Dudes…Beard Up!

Beard Up! Photo by Greg Anderson from the 2013 National Beard and Mustache Championships

Guy’s, it’s that time of the year again. That’s right, it’s Oktobeardfest 2013!

All during the month of October, the guys at our center, the UCCHM, are growing their beards to raise awareness of water issues, and to save a bit of water along the way.

Let’s face it. Shaving is a pain.  So why not give in to your innate laziness and sprout some face fuzz in the name of water?

Don't be afraid to flaunt your manliness.  Oktobeardfest 2013.
Don’t be afraid to flaunt your manliness. Oktobeardfest 2013.

Besides enhancing your ruggedly manly exterior, scoring man points with other dudes, and generally upping your overall man quotient, you’ll also be making  a profound statement: that you are one deep hombre.

Actually, that’s not it. Really, the point is that it just takes small lifestyle changes to save water. Whether it’s easy things like skipping washing the dog or the car (or both), or more thoughtful yet emasculating things like meatless Mondays, or bringing your reusable plaid grocery tote to the farmer’s market, it’s the small changes that collectively, over time, will make a huge difference.

Ladies, don’t think that we forgot about you! (Although we totally did last year.)  We challenge you to join the women of the UCCHM and make a small change for water, even if it’s just encouraging the men in your life to Beard Up.

That's right, we even have Oktobeardfest t-shirts.  October 1, 2013
That’s right, we even have Oktobeardfest t-shirts. October 1, 2013

So…dudes…do you feel me?  Are you ready to Beard Up for Water? Then drop your razors to help us Grow Water Awareness and build the Oktobeardfest community.

We want to see how you’re celebrating Oktobeardfest.  Send us a photo, a photo collage or a video compilation of your Oktobeard (or other small change for water) by November 15 for a chance to win Oktobeardfest-inspired prizes.


Please help us grow Oktobeardfest.  Listen to our PSAs and share them freely. To learn more about Oktobeardfest go to UCCHM.org.  Follow the Growth on Twitter @TheUCCHM @JayFamiglietti  #BeardUp #Oktobeardfest

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