Gorgeous Time-Lapse Video Highlights America’s Great Spaces

By Will Halicks

It’s a classic 9-to-5 daydream: Quit your day job, grab a couple of friends, and hit the road.

This summer, photographer Shane Black turned that fantasy into reality. Adventure Is Calling is the result: a beautiful time-lapse video made from about 10,000 images he shot on a journey across the United States he took with two photographer friends.

Black said the trip began as a joke among the three of them. But as plans got more serious, they all committed to leaving their jobs to travel for two months.

Black had worked at the Scotts Miracle-Gro headquarters in Marysville, Ohio, for six years, assisting with research and development. Part of his duties included feeding the cockroaches kept on hand for pesticide trials every Thursday morning.

But the job wasn’t leading him where he wanted to go, and Ohio held scant prospects for the landscape photography he wanted to pursue.

He gave his manager a month’s notice before setting off on a nearly 13,000-mile (20,921-kilometer) journey in a Dodge Caravan without cruise control. The photographers managed to visit 32 states and 13 national parks.

Teaching photography workshops in major cities across the country helped them finance their journey. The online photo-sharing site Flickr and soft drink giant Coca-Cola also supported the trip.

The workshops turned into their own kind of day job for Black, who spent his off-hours shooting time-lapses of America’s great spaces, often after his friends turned in for the night.

“Most nights I’d actually drop them off at a hotel around 10 or so, and head back out for shooting the stars until about 3 a.m.,” he said.

Black faced plenty of challenges along the way. His external hard drive crashed in Los Angeles while he was backing it up, wiping out some of what he’d shot at Grand Tetons National Park.

Fortunately, many of those sequences survived, including the one at 01:47 in the video, in which he captured a lightning storm flashing beneath starry skies. (Learn more about Grand Teton National Park.)

Even when things went smoothly, finding the perfect vantage point often took serious legwork. It was a grueling trek to Crater Lake in Oregon, where he captured one of his favorite sequences—a segment starting at 02:53 in the video.

“That hike up there with about 50-plus pounds of gear was awful,” he said. “Especially because I was running on about two granola bars, so I had no energy.”

His reward: getting to see the Milky Way in its full splendor.

Black and his friends are already making plans for another workshop-anchored trip in summer 2014. In the meantime, he plans to move from his native Ohio to the Pacific Northwest, land of “mountains and dark skies”—the stuff great time-lapses are made of.

  • Bilal Chaudhary

    Every great journey starts with a dream…Keep pursuing your dreams and keep travelling… Great work and thank you…

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    I’m glad there are people who know how to light up our lives. This video is awesome . Thanks!

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    So inspiring…

  • don baker

    Great little video. Is there a website I can go to that contains a list of the places in the video?

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    Amazing! This makes me want to do the same thing. Thanks for filming this and sharing it with the rest of us!

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    That’s an amazing video.

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    You have done an extremely wonderful work. I loved it a lot. Simply beautiful. My words are too less to describe my emotions for it. Amazing!!!


    Great work may God bless every one of you

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  • Janet Hodnik

    Gorgeous and splendid. Perhaps the next one could include beautiful Lake Superior and the Pacific Northwest.

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    What is the camping dome brang?
    I wanna buy it

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    This is stunning. How do we get this guy to team up with IMAX? I could totally go for a 45min version of this.

  • Felipe

    Astonishingly beautiful :’)

  • javier

    La verdad es una de las cosas mas increíbles que he visto, solo que me gustaría saber que son esas luces que pasan velozmente en el minuto 2:52 en el cielo por encima de las montañas, se que esta en cámara rápida. solo que es una duda, y mis felicitaciones por la calidad excelente de su trabajo.

  • Juliet

    we have one Great God who made all of these magnificient views..thank you Mr Shane Black and to your friends for sharing this awesome video to us..may God bless your team! ^_^

  • mojtaba

    really like a dream…….
    I like it

  • Dan Mata

    Excellent n great job

  • Veronica Faid

    While the world runs around like frantic little ants, the earth in space rolls on quietly. Epically beautiful timelapse. Thank you for sharing that moment in time.


    Fantastic efforts and lots of patience. Hats off to an amazing piece of work. Congrats.

  • Paul Giavotella

    I do appreciate this so very much and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for allowing me to share in your journey and sense the amazing world we live in and that is around us. Feels almost as I took a trip myself but only for 5 mins…God Bless and Keep Up the Excellent Work!!

  • Bob Benson

    What a wonderful show, brilliant photography combined with our own mother nature, they just gel together. Keep it up.

  • Tom

    Fantastic video and sequence.
    If only the skies were like that in real time.

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  • Mark Green

    A simply beautiful video that makes refreshing change from seeing numerous updates about celebrity hair cuts or Lady Gaga’s latest food item clothing. Between Nat Geo and BBC you keep me sane! Thank you for this and great work.

  • anish

    awesome work…thanks alot….this encourage us to accomplish our dreams…

  • Rob Payne

    Great photography and well choreographed. The night pictures take on a different perspective if one remembers the stars are stationary, we are the ones that are moving. You can feel us drifting through the galaxy on our little asteroid.

  • Jeff Donley

    “Gorgeous” doesn’t do justice to describe the landscapes and Milky Way galaxy. At times the images are truly phantasmagorical and breath-taking.

    Thank you so much for the effort you guys made to make this astonishing video.

  • andres carrasco

    wow words can describe what i felt when i was watching this video is so incredible that there is so much beauty in this life, and so many soulless people are destroying it. L0V3 and PeAC3 THANK YOU NAT GEO

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    Such a wonderful expression of Earth’s unseen beauty (how many would sit up all night watching) What is floating across the screen at 2:03? a dark cloud where there isn’t anything to make it out of – keep up the great work (how did you get sponsors for your road trip)?

  • Laura

    Amazing job!
    siempre estamos en condiciones de realizar nuestros sueños

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  • Vicente

    Video fantástico lo que he sentido al ver las imágenes y escuchar su música es enerrable.

  • frak juarez

    hay cosas que tratamos de explicar para que llegue asta lo mas remoto de nuestro gusto pero ver esto es pasar de un velo normal a nuestra naturaleza rral del cosmo esto nos expresa el paso que sigue de nuestra vida algo mejor esta por venir, gracias por demostrarnos su trabajo.

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    Amazing jog! Thank you!

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  • C.Hamada

    Hmm, just superb and I have been overwhelmed…!!!! Absolutely you made a right decision to travel around and film all those fantastic views like jewels. Human beings are small in comparison with the great nature!
    I will watch this video repeatedly especially when I want to cheer me up.
    Thanks a lot for your work to create the beauty.

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    Parabéns a National Geographic pela a grandeza deste serviço e que continuem a estas belíssimas imagem.

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    Here is a timelapse of the last eruptions of Etna, Italy:

  • Sarah Arnold

    Pam Souers,I loved your post about God,I am a Presbyterian we attend to share the gospel, and soften peoples hearts to believe in the one true creator.

  • Sarah Arnold

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  • Sarah Arnold

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  • Anacaren

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  • Bruce Cotton

    I’ve known Shane for many years ,from a small kid bowling to a large kid bowling with several 300 games.It shows he has many talents, this talent seems to out weigh the rest. I’m quite partial to his work it could be because He’s my Wife’s cousin or just in awe of the beauty of his work. Either way don’t stop this serene photography. Thank You “Cous”

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