade soon. I really want to be a shark biologist. I wanted to study sharks ever since i was 6. This coming up year i will be taking AP biology, and Pre-AP Chemistry. I would like to know what more I could do, and what steps I could take to become a Shark Biologist.

    • For now, continue with a good, general education, read about sharks, conservation and marine biology in general, and be involve in volunteer work.

  • Amanda

    Hi im the end of grade 11 and ive been really thinking about what career path i want to take im naturally gifted in the visual arts (drawing, photography, etc) but pursuing a carreer in zoology or marine biology is something that keeps coming back to me. I wanna help and contribute to making this world a better place, but i still want to be creative and working behind a desk doesnt sound vary a appealing to me, i want something that involves travelling as well.
    I know this isnt much of a question but do you have any suggestions on what i should do? Because im really stuck

  • katie

    I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up. It sounds so cool. Everything this article has said inspired me. (and helped me with a research paper) All you marine biologists out there have fun at what you do.

  • katie

    I loved this article. It really expressed the meaning of marine biology. All the marine life and dolphins, I’m thinking about becoming a marine biologist. That would be awesome.

  • Calum

    Hi I’m Calum, I’m 12 yrs old and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved the sea and I was looking into marine biology as I love the ocean and sharks an dolphins and everything about it really. But I was wondering what subjects I would need to take as I am about to go into 3rd year at secondary school?

  • Christopher Mi

    Hi , I’m 16 years old , and interested in being a marine biologist as my future career . I grew up by the sea and have always been fascinated by how diverse the marine world is . I would like to know what I should start doing , what programs should I apply for and what it takes to be a marine biologist for National Geographics .

    • I suggest you to continue with a good, general education. Try to volunteer for a marine organization to get some field experience, read and learn as much as you can for now.

  • Hazel

    Hi Maddalena Bearzi

    My name is Hazel and I am 11 years old.
    I Was looking at websites to do with marine biology, and I found this one (I love reading this website.)
    And I have decided I want to be a marine biologist.
    Not for the Money but because I Have always
    -loved the ocean
    -Loved seeing Marine animals not just the big ones but the tiny ones as well.
    I really want this job when I’m the age because, I have mostly not fallen In love with the marine animals but also the coral.
    Because when I went to Fiji I got to see coral and fish and I loved it like crazy so, I would love to see it again. And doing something to help save the Marine in the ocean.

    But I hate it when I see people plotting ,Killing or ruining the coral and the ocean.
    It’s Really sad That why I want to help.
    Seeing all the endanger species and the coral (getting crushed)seeing what they doing to them at the moment make my voice quiver up.
    At school I’m doing Maths, Extra Writing classes, Science, Technology And soon biology.
    so I have a higher chance of getting this job.
    I want to put all my passion up for this job and all the knowledge I learn for this job.
    I really want to know some tips and advice to get this job I am also really passionate for this job.

    Thanks for reading this Hazel

    • Hi Hazel, please continue to be so enthusiastic and passionate about the oceans and their inhabitants. Read and learn about marine biology and conservation, volunteer for marine organizations (if you can), be a good student and share your passion with others. You are already on the right track.

  • Desiree

    I am a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and now a cop. Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to do something within Marine biology. Unfortunately, my family didn’t have the money when I was young so I went to the military. Now that I am out and 22 years old, I wonder if it too late for me to even start my degree. I’d like to major in biology with an emphasis on marine bio. Any advice on someone who is older and has already been through school and such?

  • Hazel

    Hi Maddalena Bearzi

    My name is Hazel and I am 11 years old.
    I Was looking at websites to do with marine biology, and I found this one (I love reading this website.)
    And I have decided I want to be a marine biologist.
    Not for the Money but because I Have always
    -loved the ocean
    -Loved seeing Marine animals not just the big ones but the tiny ones as well.
    I really want this job when I’m the age because, I have mostly not fallen In love with the marine animals but also the coral.
    Because when I went to Fiji I got to see coral and fish and I loved it like crazy so, I would love to see it again. And doing something to help save the Marine in the ocean.

    But I hate it when I see people plotting ,Killing or ruining the coral and the ocean.
    It’s Really sad That why I want to help.
    Seeing all the endanger species and the coral (getting crushed)seeing what they doing to them at the moment make my voice quiver up.
    At school I’m doing Maths, Extra Writing classes, Science, Technology And soon biology.
    so I have a higher chance of getting this job.
    I want to put all my passion up for this job and all the knowledge I learn for this job.
    I really want to know some tips and advice to get this job I am also really passionate for this job.
    Thanks for reading this Hazel

  • Jessi

    Hi, I’m really passionate about Marine Biology. I want to pursue it more than anything. I’m about to go into my senior year of high school. If I fight for it, I don’t have to take a fourth year of math, and I really don’t want to. Not taking my fourth year of math would help me take other classes I need in order to graduate like health, Econ, and gym. I don’t think I will be able to take these other classes during the summer because of money issues. I was wondering if you would recommend taking the fourth year anyway. I believe that it is pre-calf or calculus. I understand that marine biology involves a lot of math and this would probably help but It would be a lot better for me if I didn’t have to take it. If skipping my fourth year will mess me up in college I would rather find a way to fit it in my schedule. I thought your opinion on it would be very helpful and I would appreciate it very much, thank you!

    • Hi Jessi, I am sure you won’t like my response but math is important if you are planning a marine biology career in academia or in the field.

  • Parneet

    Right now i am pursuing my bachelor’s in Geology…. Can i pursue for marine biology in masters ?

    • Try to get some field experience as a volunteer for an organization involved with the oceans and their inhabitants. You can always switch!

  • sejal

    Hy Maddalena Bearzi am sejal nd m 18 yrs old nd hv jst completed my 12th from medical side i lyk adventure revolving activities nd marine biology is facinating me these days am alwys attrctd by seas’ nd oceans’ lyf bt i lack d proper guidance could u pls suggst me how can i become a well paid marine biologist nd wht would i require for the same urs sincerely sejal
    ty i hope u rply soon ..

    • Hi Sejal, it all depends on your enthusiasm, the sub-field of marine biology, and how much you are willing to work to become a “well paid marine biologist”.

  • sandeep

    I had completed my 12th grade in physics mathmatics chrmistry and electrical mainatanace I didnt had biology in my 12th grade but I studid biology in my 10th grade can I persui a carriar in wildlife conservation please reply me fast because within 1 or 2 month admmissions are going to be start and the seats will get filled please help me out and reply me on my Email

  • Catherine

    Hi my name is Catherine and im 14 years old. I absolutely love marine life! I love everything about the oceans, from coral reefs to the ocean floor! But i was wondering..Im home schooled and i dont know if the are any marine biologists out there that where home scooled too. I’m sure there are but where i am right now seems a little of a, how would i put it? My situation just seems to be a tree trunk on a one way road. Anyway i just want to know if that i should maybe try to study what i can now rather than waiting until im older. What do you think?

