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Big Cat Week is right around the corner. A week dedicated to nature’s fiercest felines, we’re celebrating these magnificent creatures by rounding up a team of big cat experts and photographers for our next Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, December 3rd at 12:30 p.m. EST (5:30 p.m. UTC). And don’t forgot to tune into Nat Geo WILD for a week of non-stop big cat programming beginning November 29th.

Meet Our Cat Crusaders 

Boone Smith comes from a family of multi-generational big cat trackers. After decades of experience working as a biologist and capture specialist, he has helped develop some of the best and safest capture techniques for big cats used today. Boone has been highlighted in several National Geographic films and is the host of the new natural history series, Secret Life of Predators.

Big Cat Grantee Amy Dickman has had her fair share of big cat close encounters, including one in which a lion feel asleep on her tent…with Amy still inside! Even after her petrifying experience, Amy is a champion for big cats all over the globe and heads up the Rhaha Carnivore Project in Tanzania.

Laly Lichenfieldalso a Big Cat Grantee, is working to grow “living walls” in areas where livestock, big cats, and people often violently collide. These environmentally sustainable lion-resistant enclosures use a unique combination of chain link fencing and fast growing trees as fence posts to keep cattle out of a hungry lion’s grasp.

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter has spent his career photographing big cats- everything from the elusive snow leopard to mountain lions in the Hollywood hills. Steve’s new book, Tigers Forever, captures the beauty and fragility of tigers in Sumatra and Myanmar. Check out the book here.

A tiger peers at a camera trap it triggered while night hunting in the forests of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo by Steve Winter/National Geographic

Hosting this month’s Hangout, Luke Dollar is National Geographic Emerging Explorer and Big Cats Initiative Program Manager. He has spearheaded several big cat conservation stories on News Watch and actively engages with classrooms all over the nation through Google+ Hangouts.

How to Participate in the Hangout

You can be a part of the Cause an Uproar and our Google+ Hangout. Send in your questions for these National Geographic Explorers and they may be asked on air. Submit your questions by…

  • Uploading a video question to YouTube with hashtag #bigcats
  • Posting a question on Google+ or Twitter with hashtag #bigcats or
  • Commenting directly on this blog post

Follow National Geographic on Google+ or return to this blog post to watch the Google+ Hangout Tuesday, December 3rd at 12:30 p.m. EST (5:30 p.m. UTC).

[Updated 12/3/13]

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  • Glorious Nature

    When you use terms such as “Nature’s FIERCEST FELINES” – PLEASE STOP.

    That very term is what brings out the SHORTEST, most INSECURE of MALE HOMO-SAPIENS – looking to feel POWERFUL……….by murdering………..

  • Glorious Nature

    I literally have devoted my LIFE to BIG CATS……

    Homo-sapiens has NO IDEA how beautiful and NON-VIOLENT they are – compared to THEMSELVES.

  • Glorious Nature

    To attest to my comment about the “Shortest and most INSECURE of male homo -sapiens” – I respectfully submit the following nauseating facts:

    The very FIRST WEEKEND that the US announced (by the BUSH Administration) that the US was now at WAR in IRAQ….

    WHAT did BOTH our SHORT PRESIDENT and SHORT Vice President DO:

    “GO HUNTING” and KILL SOME MORE…” (To “Relax them”)

  • Steve

    Erin Henderson donation is joke. Guy has 7.5 in his 6 year career.

  • Rick

    What can the average person do to help?

  • Lach McAlister

    Big cats are amazing creatures. Please save

  • Jason. Rowley

    I absolutely agree. We humans are the cause of all of this in the 1st place. Greed, overconsuming, wasteful & a total disregard for animals, Mother Nature & earth! If we don’t stop the current path we are on we will be the next extinct species, maybe that is a good thing?

  • william frank

    I’d love to send you a portrait of a battle-tested male lion I got in South Africa in 2012. Let me know if you’d like to see it.

  • savenaturefree

    Big cats like Tigers are facing habitat destruction, I can help you fix it. If you want good shares but don’t want the reward, we will use it. add your local group at http://savetheworldfree.ning.com
    This is going to be huge!!!

  • Bruce

    If i am caught in the open and do not use wapons to protect myself from a big cat ,what is the best way to save myself from him(cat) from attacking me?

