Elephant Killed for TV Show

I’ve been on a rant for a few days against an NRA show that thinks killing an elephant for fun is good TV.  The host of the show, an NRA lobbyist, is on a big game hunt for elephants in Botswana, Africa.  The guide leads the host, Tony Makris, to a spot near where a bull elephant is calmly grazing, unaware of their presence.  Some scrub bushes separate the hunter from the elephant’s line of sight.

Makris then shoots the elephant in the head three times, killing it.  Later he and the guide are shown drinking a toast to their great day of elephant killing, and saying how great it is to harvest an elephant and bring back the ivory.  The whole thing made me disgusted and angry so I finally decided to record some of my thoughts on why I found this whole program and Makris and his posturing so offensive.

I’ve also included some of the alarming facts on the rise in elephant poaching, which makes the killing of one for fun and a TV show even more reprehensible.  And not that anyone needs reminding of just how charismatic and special elephants are, wait I take that back since apparently Makris and his ilk do, but I’ve also included some footage I shot of elephants at Singita Lebombo Lodge in South Africa.

I also talk about this senseless and sickening killing of an elephant this weekend on my radio show, “National Geographic Weekend.”

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