    • You can be home schooled and still become a marine biologist. It’s not a problem. Start to be involved with marine organizations as a volunteer (if you can). Read about marine biology, do your homework and continue to be passionate about the oceans.

  • 15nmoalin

    I’m 12 years
    iv always wanted to be a marine biologist and I loved sealife and observing those types of stuff but I’m not to good at biology part so I was wondering if I should think about another career or just try harder

  • sejal

    Thank u so much mam i wish nd m surely gonna wrk hrd with utmost zeal nd enthusiasm to bcm if nt a well paid bt yeah exprncd nd skillful marine biologist to meet u nd if possbl wrk undr u …..thanks mam ..urs sincerly sejal

  • gopika

    Hello madam,I am biggest dream is to become an under ocean photographer and now I have a keen interest to become a marine biologist,now I am on my 12 grade as bio-maths as subject .so what I have to study after 12 grade.please help me

    • Just continue with a good, general education for now… and keep your enthusiasm!

  • Utkarsha

    Hi mam I am interested to be marine biologist but I can’t go to far for study is there any college in Maharashtra in kolhapur or Pune district please reply mi

  • Alexa

    Hello, I am 15 years old and I have been dreaming of becoming a marine biologist in the last few years. I am really thankful I have found this information because I think that it will be very helpful for me in the future. I really want to be a marine biologist however there are many opsticles I have to face. One of the main problems I have is that I live in Ohio which is around 14 hours (or longer depending on what area) away from the ocean. This makes it difficult for me especially since I can’t do any volunteering or job shadowing. And if I were to become a marine biologist, I would have to move to an ocean and I would be away from all my friends and family. I’ve always dreamed of living near the ocean anyway but I don’t want to leave my family. I am still very passionate about marine life though and I would still face those problems to become a marine biologist. Every time I bring up that I want to be a marine biologist to my family, they always say that it would be too hard for me and that I will find something else I like that is easier. There really isn’t any other career that apeals to me as much as a marine biologist because I love the ocean life more than anything. So I don’t know what to say to my family when they think it’s too hard for me. If I were to be anything other than a marine biologist, I would most likely be an environmental scientist because I also have a passion for the environment. However I’m sure my family would say the same thing to me about that. For now I’m just not going to listen to what they say, and I’m going to continue on being as successful as possible so maybe one day I can become a marine biologist. Please tell me your opinions about what is happening with me. It would really make my day if you commented back to me 🙂

    • I know a great marine biologist who grew up in Ohio and didn’t go near the oceans until he was 20 years old. I grew up in different cities and I didn’t live close to the sea until I was almost 30 years old. That didn’t stop me to become a marine biologist. Continue to be passionate, read, be involved with conservation issues. The oceans affect everyone of us, even if you live in Ohio.

  • Mahima

    Hi, I really hope you respond. Is it possible to pursue a career in marine biology after completing a post-graduate course in biotechnology? And how are the career prospects?

    • Why don’t you get involved in the field of marine biotechnology? You can use skills that you already have. This is a field with lots of potentials. Good luck!

  • EJ

    Hey! I’m 14 years old, I have been in love with the sea all of my life. I was born in St. Augustine and I have so much knowledge about fishing, and the ocean. I am going into the 9th grade and I want to know what classes I am going to need to take to endure the knowledge required for a marine biologist. I know marine biology is not a extremely high paying field, but money is not what I am worried about. I don’t want to be stranded with a job that I do not like, I want to do what I love! My parents tell me marine biologists do not make good money. So what? I want to go to the UF and hopefully get my bachelors degree. My ideal places to work are the Bahamas or Florida. I am aware that this field is extremely hard to get into. I do in fact believe that I have the correct mindset and knowledge to achieve this job soon.

    Thank you.

  • Ameera

    Hello. I’m Ameera and 16 years old and I’m having a tough time choosing what career and study field should I choose when I graduate. I want to be an archaeologist but at the same time, I somehow love to be near the sea and impressed, curious at the same time at what lives under the clear blue sea. through the years of my high school, I’m not that professional and I have less knowledge about the marine life than my brother,. who knows almost everything about it. I love to watch marine life tv shows at discovery channel and national geographic. I’m like really impressed when scientist found a fish that should be extinct in the deep ocean.

  • Daniel McAdam

    Hey, I’m a 17 year old from Scotland with a huge passion for working with cognitive neurology of cetaceans, It’s a very specific goal I understand, but it’s the intelligence of these animals is what drives my ambition to wish to study them.

    The only unfortunate thing is I live in Scotland, and in my area there isn’t many, if any at all, opportunities for voluntary work in this field. What would you suggest I go before I apply for a Zoology course as University next year, and am I being a bit unrealistic with such a specific goal this early on in my education? I’m thinking along the lines of Lori Marino and similar work to Denise Herzing.

    Also, how would you suggest I study in university? Do I take multiple courses along with zoology? (e.g. Neurology, anatomy, ecology, psychology (maybe?))

    Thanks in advance for any reply, Daniel.

  • Rohitha

    Hi mam,I have just completed my post graduation in Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology . And I am very much ineterested to become a marine biologist .Could you suggest me how to?

  • Deetz

    Hey, I am 15 about to be a sophomore in high school and I’ve known I want to be a marine biologist for the longest time… I know this is what I want to do and I’ve been reading and studying for as long as I can remember. I’ve researched what to study to further pursue this, but some advice from an expert like yourself would be tremendous! (such as what to study throughout the rest of high school and college) also further information would be amazing!
    Thank you

  • Jose Trinidad

    Hi Maddalena,
    I’m currently assisting to my last year of high school, and as someone who has aspired to be a marine biologist since a very young age I have found it difficult to choose an undergraduate program. What do you think is a good bachelor’s degree to start with?

