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NASA Reveals Saturn’s View Of Earth

A July 19, 2013 view of Saturn, its rings and moons, as well as Earth, Venus and Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI.

NASA has unveiled a gorgeous Cassini spacecraft look at the Earth, Mars and Venus, as seen from behind Saturn.

In orbit around the ringed planet since 2004, Cassini set up the image when it passed into Saturn’s shadow on July 19, 2013. That allowed the spacecraft to capture the arrangement of rings, moons and worlds seen in the image.

It is a mosaic of 141 natural-color photos stitched together, spanning some 404,880 miles (651,591 kilometers) of Saturn and its rings.

The view captures a complete look at Saturn’s rings and seven of its moons, as well as all of the planets in the inner solar system, except for tiny Mercury, according to NASA.

“This mosaic provides a remarkable amount of high-quality data on Saturn’s diffuse rings, revealing all sorts of intriguing structures we are currently trying to understand,” said Cassini scientist Matt Hedman of the University of Idaho in Moscow, in a statement. The view shows the solar system as it looks from Saturn, just as it would be seen by the human eye.

The mosaic resulted from NASA’s “Wave at Saturn” campaign on July 19, where the space agency asked the public to wave back at the ringed planet as Cassini was taking their picture from across the solar system.

  • Dally

    I think Man & Woman should finally see enough to prove that the designer is God and stop polluting the universe with these things that were not approved for to be put up there. Man was given dominion here on Earth not the UNIVERSE. WEor should I say you all REALLY ARE’NT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE . But because of lack of faith HE allows but now this has become ridiculous. The Earth is going to change so every thing we see and name will not be as so. Be more concerned about being able to finally ask the questions and get the answers.

  • RickEagle

    Fantastic !!!!!

  • marc

    Spare us the religious nonsense and enjoy the beauty of science bringing you the truth!

  • Mike


    Really? You don’t even see the contradiction in your own statement? According to your argument, we are wrong for going against Gods wishes, but then find “Him” fallible in the freedoms we are allowed in your next statement.

    Also, “judge not lest ye be judged ” ring a bell?

    Delusion at its finest (worst)

  • Schmengua McMengula

    Where are the images?

  • Martin

    Just curious, if you zoom in on the bright dot in the lower-left quadrant of the sky (Almost vertically aligned with Mars but on the below the rings) you can clearly see a spherical object. Safe to presume that’s one of Saturn’s moons? If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s shaded on the side away from the sun I’d almost say it looked like Jupiter is seen in small telescopes. Fantastic image!

  • Greg

    Is this 1977? Goes to show what little we are doing with our space program when we basically rehash the same image of earth from a distance, time and time again.

    Look up Pale Blue Dot. That’s the only picture of earth that we needed, FROM THE 70’s.

  • Mick Harvey

    The human species, intelligent and curious, has striven for thousands of years to understand the nature of this Universe that we have ‘woken up in’. At last, in recent years, real progress is being made. There is no longer any need for the myth, magic and superstitious twaddle that has so often impeded progress. Is it not time to stop indoctrinating the young with this drivel and concentrate on the evolution of proven knowledge that is now freely available to all.

  • BigbDestroyer

    Alien races don’t care about your god when they try to attack earth. Best be prepared and start exploring/scouting the cosmos.

  • John Faunsworth

    Yup, all this time exploring space and not a hint of “God” anywhere. As a former member of fanatical religion, I have found more comfort and truth in science than the nonsense I hear from religious folk.

  • Bob Doyle

    It is very interesting that when anything is shown or remarked upon concerning space the religious nutz come out of the either field. God (Good Orderly Direction) is everywhere. Why beat a dying horse w/ the bible(book)?

  • Ravi

    100% Fake image if it is released by NASA…. As per NASA’s early documentary on Saturn… rings of Saturn are around it not behind it… then how come in this image rings are behind the sphere… If by any chance it is taken at such an angle that rings came behind then EARTH can not be below…

  • Tony

    I dont see anything except a false color image with text saying Mars, Venus Earth and Moon. Where is this gorgeous photo of Earth from Saturn? This is a bit ridiculous. Any particular reason we need all these fake, false color pics? Just send the real light pics. This is stupid.

  • Dan Vergano

    Hey folks, some people are missing the links which explain these are natural color images, see

    The NASA statement explains, “Images taken using the red, green and blue spectral filters of the wide-angle camera were combined and mosaicked together to create this natural-color view.”

    That’s what it really looked like from behind saturn, in other words.

  • Daniel

    We are humans is it not human nature to be curious about what we know is out there. I know I am, yet I’m looking at what is a fascinating picture taken with advancements in technololgy created by humans not god. You have your right to your beliefs and we put ours in facts. I’ve yet to see a picture of your god, but then again you probably also believe your god was the creator of the universe. Science is proven, show dome proof of your god and with a picture not words.

  • John

    Hey guys …

    Is Titan that yellow spot under and to the left of Saturn?

  • Marija

    I see nothing here 🙂

  • Anthea

    Awesome photo. I zoomed in to see Venus, Mars and Earth as beautiful stars; Mars still glowing slightly red. This image is full of wonder. STUNNING!
    Thank you.

  • Matias

    That’s nice guys, but I feel you were kind of lazy in the labelling. Would it have been too hard to mark Saturn’s moons, so amazingly visible in the picture?

  • John

    To the religious/anit-religious commenters: Shhhhh.

    To the people saying it’s fake: Convince me.

    To everyone else: It is an impressive sight, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be there.

  • Waruna Tennakoon

    can’t believe it’s a real picture. looks like a rendered one. stunning!!!

  • juan siti

    it is interesting to explore …it is amazing

  • John

    In all honesty, this looks like a drawing.

  • Mr. Sarcastic

    Tony, Ravi….yer goofy in the head…both a ya…..
    Greg?…PBD was taken in 1990…On February 14, 1990…wiki…
    What a bunch of poor excuses for effort on your parts…feel free to read the actual article before posting sure signs of ignorance and prejudice…thanks for making me feel superior…again

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