  • Chaela Jurgens

    What exactly do i need to do to become a big cat specialist? I’m 17 years old, about to turn 18 and enroll in college, and i want to help conserve them and work with them. Ive loved them since a young age, its really my passion and i definitely do not want to see them go extinct in my lifetime or ever. That includes all wildcats. Any advice and information will be much appreciated! Thank you 🙂

  • Melissa Mackenzie

    What advice would give to someone who is looking to pursue a career in photography, and becoming a national geographic explorer. I start UNI in 2015 and I’m not sure which courses I need to take to help me accomplish my dream. I would love to work with wildlife and conservation and any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Bianca Colcea

    How did you become National Geographic Explorers/Photographers? I’m almost 17 and since I was little I’ve been watching Nat. Geo. and Nat Geo Wild and wishing to do what you do.. I have a passion for big cats too, so it would be amaizing to photograph or make a documentary about them one day!:) Every night I imagine how it feels like to be a Nat Geo Explorer, and even if I’m not one yet, it still feels AMAZING! So please, any advice would help enormesly!!(what studies have you finished, how long did it take to get to Nat
    Geo etc) Thank you!!

  • Kathy Stewart

    Why don’t your photographers take some photos of the SURABAYA ZOO’S tigers etc, I’m sure the WORLD would like to she them, then maybe some of the profits made from your pictures/magazine can ACTUALLY help save these ENDANGERED spieces from Their GOVERMENT enslavers?

  • Carmen Berdan

    Why did Amy Dickman signed a document trying to prevent the listing of the lions as endangered? Why is BIC offering grants to people .like Amy Dickman who promote conservation hunting? A more deserving recipient for your Human-Big Cat Conflict grant would be the Lion Guardians.

  • Alice & Justine

    Looking forward to the Hangout today!
    Justine and I are PhD students in China working on big cat conservation projects. We have posted a question for your guests on youtube, enjoy:

  • Cherie Pittillo

    For Steve Winter: With your expertise and innovations in camera traps, do you foresee other assignments on how you will add to the body of scientific knowledge either with other cat species or non-feline species?

  • Cherie Pittillo

    For Steve Winter: Would you share the “why” we need tigers and other predators to have healthy ecosystems? People who have an affinity for cats understand, but for those who don’t, it’s necessary to give them the “why.” Thanks for all of your, Sharon’s, and Pantheras efforts and thanks for your and Sharon’s efforts in your incredible book, Tigers Forever, on how and why the tiger can be saved!

  • Brittnei Miller

    I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy, but my dream has been to become a Wildlife Biologist and Conservationist.

    My passion and inherent desire has been to one day assist in research efforts and the movement to prevent further endangerment of all Big Cat species in Africa and around the world.

    I have a deep desire to get to Africa and take part in this mission in some way, but while I am at home here in Orange, California I am wondering what other things I might be able to do in my community or as an individual to help Big Cats.

    I just need some time of way or plan to start making a difference which I want to do so badly.

    So I have 2 questions:
    1. Do you have any advice for a 22 year old like myself hoping to get started helping the #bigcats without wasting anymore time?
    2. Do you see a relation between increases of CO2 levels in our atmosphere with the well-being of Big Cats? What is one prime way that global warming is affecting their livelihood that is need of further research and understanding?

    Please help me get started!!


  • Stefanie

    What is your opinion towards the “Tiger Temple” in Kanchanaburi, Thailand?

    I am very concerned about the future of tigers, but isn’t there a better future for them than one of being chained and used as a tourist attraction?

  • Bianca

    how did you become NG photographers?? please!! i’m very interested. i can’t imagine doing anything else

  • Bianca

    Hi! I have a question for Steve: what did your parents say when you told them you want to work with big cats and be a photographer for NG? Thank you!

  • adesola fagbemi

    Each day I wake up to see the big cat my day is made a reality without seeing them anymore life in incomplete, seeing them in HD and 3D will make my unborn child happier than I.

  • Michele

    Question for Boone, Amy or Laly:
    As someone in their 40’s with no degrees or qualifications behind them, how can i get to Africa to work with big cats and make a difference?
    I recently did a volunteer experience on a private conservancy, but would like to come back again annually or even full time and do something that really makes a difference, hand on.

  • Vinayak Kaul

    i am pursuing masters in environment science. i have a great desire to work on big cats, anywhere in the world, be it on cougars in north-america, jaguars in south america, lions and leopards in africa, tigers asiatic lions and leopards in asia-india. i want to work in this field

  • tanya brown

    THANKYOU all for live safari this week thanks nat geo!

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