  • lakmini

    Hello mam.I’m 20 yrs old.I studied biology,physics and chemistry for my higher can I become a marine biologist.I love to study marine biology and become a biologist.can u help my country there is no courses for marine biology in I have to abroad.please help me

  • Cameron

    Great info and advice of how to be a marine scientist. Ever since I was really little I wanted to be one. I still want to be one. But I had two strokes when I was little. My parents think college will be to hard they will not let me go to college. I’ve had a hard journey to my marine science. I volunteer at my state science museum for thirteen years. So I have created a blog to help people like me get into marine science. Show handicap people that they can do citizen science, volunteer, read, take classes, etc. and manly just talk about marine science.
    With the museum I have gone on trips to look for sea turtles nesting, bird catching and tagging and release, etc. I

  • Sylvia Tubbs

    Hello, my granddaughter is 12 yrs old and for the last couple of years has been talkin about becoming a Marine Biologist. Elena’s favorite classes are the sciences. Can you please suggest a book that describes the field for someone her age that describs the pros and cons at a 12 yr old level, it seems like every career choise has to do with science, so I would like to find a book with a CD that can at least show what the field entails. Thank you for you time, I look forward to your response.Sicerely Sylvia

    • Just to give her an idea, she can read “Sea Life Scientist” (Compass Point Books Ed.). She is a little young but a great Marine Biology book is “Marine Biology” by Castro and Huber (McGraw-Hill Ed.).

  • Violet

    Hi .. I read your article and in one place it says tat one needs to know mathematics too .. and has to be good at statistics. . I am currently in 11th grade n my subjects include physics , chemistry, Biology , computer and English. . Do I have change my subjects to include maths n statistics ? I’m really not good at math will that effect me to persuade a future as marine biologist ? What should I do about that ? Should I take up a different course for math and statistics?

    • You don’t need to change anything now and, by the way, I wasn’t great at math either at your age…

  • Harry


    Just want to start off by saying that your article was very well written and drove my interest in marine biology further! I was wondering if there is a branch of marine biology that studies the behavior of marine animals? Not necessarily things like migration behaviors of animals, but actual emotional behaviors. What interests me most about marine biology is the relationships you can make between yourself and the vast wildlife under the ocean, and I was wondering how you thought I could pursue that? Maybe I am thinking of the wrong career? Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you!


  • Sabrina Lewis

    I am currwently pursuing an environmental biology degree at the University of The West Indies in Jamaica. I have done numerous volunteer for Jamaica Environmental Trust, National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA), Urban Development Corporation (UDC), Discovery Bay Marine Lab , Port Royal Marine Lab and University of The West Indies Research Day in which I participated in the ICCD, mangrove replanting and demonstrating of marine species. My degree allow me to do internship in the summer. However, my biggest problem is even though doing all these volunteering I still dont know what to do my master in or what specifically i need to do as a job.

  • saivineeth

    i done my masters in marine biology and oceanography. now i’m in a confusion state, i never did any volunteering and any workshops related to marine biology field. and i’m interested in doing lot of works related to marine biology but something is lacking. please help me get me out of this confusion state. what about my future ?? i’m scared plzz help me 🙂

  • saivineeth

    i done my masters in marine biology and oceanography and now i’m in a very confusion state, and i never attended any workshops and i never did any volunteering in these fields , because of my university. so what would be the next step for me to do?? please help me to get out of this confusion state… 🙂 waiting for your valuable reply

  • jonie hakes

    hey i am 11 years old and i love marine bioligy escpecially dolphins i love learning about marine animals and i am thinking about becomeing a dolphin trainer or anything in marine bioloigy i love the water if i lived any closer to the ocean i would go scuba diving every day i have the gear i hope i become a marine bioogist !?!?! ( sorry for my spelling )

  • shiannah rose

    is there something in marine biology that only studies sharks? If so how do you learn only about sharks or do u have to study about the whole ocean??

  • Liza Ambriz

    Hi! i am 16 and planning to study marine science! I was wondering if there is any specific programs i could take to have my specialty or concentration be in shark studies? i have always been fascinated by them and wanted to learn more. So is there any possible way i could focus on those animals?


    hi, im studing B.D.S…. but i wanna be marine biologist …. but i dont know what to do next????? i done some research in my 10th to 12th std….. i wanna discuss about my reseach…..

  • jasmine

    i would love to be a marine biologist because alot of my friends are one, and they always tell me how great it is.

  • Shelby Ferry

    Hi! My name is Shelby Ferry and I am a senior in high school and I need to start applying for colleges soon! Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to work with ocean life. Still today I have a very strong passion towards marine life and the sea, but more with taking care of the animals than just studying them. I’m not really sure what to do for classes or what I should be looking for in schools. Any advice?
    Thank you so much!

  • Sadique Mehedi Hasan

    I want to be a marine biologist. If anyone know abuout these collage please give me Information . I am mad about these . Thank u

  • Manvi tayal

    I’m Manvi frm India. Iread ur blog and loved it..
    I’m 16yrs old and studing +1 with subjects physics,chemistry and biology.
    I always loved to study abt ocean and it biodiversity from a little diatom to large whales and shark…
    I really wanna be u… So can u help me let know how can I pursue my ambittion…
    Such as which college to pursue and which stream…
    B’coz I’m not able to find any course related to marine biologist on internet that India is offering..
    Ur reply matters a lot to me so pls reply back…(U can even email me

  • Manvi tayal

    I’m Manvi from Delhi,India
    I read ur blog and I really loved it..
    I’m 16yrs old and studing in 11th with subjects physics,chemistry and biology..
    I really wanna be u.. I love to read abt ocean and its life forms from little diatoms to blue whales

  • Heather J F

    This article really helped me understand a bit more as to the amount of work I can expect and the different fields of expertise, my father has a Bsc in marine biology and I hopefully start university next year for 4 years to get me degree in marine biology, I work hard and study daily. Reading this really inspired me and made me feel 100% that this is what I want to do with my life.
    I would love to work out in the ocean and travel with this.

  • joseph izu

    im 11 yrs old, in 7th grade and might skip again if i can talk mom into it. i want to be a marine zoologist. what courses do i need to take in high school and college?i don’t know where i am gonna be in H.S. but am hoping to get into BYU

    • You don’t need to take any specific course for now. A good, general education is enough. Try to do some volunteer work in the field of marine biology and read as much as you can.

  • Cameron

    I just found your blog. I have a marine biology blog. I have always wanted to be a marine biologist but I had a stroke when I was a kid. So my blog is about marine science and how people with disabilties can do marine science. If you would like to see my blog let me know.

  • JEM Management Training

    This post is amazing, and truly inspirational .Very useful for those who has passion for marine biology. The post will directed them to right pathway.

    Thank you !

  • Jennifer Charles

    I have always wanted to do this as a career and now have the opportunity to do it. I am in my 40’s, do you think I still have a chance? What is the most difficult part about being a Marine Biologist?

    • Yes, you still have a chance if you really have a strong passion and a deep interest in this field. The most difficult part? It depends on the sub-field of Marine Biology. One thing: there is usually not much money in this field.

  • Sarah

    I was wondering if you need a degree in a certain subject. To become a marine boilogist did you have to get a certain degree or honour? I’m 12 in grade seven and am already planning for high school and collage/university

    • Hi Sarah, you don’t need to worry about this right now. Just get a really good, general education. Best of luck!

  • Shovan

    I graduated in Microbiology from Bangladesh. now I want to be a Marine Biologist. Is it possible for me to apply in Universites of USA for Higher education In marine Biology?

  • James

    I’m an aspiring teen who wants to be a marine biologist so I ca help save our sharks. The sad thing is I live in wusconsin and I’m running out of time. I am trying my hardest to figure out a way to make sure I’m not too late. Someone please help me

    • You are not too late. I know some great marine biologists who saw the oceans for the first time when they were over twenty years old!

  • Emily

    Hello, I want to be a Maine Biologist and I noticed that you suggested reading whatever you could. Do you have any recommendations? Any books, articles, etc. that you think are helpful. Also, what classes would you recommend taking in College and High School to get the best chance at a career in Marine Biology? Thanks.

    • What’s called “marine biology” can be studied at any reputable university by getting a solid general foundation in biology as an undergraduate, and specializing in marine topics as available. Regarding books, send me an email with your specific interest and I will give you some suggestions.

  • Ashley

    I’m currently in 10th grade and studying physics and chemistry, I studied AP biology in 9th grade. I really love ocean life, and my parents have been pushing towards a scientific career. I love scuba diving but are there any other skills that I might need in order to help me?

    • Getting a solid general foundation in biology as an undergraduate, and specializing in marine topics as available is best.

  • Katie Rusk

    Hi! My name is Katie and I am a junior in high school.

    I am continuing to explore my college and career options, but because I live in Nebraska, I unfortunately do not have many college options in the field of marine biology. Were I to continue pursuing this, are there any specific colleges/universities whose programs you would recommend?

    I am interested less in evolutionary biology and chemistry, and more in fish and aquatic mammals themselves, so being an aquarist or even being in some sort of aquatic veterinary science sounds appealing. Should I pursue a degree in Zoology or Veterinary science instead in order to study aquatic organisms more than their environment?

    Please respond, and thank you for posting!

    • See my response to Ashley regarding college! I can’t really tell you which path to choose. That’s really up to you.

  • Ssekito Christopher

    I would really like to take up the career in Marine biologist, but I my country its not possible to study this course. How can you help me to get there.


  • Aniko

    Hi! My name is Aniko. I’m 12 and I live in Iowa, and here I know there aren’t really any opportunities to become a marine biologist. Most people here sit hunched over at a screen in a small cubicle office. But I would like to find out how to take steps to eventually become a marine biologist, even though I am only in 7th grade, this job and art form seems like an amazing opportunity.

    • Hi Aniko, as I wrote to Vanessa, not all great marine biologists have grow up near the oceans. Keep your passion for marine biology, read as much as you can about this field, be involved with local organizations doing great work to help the environment (even if not at sea) and study hard. Don’t give up your dream to become a marine biologist! We need passionate, young people like you.

  • Chaitrali Sonawane

    Hello Mam,
    Wish you a happy new year.I am 18 year old & I have passed my 12 th examination in 5th attempt in Science.
    Also I did a diploma in Animation .My real hobby is to draw stuff and I love to painting& sketching to involve myself into adventurous activities. So far in 2016 I had in my mind that I should go for Fine Arts and take admission in some college. I love Nature and I love Ocean .I may have not done any volunteering related to ocean or marine biology, but did some for cleanliness in my locality .Also,I attended a school where they used to take us for trekking,plant saplings or plants,meditation, etc.,
    The place where I stay is mostly a forest area and I also enjoy watching insects,plants,trees,birds, animals.
    I feel somewhere that I want to go for further studies in the field of Science (Marine biology, Zoology).
    I had been to S.E.A (the world’s largest aquarium ).
    Here’s where I felt that something is going wrong and when i also watch Malabar Hornbills I feel so sad for them cuz humans have destroyed planet Earth . I was innocent and I see people in India are highly insensitive that they don’t care about Mother Earth and that it’s too populated that there’s just plastic everywhere.
    The Antarctic is melting rapidly and that the Polar bears and all the creatures are suffering.
    I have decided long ago that I wanted to be a conservationist and I want to save Planet Earth.It’s the only thing I can do to help Mother.
    I want to be a Marine biologist and I want to spread message to all humans that they should respect the Ocean and stop polluting,stop poaching,start respecting marine as well as land creatures .
    Could you please tell me in which particular subject should I complete my bachelors degree and which path should I take in future to complete M Sc &Ph D in Marine biology .There is an institute in Goa but I am lost

    • Thanks for your nice and passionate message! Please, continue to be so enthusiastic about nature and protecting Mother Earth. I can’t tell you which path you should take and which subject you should be interested in… You are the only one who can make that choice. However, you mentioned your passion for painting and sketching. Perhaps, you can look for something that can connect your love for marine biology with your attitude for painting. There are other marine biology-related careers that you can explore…

  • Vanessa Hyatt

    I’m vanessa, I’m 13 years old, I’m interesting in becoming a marine biologist. I think it’s a great job but at my school there’s not a marine biologist course there or my country doesn’t study marine biology. I’ve always wanted to become a marine biologist ever since I was 11 years old, I just hope that one day my dream will become a reality.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Vanessa, not all great marine biologists have grow up near the oceans. For now, keep your passion, read as much as you can about marine biology, be involved with local organizations doing great work to help the environment and study hard. Don’t give up your dream!

  • Pridvi raj

    Hi, im 23 and im doing msc marine biology in pondicherry central university, India. From childhood i use to watch the programmes telecasted in Discovery and National geographic channels and inspired by those real heroes. i would like to work like them. so please guide me what should i do after my post graduation.
    Thank you.

  • Sahar Varona

    Hi! I’m graduated BS Chemistry from the Philippines. I want to get into Marine Biology so badly but fear that my student application will not be taken seriously because I do not have any coursework related to Marine Biology. I don’t know what to do. 🙁

    • There are sub-fields of Marine Biology that can use your background… I am not familiar with schools in the Philippines, but can you take extra classes in Marine Bio? Further, try to be involved in the marine biology field by volunteering with ocean organizations.

  • snehashish chanda

    I am in clg (1st year),and in the course zoology ,,,to become marine biologist what should i do after that,n how much grade should require for that n which exam can help me to become marine biologist,,,

  • Joseph Frances Srutka 4

    I’m in the 7th grade and i’ve always wanted to be a Marine biologist can you help me with what classes I need to take.

    • Hello, you don’t need to look for specific classes right now. A good, general education is what you need!

  • Muskan

    Is mathematics needed ….. Actually I’m in 11th grade n wanna drop mathematics???….Plzz ans…..asap

    • Hi Muskan, it depends what you are interested in. The Marine Biology field includes many different sub-fields. Math (and Stats) are usually needed for the “classic” marine biology career in academia, labs, etc.

  • Jeena

    Hi , I’m postgraduate in English language and graduate in history married 28yrs old with a son . I have three pets and have three years of experience in banking sector

    That’s about me but it’s been always in my mind to learn marine life , but never got a chance or never knew any one who could help me out .

    But has years passed I wanna learn about them and work for there betterment . I know asking you this will make you laugh but could you help me being one .
    I haven’t done anything yet in my life for myself and doing something I like . Will always be a true path for my son
    I can always be a role model to him
    I love photography but I’m not professionally certified
    Marine life is a dream hope you can help in pursuing my dream

    If this message seems to you in relevant you can ignore

    Thank you

    • Hello Jeena, your message doesn’t make me laugh. I really like when I see people of any age and background interested in this field. I am not sure what kind of specific advice you are looking for but you can email me at and I will try to help.

  • sreeja

    Hi! I am 13 and I really am confused in choosing either being a doctor or a marine biologist. I am really interested in biology, chemistry and I read books on zoology, it seems interesting enough. But I don’t know what to do. My parents said they would support me either way when I asked them.plz help me.

    • Hello, you are still young and it’s ok to be confused and not sure about a career. For now, just try to volunteer for environmental organizations if you can! Best of luck!

  • Joshua Ang

    I’ve just started high school, was wondering which aspects of marine biology would not need physics? I’m taking more of a chemistry biology combination for now so do you have any recommendations of what marine jobs would suit me.

    • Hello Joshua, there are Marine Biology jobs that do not require the study of physics but perhaps you should just get a good, general education and decide later on what you would like to do. Remember that Marine Biology is a vast field that can offer many and diverse opportunities! It also depends what YOU would like to do. I can’t make that choice for you. Good luck with your studies.

  • Akilesh

    Hi , I just finished my A-levels and I’m searching for Universities offering veterinary studies or Marine biology. As I’m really fond of everything concerned about the Nature, I’m confused of what could I study. Could you please help me !!!
    Thank you for your time !

    • Unfortunately, I can’t really make that choice for you! Just choose what you are really passionate about and study hard. These are competitive fields!

  • Saarah

    Hi, I’m 15 and ever since I was little, I was always fascinated with marine life. I’ve decided that I would like to become a marine biologist. I’ve pondered over this career choice for a while now and I’m certain I want to do this. I just wanted to know if physics is an important subject to take and if it’s okay to just have a 9-10th grade background on it? Thanks.

    • Hello Saraah, it’s great to hear about your fascination for marine life and your passion for marine biology. The Marine Biology field includes many different sub-fields. Math, Physics (and Stats) are usually needed for the “classic” marine biology career in academia. For now, just get a good, general education. Also, continue to be so passionate about nature!

  • Sydney Parker

    Hey, I’m 13 and I’ve been interested in marine life for as long as I remember. I have been researching some different types of species of turtles, dolphins and whales and once I looked at your article I realized that that wouldn’t be too much of a help in the future. Right now I’m concerned about which career path I want to take once I get into marine biology and I was wondering if you could help me decide? Thank you!!

    • Hi Sydney, glad to hear that you are so passionate about marine life. Why do you say “once I looked at your article I realized that that wouldn’t be too much of a help in the future”? You are still young and you don’t need to make a decision about a career path right now. Enjoy nature, try to volunteer for marine organizations if you can and get a good, general education. You still have lots of time!

  • neha lenka

    i am really interested to be a marine scientists but dnt have good marks in maths,chemistry and physics won”t bachelors degree marks and masters degree marks are enough for it. help me i am really interested to do a job under marine life which would also offer me a good salary

    • As I explained to other young readers, the Marine Biology field includes different sub-fields and a diversity of career paths. Math, Chemistry, Physics (and Stats) are usually needed for the “classic” marine biology career in Academia… so it kinds of depends on what you would like to do. Check internet for “Marine Biology careers” and you will see what I mean. Best of luck!

  • Dexter Haight

    I’m 20 and I graduated last year from high school. But, Being a Marine Biologist has always been and dream and big interest growing up. But, I was bullied and told I wasn’t smart enough. But, that’s when I was younger and now I want to actually follow that dream and make it a reality. I have the drive and motivation but I don’t have support from many people. But, I’m fighting against the negatives anyway. I’ve got books and studying what I can. I want to be a trainer or work in the field and studying the animals. But, I don’t know where to start now that I’m out of high school and where to go etc. please let me know thank you very much!

    • Hello Dexter, don’t listen to what others say about you and keep your passion for the oceans and their inhabitants!!! It’s great that you got books to learn more about marine biology. The best thing is to continue your studies. Can you go to college? Don’t give up and keep your passion! Best of luck!!!

  • Kaj Campbell

    Hello Ms. Bearzi, first off I would like to say how absolutely luck you are, I think it’s truly an honor to be a Marine Biologist and this is most defiantly my dream job.

    I would like to ask you about your everyday job/life as a Marine Biologist. For our Ag. Science class we have each been assigned a career that we have to study and figure out the basics so to speak (how lucky was I to get the job i wanted!!). So i’m asking what is it exactly that you do, where you work, how you work, your salary(your choice). Hopefully you understand the questions i’m trying to ask..

    The next set of questions are more personal, for my own benefit. I’ve always wanted to be a Marine Biologist, ever since sixth grade, even now in 10th grade, that dream seems very clear to me. Only now I have a more central idea of what i want to do. I want to study, track, figure out, etc the life of Killer Whales. I have always found Orca’s so fascinating and magnificent to me and i know now that focusing on them is what i ant to do with my life, but also looking at this in a realistic point o view and weighing all my options i know that this can be unlikely. I honestly am asking if you have any advice I could use in the future or even now.

    Thank You

    • Hi Kaj, first thanks for the nice words. You can send me an email at and I will try to answer to all your questions. Sorry for the late reply to this email (and some of the others…)

  • nikita

    hi I’m nikita and I’m 18 years old i really wonna become a marine biologist can u help me in the right direction and wich subjects do i need and tose tipe of things i love anamils very much and like to help them and care for them

    • Go to a good college for now and get a great, general education. You can figure out what to do while in college.

  • Gargi

    Hi, I am Gargi and I am from India. I am going to pass my year 12 I have chosen medicine. I chose it because my parents wanted me to become doctor but I realised that I really don’t want to be a doctor moreover I want to explore and live life at the fullest. When I was a kid I really didn’t go out much or anything because I am quite an introvert and don’t know how to express myself. This is the reason I couldn’t tell me parents that I don’t want to but now that the time is ticking I really am starting to worry what I to do I find the waters really fascinating from the starting and I am really good in Biology the problem is I am not good at physics and maths. Is it important to study physics and maths for pursuing Marine biology?

    • Hello Gargi from India! You can check some of the responses that I gave to other past readers. This is a very frequent question that I get asked. Best of luck!

  • Paawan

    Hi my name is paawan and i am 16 years old . I really want to become a marine biologist , but i do not know whether this field requires maths along with biology or not .Your reply matters a lot because i am massively confused.

    • see my response to Gargi and many others. The Marine Biology field includes many different sub-fields. Math (and Stats) are usually needed for the “classic” marine biology career (e.g., if you go into Academia).

  • Andrew Brezenski

    I really want to become a marine biologist.Should I continue with the highly competive market and have a backup option, or should i pursue something else entirely?

    • Hello Andrew, unfortunately I can’t make this decision for you. I can only tell you that Marine Biology is a competitive field and you really need to be passionate and study hard to be successful.

  • Mj Pacquing

    Hi Ms. Bearzi! I’m Mj. I’m so glad I found your article. I grew up in the Philippines and ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved the ocean, though the dark areas scare me sometimes, I’ve always been drawn to the sea. I graduated in BS Medical Technology. I’m working as a labtech now, and I’ve been doing it for less than 2 years. I just feel like I’ve been in the wrong field and so I looked into Marine biology and how to become one. I have so many questions and your article answered a lot of them. Thank you!

    • Hello Mj, I am glad that my article was useful to you and I like your passion for the oceans. You’re welcome!!!

  • Danita Reese

    Hello Mrs. Bearzi, i hope you respond. Im currently a junior at Mcminn County High School. I’m doing a project for Broadcasting 2 over Marine Biology and i was wondering if you would be available for a phone interview. I Hope you can give me some more information about Marine Biology . Thank you so much and i hope i get too here from you soon.

    • Hello Danita, yes, I usually respond to all the posts… even if it takes me a little bit of time. I get many messages every day! If your still would like to do the interview you can reach me at

  • paawan sachdeva

    hi there I am paawan , I am in 11th grade and I have opted for – phy, chem , bio , and maths .but our school gives an option for biotechnology instead of maths . I want to pursue my career as marine biologist but do not know whether it requires maths or biotechnology .taking both is not an option , please reply me !!

    • What sub-field of Marine Biology are you interested in? Math is usually important.

  • Brandon Goff

    Hey! I am Brandon and I am 21 years old. Ever since Elementary School, I have loved animals of all kinds. Most recently, in the last five years, I have had a great passion for marine life, especially with sharks and fish. Biology and Math are my favorite two subjects.
    I am at Salt Lake Community College in Utah and I am on my way to get my AS in Biology. I am trying to figure out what University I am wanting to go to after to get my BS. I am thinking somewhere on the west coast. What universities would you suggest? I am also trying to figure out the best career path. After I receive my AS in Biology, I was thinking of taking the direction of marine biology and then specializing in Ichthyology or Cetology. I have always dreamed of studying and swimming with great white sharks! Studying Marine mammals would be great too! I would love to be an animal rescuer for Sea World or other organization. What suggestions do you have for me?
    I am determined to accomplish my dreams and there is nothing that will stop me!

    Thanks so much for your inspiring article!

    • Hello Brandon, it’s great to hear that Biology and Math are your favorite subjects. Many other readers do not like Math at all! There are many good Universities on the West Coast. It kind of depends on your grades… you can send me an email at

  • Bex Band

    Such a great blog, thank you. Having missed the buck with retraining to be a Marine Biologist (at least for now), I have re-focused my efforts into working in Marine Conservation.

    Also not an easy field, but not impossible to make this change. I put together a list and some advice for anyone wanting to get into this area. I’d love your input:

  • Reagan

    Hi I’m so happy I found this article I really wanted to be a marine biologist and study orcas ( but mainly whales and dolphins.) I really need advice on what I should do bc this summer I’m going to South Padre and there is a marine biology center there and I’m going should I ask if there is any junior marine biologist that can help out?
    Your greatest thanks,

    • Hello Reagan, thank you. Sure, go there and ask questions. See if you can do some volunteer work!

  • Amezy eraiarasy

    Hlo i’m amezy.I’m now 17.i want to become a marine biologist i love to know about mammals especially blue whale.i love it. I’m going to do be biotechnology after completing this i’ll do marine biotechnology . Is this course enough to become a marine biologists i need some guidance help me to choose right way. Thank you

    • There are great documentaries and books on blue whales (and marine biology in general) if you like to learn more about these animals. I am not sure what you are asking me here…

  • saara

    hello i am very confused about the job opportunities and salary of a marine biologist if you can say something about…it will be a great help for me….

    • You are confused because there are many job opportunities and very different salaries depending on what you are end up doing. Usually, being a marine biologist doesn’t make you rich but… there are exceptions!

  • kenway

    I’m in sixth class but i really want to be prepared for the future so courses and classes should i take?

    • Just get a good, general education for now and don’t worry about taking specific classes. Best of luck!


    My name is ROHAN BOSE and i am a final yr student in the discipline of Microbiology.Since my childhood i have had a lot of interest in knowing about the behaviour of marine animals and the flora undersea,specially the beautiful corals which are like” array of splashing vibrant colours”.Over the years thishave grown into penchant interest.I want to be a marine biologist but in my city i have the Masters degree in Marine Science.So i want to pursue this course and become one.I have gone through your article and is very inspiring and of great i was thinking if you can suggest me some really good books and magazines or staff like that so that i can enrich my kowledge about this field and build my career.
    Thank You
    Hoping to hear from you soon!

    • Start by reading some good Marine Biology books like ‘Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology’ by J.S. Levinson, or ‘Oceanography – an invitation to marine science’ by T. Garrison and ‘Essentials of Oceanography’ by A. Trujillo & H. Thurman.
      Also, watch “The End of the Line: How Overfishing Is Changing the World and What We Eat”
      by Charles Clover

  • Argenis Cruz

    Hi my name is Argenis and I think I’ve made a huge mistake. My passion lies in marine biology, but my parents guided me toward law and justice studies. I now have a Bachellor’s of Arts in Law & Justice and Philosophy. I know that many skills of Philosophy are transferrable, but I fear it is not enough. What do I do to follow my dream without wasting the four years of hard work to get my degree?

  • Betty Xie

    Hi, I just had a question about the volunteering options in Marin Biology. I live in Ohio which is pretty far from oceans and whatnots so I was just wondering where I could help.

    • I am not sure how old you are so it’s difficult to answer to your question. If you are young and can’t volunteer for marine organizations near the oceans, you can try to put together a marine biology club at your school in OH and involve others. Just an idea!

  • Estefania Martinez

    Hi, my name is Estefania. I just going to start college, I’m going to UIC in Chicago, Il. I have taken AP Biology, AP Psychology, AP Calculus and taken Honor Physics in my junior year. I always was fascinated with marine life but I also wanted to find cures for humans. Since High school, I wanted to study Epidemiology that studies in outbreak diseases. However, as I was thinking in what classes I should take I really wanted to study something to do with marine animals. As I was research in careers I found out pond marine biologist. As I did more research I saw many blogs and article about what marine biologist does. So I did more research and found a career that combines epidemiology and marine biologist. What I found was a career in biomedical sciences. I was wondering is biomedical sciences is a sub-field of Marine Biology? Also If you know anyone who is a biomedical scientist? This would help me a lot. I was thinking in double major in public health to be an Epidemiologist and biology for a marine biologist or biomedical sciences can I do that? Thank you for the blog it made me think about what I really want to be. I you have any advice. I hope you respond.

  • Ellis

    Hi, I’m a 22 year old maths graduate at masters level and I’m wondering what the best pathway (if there is one available) into marine biology would be for me. I have always been interested in the study of marine organisms and their habitat but for some reason have never really seen it as a possible career choice, until now! Obviously this has resulted in a general lack of experience in the field (although I do have chemistry and biology A levels).
    I know that everyone says ‘maths skills are transferable to a lot of careers’, however since graduating I’ve found that this saying alone is not enough to start a career.
    Any help and advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

    • First of all, it’s important that you figure out what sub-field of Marine Biology you are interested in. As I explained to many of my readers, Marine Bio is a large field that offers a variety of career opportunities. Try to do some field volunteer work for a reputable marine organization (if field work is what you like) and talk to UK experts/scientists to narrow down your choices. You live in the UK so contact Universities in your Country and ask questions. Be as specific as possible about what you are interested in. Don’t just say “I want to study marine organisms and their habitat”! A good knowledge of Math and Stats is certainly a plus for several marine bio careers, including Academia. Best of luck!

  • Kathryn Reid

    Hello, I’m Kathryn. I am a sophomore in high school and have always enjoyed marine biology, however, I learned about genetics this past year and have started taking an interest in that as well. Are there any sub-specialties in marine biology that involve research in genetics? Thank you.

  • Josephine

    Hi my name is Josephine and will be a junior in high school this year. I have always been interested in animals and insects but the ones that have always blew my mind are marine animals because they live very differently compared to land animals. I really want to become a field researcher, but I’m not exactly sure how to start. And what does a field researcher so when they aren’t researching? Like how do they earn money when they aren’t working in the field? It is very difficult for me to get rides to places so I don’t think volunteering will be the best way to go until I learn how to drive. But is there any other way where I can learn more about becoming a marine biologist? Where could I go to learn how to scuba dive and handle a boat? Thank you!!

    • Hello Josephine, start by doing volunteer work in the field of marine biology. Your parents can take you places even if you don’t have a car, or you can do it during the Summertime. I don’t know where you live but I am sure you can find some opportunities and organizations to work with. You can also learn a lot by reading books and watching documentaries.

      A field researcher can do many different things. I study whales and dolphins in the field (and you can read about my work as a researcher in my book Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist) but there are so many diverse kind of field work to choose from!

      You can earn money by working for an University, an Institute, an Aquarium or other organizations.

      You can learn how to scuba dive and handle a boat in many different places in the US. Again, I don’t know where you live so it’s hard for me to give you specific suggestion. Just check online!

  • Kiana

    Hey there! I came across your article while looking up potential marine biology career paths and I am trying to figure out if I still have the opportunity to become one. I am currently going into my third year of university for a bachelors of arts degree in honours english and all the advice I have gotten from the internet is that you need to immediately have an undergrad in marine biology. I was hoping you could tell me if it would still be possible to pursue a science career if I am already an arts student, since I can’t seem to come across the answer anywhere else? I’m not exactly sure what direction of study I am interested in but I know I have always been interested in sharks, and I understand that’s extremely broad but there’s probably fields of study that I don’t even know exist yet, so I’m just trying to find my way. I watch all the shark week programs about when they’re most active, their migrating patterns, how they interact with other animals, and I even just google facts about sharks on my spare time because I’m just so inquisitive and curious about them. Any advice from you on the directions I can go while already being enrolled in an arts degree in english would be lovely. I just need to know if there’s still a chance for me or if I realized my passion for the ocean too late, thanks in advance!!

  • Tiffany Lovern

    Hello! My name is Tiffany, I am 20 years old and graduated with my AA at 17. I have been pursuing a degree in elementary education (for the security as teachers are always needed!) and I decided just before my senior internship that I wanted to stop and pursue my dream to become a marine biologist. My first question is what advice do you have for getting through the essential math courses required? I have attempted pre-calc and trig twice and failed. My second question is if it is possible to study both sharks and whales or will I need to choose which animal I research?
    Thank you and I am looking forward to your reply!

    • Regarding the Math courses, just try again and study really hard. Get some help from a tutor if you can’t pass them.

      Sharks + whales: What would you like to study about them. Behavior? Conservation? Morphology? It kind of depends on what you want to do.
      By the way, I have studied lizards, sea turtles, pinnipeds, dolphins and whales in my life so, generally speaking, it’s possible.

  • Tiffany

    Hello, I’m 24 and graduated college in 2014 with a BS in Biology. I’m extremely interested in becoming a marine biologist and hoping to move to California within the next 2 years. Just curious what my next step would be in pursuing a career in Marine Biology…I assume I’d have to attend more schooling?

    • Generally speaking, yes, you need to continue your studies but, as I mentioned to other readers, it also depends on what your interests are. Marine Biology has many sub-fields to choose from. Try to narrow down what you are really interested in.

  • Diva

    Hi, I am in my fourth year of btech. I’m doing biotechnology. Am I eligible for marine biology? I’m about to give my gre soon. But I don’t have any research papers yet ,so are my chances low for admission in USA ,for a master degree in marine biology.

    • I suggest you to contact universities in the States and ask specific questions to them.

  • Alyse Tesoriero

    I am literally graduating with my Bachelors in Criminal Justice in a week. I have always had a passion for the ocean and marine life and I feel like I might not be happy with my degree. I was thinking about getting my masters in Criminal Justice but I don’t know if I would use it, than I was thinking about if i would be happier doing something else and marine biology was the first thing that came to mind, I would love to be out in the ocean making a real difference. What do you think I should do, in regards to school. I am 24 and I don’t want to go back for just a bachelors in marine biology. Could you help recommend something to help me.

    • My suggestion is to do some volunteer work in the field of marine biology/oceanography and see if this is really what you would like to do. It’s never too late to change career but perhaps, you can continue your work in Criminal Justice and “keep marine biology as a hobby”, helping ocean conservation organizations by doing some important volunteer work.

  • Aaron Ray Cabahug

    This article helps me a lot in finding myself becoming a Marine Biologist. I am now a 3rd year college student of BS Biology major in Marine Biology. At first, I have a lot of doubts about my chosen career but now it changes the way I look and think about how would these careers affect my life and the way I live.

  • Divyata

    Hii. I’m 24 years old and completed my B.Sc. degree in 2014 with good academic record. I have had biotechnology, zoology and chemistry as core subjects in my undergrad. I’m really interested to pursue my career in marine biology. My interest is specifically in studying animal behaviour and their interactions.Presently I am planning for a master’s In marine biology from India, but in case I get fully funded scholarship, I may plan from other country. I have a keen interest in this field, but totally unaware of the career prospects. Are researchers in this field paid well enough ? For Doctorate degree and research in marine biology, which countries are considered to be the best uptill now? What is the life of a marine biologist like ? I have a lot of questions, but your answers to just these, will be a great help to me.

    • Hi Divyata, it depends what you mean by “paid well enough”… For sure, you won’t become rich in this field!

      There are great universities in the States and in Europe. I am not familiar with Universities in India but they are probably some great schools for doctorate degrees there too.

      Life as a marine biologist can vary a lot depending on what you choose to do. Do you want to become a University professor, do you want to work in a lab, be a manager, work with animals in captivity? There are so many sub-fields to choose from!

  • Shivam Chauhan

    Hi, I am 19 years old, and I am really interested in sea life. I wanna live sea life, I wanna see the bottom of sea,.. And i m very curious about having knowledge of fishes, and every single creature of sea… I aim to cast my show on television in which I show the people what sea life is..!!!!
    I have pata to walk but i haven’t someone to support me, to guide me..!
    Plzzz tell me hot to become a marine biologist,, is my email..!

    • Hello Shivam, my article gives you some suggestions. For now, try to get a general, good education and volunteer experience in the field of marine biology. I am not sure what you are interested in so it’s difficult to give you specific information. Best of luck!

  • Charlie Mitchell

    Do I need to free swim underwater?

    • No, you don’t. There are many different kind of marine biologists.

  • Mike qwerty

    Can u plz tell the monthly income of a marine biologist

    • There is not a specific monthly income for a marine biologist. It really depends what you decide to do. Best of luck!

  • Allia Pitcher

    Hello there I think I might be interested in this field because all I know I want to do is work with sea animals but at the same time i want to be making a good salary. I also want to be very active while working I dont want to spend most of my time doing lab work i rather be interacting with the animals. so my question for you is should i be a marine biologist or should i find a different career? I am currently a freshman in college.

    • Hello Allia, it all depends on you… how hard you are willing to work and how good you are at what you do. Marine biologists usually do not become such to make “a lot of money” but you can make a good salary depending on what sub-field you work in.

  • Kasey

    What kind of career would be best for someone who wants to focus on the field. I am interested in being outside often. It doesn’t have to be traveling to exotic places but just working near an ocean and having to survey it often. Or just generally being outdoors? I am most fascinated by plankton, seaweed, and ocean plants.

  • Desiree

    Hello! I am currently an undergraduate Biology student at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have always had a passion for the ocean and all it encompasses and am wanting to pursue a career in Marine biology (have no decided what I specifically want to pursue in it). I am done two years of my biology degree and have applied to the University of Victoria because they offer an undergraduate biology degree with a marine concentration. If i transferred there I would lose some of my university credits. My question is if it would make that much more of a difference if I move there and complete that undergraduate degree instead of just a general bio degree in Regina (since I’m already a bit more than halfway done my degree here). Either way I will be looking into doing a masters program somewhere in marine biology.

    • You can really go either way. You can finish your undergraduate degree at the University of Regina and then focus more on Marine Bio or you can switch now. As I mentioned before in this blog, it’s important to have a good general education so, if you are getting a good education at the University of Regina, I don’t see a strong reason to change. Be sure to do volunteer work in the field of marine biology and start getting some field/lab experience.

  • Yasmine

    Read. No aquatic mammals should be in captivity. If they are hurt treat and release them back. All for profit, keeping Orca with a bent dorsal fin that is obviously not a happy whale, confined to a tank. I will never agree to captive wild aquatic mammals.

  • Skye Raphael

    Hi, I’m a scuba diving instructor and have been diving around south east Asia for 11.5 years, I am very passionate about the ocean obviously, but recently I realized what I really want to do for my career, it’s not a job on the market yet but I think it will be in the future, or at least I’m creating it. So you see, I studied landscape architecture and have a diploma in it, I know the fundamentals in designing and building gardens and parks, an idea came to me 4 years ago that if everyone can have a garden in their home, that same amount of land can be turned into a sea garden. And now that I’ve witnessed the entire process and result of El Niño 2016 I’m more convinced that my idea is feasible and needed, not just a fantasy. So I’m thinking to study Marine Biology, specializing in coral biology, I need the knowledge for building a coral reef, I don’t want to be just a coral farmer, I want to be a coral reef architect. Can you please point me in the direction of studies? Can do you think it’s possible that I self study instead of taking 3-5 years in school to get a degree certificate? I mean, since my intention is not to be a marine biologist, what are you views? Do you think it’s necessary for me to be a certified Marine biologist for what I want to do?

    • Hello, I am not an expert in this field but I am sure there are a lot of online resources and you can find some experts to talk to. I suggest you to contact them directly. Sorry I can’t be of additional help to you.

  • Noah george

    Hi i’m Noah i’m a 10 year old student and i’m working on a marine biology project i was wondering if you could give me some tips

  • Catriona

    Hi I’m 13 and am choosing my options for gcse’s I want to become a marine biologist and study coral reefs or whales what options should I pick?

    • Hi Catriona, it’s only your choice! Try to get involved with some volunteer work with both coral reef and whales and see what you like the most! You are also really young so you don’t need to make a decision now. Best of luck!

  • Isaias saucedo

    I’m 19 I didn’t do great in school I graduated last year and during that time I found that becoming a marine biologist is what I really want to do in life. The thing I want to ask is what can I do to make this my job? I love the ocean and all types of life that live there I want to study them then see what I can do to help. Also I want to explore see different environments .If there is anything I can do I will do it. Thanks for this blog maddalena bearzi

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